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09-08-2001, 10:14

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Original post:

I was just wondering if anyone has any positive feedback about DXM, particually robotripping.

Dr. Quack
09-08-2001, 17:46
This has been my experience.....about 1/3 hate hate hate hate hate it hate it. 1/3 love it, and 1/3 are fairly indifferent or star out loving and end up hating it.
I had a good time on it when I had been taking paxil (this is probably not very safe). and when I stopped the paxil, it became quite terrible. I haven’t seen a lot of data indicating it is too harmful, but some suspect it causes Onley's Lesions with frequent use. I have my doubts about how "common" Onleys Lesion are and what they are caused by. I think the amount of liver and kidney damage you would get before the lesions became apparent would be fairly substantial. It is just so hard to control for environment in humans that hit the town a lot. …. This is just speculation in my circles though…..I have always felt pretty fried after taking it and don’t plan on ever having it again.

09-08-2001, 18:51
I have taken dxm twice (500mg powder both times) and i can say that i have had very positive experiences both times.
I like how it makes you feel extremely physically relaxed and emotionally complacent. I could just lay down and talk with my friends without a care in the world. Now i havent really experienced the "trip" part of the drug like some others have, but i enjoyed myself nonetheless.
My only minor negative experience was the initial nausea and vomiting on the second time. But this was due to my own stupidity of eating 3 blowpops and 7 airheads about 5mins prior to dropping :P
But as Dr Quack noted, there are some very negative physical effects when it comes to taking this drug, so i don't think i will be taking it more than a couple times a year..if that many.
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09-08-2001, 19:32
I'll put in a good word about DXM. In the 3 experiences that I have had with it; 2 were very enjoyable and enlightening, and 1 was a practically base-line 1st plateau trip. The 1st "good trip" was spent (alone, I know, bad) staring at my wall for 5 hours, seeing all sorts of colorful "fireworks" on the wall, and trying to walk to the bathroom every hour to pee. Crazy flanging under bright lights, extreme "robo-walk," the whole 9 yards. The culmination of that experience was Satan (in a good way) throwing red melted wax over my field of vision and having it run down it. (6 mg/kg)
The 2nd "good-trip" was a much more interesting trip because it involved moving around and being (relatively) active. Watched "Big Trouble In Little China" which was awesome. Went outside on a summer evening, where the sky was orange, and was just hit with the most amazing feeling of how great being outside is. When on car trips, had the greatest feeling of deja-vu I had ever had, reminding me an experience 5 years ago, when there was a fire near my house and the way the sky looked. Emotional in a very good way. Then a trip to a party with friends was nice, including tripping out a friend that had been smoking marijuana. All in all, a very magical experience. (~10mg/kg)

09-08-2001, 19:50
I've only had one experience with DXM. Though a very negative one, I can also see where DXM would be very fun. I was in Cleveland, OH for a party. Looooong before I knew of BL, neurotoxicity, damage, and what not. Ate two pills, one MDMA and one DXM. At first everything *rolled* right along, until about 45 minutes after I dropped when I started gettin mad crazy visuals ans sweating alot. I remember I was sooo nauseated, got sick, couldn't move for a while so I sat down with my water and this kid from Florida. Played with glowsticks, watched the visuals screen, and basically just tripped the hells out! I'd like to try it again, but in a relatively small dose. And after that...never again

09-08-2001, 22:17
I've done dxm a bunch of times and i gotta say it is mad fun. Drinking the syrup is nasty and u will proly puke on 8 ozs but when u are robo'ing and u gotta puke just puke it will make u feel 1000 times better. I cant drink that shit anymore tho its too nasty if u can get the pure dxm powder and toss some of that shit into a cap, that shit dont make u as naseus but the trip is kinda different its weird. anyway dxm is ill but dont do it alot cause i havent done it more then 30 times but i can tell it has made me dumber but it is so fun. HAve fun wit dat shit

09-08-2001, 22:46
Oh yea...
Don't mix DXM n pills...
It's bad...

10-08-2001, 03:47
I happen to really enjoy DXM although, its quite scary if you get a bad pill because you were an ass and didnt test it, and expect it to be E.
I've had about 6 experiences with it...5 amazing, and 1 really shitty. I've hit the 3rd plateau, and that can be a very very weird place to be--almost too intense, I dont want to know what 4 is like--but it can be cool too.
My shitty experience was b/c i was dicked w/ a pill like I said before...but other than that, I've really enjoyed myself--just tooling around the city buggin out, chillen out at a friend's house...its deffinately not a party drug, as i'm sure you are aware...but it can be really cool if you like that disassociative thing--be careful with your dose though, and i've experienced a little nausea on the comedown (i'm expecting that was b/c it was cough syrup that i triped off of and not a pure pill).
ohh yea--and weed is good, very very good.

10-08-2001, 20:59
One thing to mention, a lot of the negative aspects people associate with DXM aren't so much with the drug itself, but with COUGH SYRUP.
If you look up the agent lemon extraction (basically half an acid-base extraction using ammonia for a base, naptha as non-polar solvent, and lemon juice or any citric acid containing substance for the final step) it's incredibly simple to extract and makes for a much nicer trip. I find the trip from an agent lemon extract to actually be superior to that of pure DXM HBr powder, perhaps it's the lack of bromide that does it.

06-09-2002, 06:19
i fell into doing DXM almost two years ago. did it about 5-6 times. enjoyed it. quickly discovered that there are better drugs (for me) out there.
i'd probably do it again if i had the powdered form...and it was free...and i was bored
but no more coughsyrup for me

06-09-2002, 07:03
I've had it in syrups and powder at doses 200-800mg, but I never took a liking to it. Sometimes the high can be OK, but rarely more than that.
I always end up in bed awake,itching, sweating, and feeling like overall shit. Too bad I couldnt enjoy this very cheap and available drug.

06-09-2002, 07:55
I try to keep my dosing in the 900mg area and about twice a week maybe even longer, hopefully.
Your going to be on Oprah like that chick from Danville, PA, and theyre going to CAT-scan your head. THe doctor will say,
"See, these areas of the brain are damaged in a cubicle pattern."
Oprah will say,
"See folks! Ecstasy eats holes in your brain, and DXM eats squares in your brain!!"
Lol anyways, dont do it that often. I once ate DXM powder several days a week for like 2 weeks and months later my vision and thoughts were distorted. Not enough to interfere with my life, but enough that it was quite noticeable by myself.

07-09-2002, 10:46
I used to be a major proponent of DXM in this forum (check out the sig). I bought 30g of DXM in powdered form and made up 500mg caps. I had always enjoyed the DXM experience up to this point, but I feel that at some point it becomes to be a useless experience.
I say these things hesitantly because I feel that it does have uses for people in terms of opening up your mind to new ways of thinking. The last couple of times I did it, however, were very bad experiences. I felt as if I were some drugged out loser who couldn't understand anyone even if they tried. I began to feel very paranoid to the point where I thought I could read people's minds and they were planning something against me. This really disturbed me, as I am a VERY rational person and am skeptical on any thing. If this feeling seemed real to me while it was happening perhaps I would give it more credence - but it seems like every time I try high doses now all it does it make me feel like a drugged out alien who had done something messed up to my brain to make it go haywire.
I really do enjoy opening up my mind and enjoy taking entheogenic substances. It just seems that, for me, DXM has become a substance that no longer provides me with anything beneficial.

Jimmy the Gun
10-09-2002, 09:45
It seems like how you set up a dxm trip has a lot to do with the character of the trip. Once, I hurled intensely for 10 minutes, then layed down on my bed. I was stuck to my bed for the rest of my trip, floating away periodically. The next time I took it at a beach and walked around a lot with out puking. I was very active the second time and the nature of the trip was much more possitive. Both times was about 400 mgs. I like other things more, but I will probably do it again at some point in my life.

28-01-2003, 22:28
on the occasions i've taken it, i tend to have annoying after-effects that gradually abate over the next two days or so. hard to concentrate... a little uncoordinated, etc.

Piper methysticum
30-01-2003, 16:29
I like to use DXM once in a while. I used to look at it as a dirty high that I just did whenever I didn't have anything else to do. Now, I have discovered new ways to use the drug that brings the most out of it. I found that just sitting in a dark place for the whole duration of the experience and listening to trance music yields an incredible self-exploration. You feel this energy building inside of you and unexplainable euphoria. It's almost like an MDMA type feeling. It's a really strange trip. The only way I can describe it is feeling like you are in the "Matrix."

31-01-2003, 04:36
it's evil
at least if you're not expecting to be ingesting it.

20-02-2003, 06:59
DXM has given me some pretty profound experiences. Anything from my body coming apart on the molecular level to becoming a bump in the road in ancient rome to thinking I was at a real Phish concert.
Over the course of last year I did it maybe 8 times, each time at 360 mg in syrup. Then I got some powder and the trips started to suck, with more body load and a bad hangover. I got rid of the powder and took about 3 months off. Lately I started drinking the syrup again at the same dose, and have had the best trips ever. It has definitely not lost its magic, but the powder was some bad stuff.
Usually I take it with a few friends and we just chill and listen to music for the night. It's definitely a bonding experience. I think once every two weeks is about the most anyone should take it to completely avoid any bad side effects and health risks.

21-06-2003, 07:43
i have done DXM a few too many to count and i have loved it all the times i have done it. i think the numbness helps my brain forget im attached to the ground. i have only had one "bad trip" (wasn't really that bad, just kind strange) i thought that i had fallen out of reality. it was almost like when you are playing a computer game and you use cheats to go though walls and you go past the end of the game. i would really like to try DXM + acid + nitrous, and when i do i will let you know how it went.

21-06-2003, 08:17
DXM + Nitrous is the most incredibly calm and soothing buzz you can imagine. If they made a pill that made you feel like that for 4 or 5 hours the mdma suppliers would be out of business.

I've only had one really bad experience with DXM, but at its best, this drug is *Excellent*!

Good enough, in fact, for me to ignore the stigma behind its use.

22-06-2003, 16:36
DXM is one of those substances were is either loved or absoulutely hated. I despise the drug and cant understand how its abused by many people. I love the class of drugs(dissocociatives) Ketamine is a favourite,while nitrous and PCP i've had alright experiences with. But DXM made me feel extremely uncomfortable like i was on the verge of collapse, messed up my breathing and made me feel unsafe about where and what was happening. Its one of the only substances out of a large lists of drug that i've taken once and refuse to take again. I believe i only took 300mg.

30-06-2003, 03:16
I have tried DXM twice, first time a low dose (~200mg), mixed with mushrooms and weed. Just felt the synergy, not what DXM was alike alone. SO I did ~700mg the second time. Did not have weed though, but I wanted to get a feel of the drug alone.

After 5 hours it was over? What happened? Very little.
For me DXM is a boring drug.. Although I've read many intense reports of it. I felt drunk and speedy.. Hardly hal;lucinated anything, maybe a few trails. Also, the cough syrup way is definately a rip off when something decent like LSD or weed is cheaper.

02-09-2003, 02:14
I was intrigued by but ambigious toward DXM after my first trial with it (3 mg/kg DXM, .4 mg/kg CPM), and after my second try (12 mg/kg) was sure that I hated it. Several months later I had another experience (4 mg/kg) that inspired the love affaird I retain to this day. I advise a little time working with the ally. It can be fickle. Among other things, make sure you're getting adequate nutrition and hydration. In my experience, this has made *quite* a difference. I find an ideal set of vitamins/minerals/supplements to take before DXM to be: a mutlivtiamin/multimineral, one megadose of vitamin B complex, 200 mg vitamin C, 400-800 I.U. of vitamin E, 100-200 mg CoQ10, and 300-400 mg DMAE.
Below is an analysis of my dissociative experiences:
Dissociatives are among my favorite 'psychedelic' compounds. I have had quite a bit of experience with them in the forms of DXM, K, and nitrous oxide. (if one decides not to classify alcohol as a dissociative) Of these three, I would have to say that DXM is my 'favorite,' with K running a close second. (I am aware that this preference makes me a distinct minority) I find DXM to be quite a bit 'warmer' and less 'empty' than K (especially at the lower doses; with DXM, lower doses are still quite noticeably psychedelic, while with K lower doses have, for me, tended to result in a very uninteresting drunken feeling with some occasional visuals - I would rather eat any amount of DXM than insufflate any amount of ketamine), with the advantage that I don't have to shoot DXM for what I consider to be its most interesting effects. I find that DXM affects my sense of self more strongly than K, and promotes more fluid associations and more interesting thought content at doses below fully dissociative levels. DXM also lasts substantially longer, which many would consider a downside, but which, in *some* contexts, I find quite definitely preferable. The following are some of the qualities of my DXM experiences which make the drug desirable (for me):
*sense of unusual clarity of thought
*sense of unusual honesty, both with self and with others
*sense of profound disconnection between my mind and my body
*macroscopia/microscopia ('Alice-in-Wonderland' effects of objects,
including oneself, growing and shrinking)
*lucid recall of long-forgotten memories
*loose (I prefer 'promiscuous') associations between thoughts,
which can make for mighty interesting written material (some
of it crap, but a lot of it not - just as with 'sober' thought)
*brilliant kaleidoscopic patterning both with eyes open and
eyes closed
*altered perceptual field (objects seem to 'glow' from within
themselves/Huxleian 'isness,' etc.,)
*profound euphoria
*'religious' experiences (contact with god/s, near-death
experiences, etc.,)
*feeling of complete distance between myself and the world
*paradoxical sense of complete immersion in the world and
its activities ('we're all flowers on the tree of life')
*intuitive understanding of difficult concepts from physics
and mathematics
I find DXM far more empowering and practically useful than many far more "chic" psychedelic compounds (such as AMT, 2C-T-7, MDA, MDMA, psiloc(yb)in, and others. Your mileage may vary.

19-09-2003, 05:54
Just don't abuse it.
Like 1000 milligrams is too much DXM. DXM is active at 45 mg and will stay in your system working its magic. Don't drink too much cough syrup, you will puke and feel awful.
Please be careful, and MARK your ingredients, PSUEDOEPHEDRINE is NOT DXM.

23-09-2003, 08:34
A small dose of diphenydramine before DXM will not only potentiate the DXM, it will also alleviate the itching and skin prickling sensations that some of you reported. That's an effect of the histamine release that DXM causes.

Let's say you enjoyed the mental aspects of 400mg, but got a bit of a body load.

Try it this way--take 50mg of diphenhydramine, then take 300mg of DXM. You will get the good without the bad that way.

I do not recommend going over 50mg diphenydramine, though. Too much will create a dysphoria that you will not welcome, believe me.

I tripped way too hard off 900 once--it scared me off the drug for a while, but I use DXM from time to time. It seems to happen when I quit MDMA and shrooms for a few months. A little blast of DXM can really be satisfying if dosed properly and approached with knowledge.

As far as a starting dose--you should start out with 100mg to assess whether or not you are enzyme deficient. If you are, the effects are hugely pronounced and long acting. A 400mg dose in such a person will likely result in a nightmarish experience that lasts upwards of 24 hours.

As a final little aside, I find the addition of a LOW dose of oxy or hydrocodone to really enhance the experience in a positive way, but be careful. That is a dangerous combo and you must know your reactions to both drugs with great precision. Properly executed, however, it is quite a nice experience.

As for morningloryseed's curiosity about the K comparison--well, K is better, period. You get where you want to go faster and cleaner, and you're back soon enough to go out for the rest of the night.

K is unbeatable as a disassociative.

However, if you like K, you can find some really beneficial aspects of DXM. It's a lot like GHB in that you just have to find your particular sweet spot before you 'get it'. Be patient, open minded...DXM is not as bad as a lot of folks make it out to be, and once in a while it is truly exceptional.

27-09-2003, 23:19
My DXM experience last night was my first, and probably my most powerful drug experience. I frequently felt completely overwhelmed by its sheer power over me, yet when i was calm and stationary i felt completely sober and lucid (though inside the vaginal tenticle of the space octopus goddess). Even blacking out on shrooms and waking up reborn didn't feel quite as intense probably because i lost my internal monologue. It was such a joke to me that i could swallow cough syrup (4oz = 360mg) alone and that it would affect me in this way.

My thoughts are that it's certainly not a drug for recreational use (especially at the upper plateaus), and much respect and caution should be used if planning a first trip. Find a comfortable, calm, dark, quiet place (i loved adding atmospheric ambient music) and just let it take you away.

I have little or no hangover, and a slight, pleasant afterglow today. Big thumbs up. Not planning to do it again in the near future, but want to reach final plateau next time. AWESOME

08-10-2003, 01:12
Holy shit. I cant believe some of you mess with quantities of up to 1,000 mg. Thats just ... way too much in my opinion, even for experienced DXM users. I mean is it even fun with those extreme amounts?

I found my perfect dose for DXM is 400-450 mg, and even then, I think its an overall mediocre drug. It has been fun, and it has shown me some new ways to think about things, different perspectives (although very minor), and some laughable good times. But I just dont think it holds a candle to other substances that are readily available. That's just me though - I know - some people have had great experiences with it :)


09-10-2003, 17:10
I love DXM, but I hate having to dose about 600mg to get anywhere that i can call a strong trip, and even at this level, it`s what most people would describe as 2nd plateau, blowmonkey has the same problem, it`s not tolerance, it`s not bodyweight, i don`t know what the hell it is, all I know is that i can take 750 mg and not have an overly intense experience, it doesn`t get extremely crazy untill I hit the nitrous, but I still love it. And being confused rocks because you get to discover everything anew, which is a great feeling.

09-10-2003, 22:31
yeah kinda weird... last time i had about, what, 600/650 or so?? i was sooo overstimulated, kept shaking, but never touched (well at one point felt like it) the 3rd plateau. it was eeuhm well it was nothing actually, being high in the head does not make a trip for me... i'd rather swallow some xtc pills to have that kinda high plus, you get euphoric like hell, this only makes me somewhat giggly and confused. i really really really want to experience something like the 3rd plateu, haha maybe even the 4th (not likely, nor will i try to reach sigma only i always talk about it when on dex hehe, i'm just curious what it would be like =D ). i did enjoyed all my dex adventures but still am a bit dissapointed by it uptill now. however, mixing some dextromorphan with another psychadelic makes it a lot more worthwhile at least imo.

12-11-2003, 21:55
My friends and I have conducted an extremely wide range of experiments (several hundred - at least - over the past two years, among a group of approximately fifty individuals) with dextromethorphan hydrobromide powder, and have found several details which seem to be ever-present with this chemical:

1) THIS IS **NOT** A SUBSTANCE FOR THE IMPATIENT! It typically takes several complete, individual experiments with DXM before a person will find their "perfect dose." Due to the wide-ranging effects with the four plateaus, and extreme variance in tolerance due to body chemistry and weight, it's very difficult (even with DXM dosage calculators that are available) to figure out the exact appropriate dose for any one person. Thus, being patient, giving it a fair shake, is essential. Anyone who just tries it once, or only a couple of times, will almost invariably shrug their shoulders and say "I'm unimpressed." Conversely, anyone who sticks around, plays with the dosage and thus is able to narrow down their "perfect dose" will almost INVARIABLY say that DXM is among their alltime favorite substances. As with any other chemical out there, start low, and work your way up. Once you've found a dose you're happy with, try a couple more doses at even higher ranges, just to try it out. That's generally the best way to go.

2) The itching sensation seems to indicate that DXM is about to cross plateaus, especially when going from baseline to a plateau one experience. Taking higher doses (again, not recommended until you're familiar with the substance) will often bypass the itching sensation, but just as likely will still encounter this unpleasant sensation. More experienced DXM trippers have found numerous ways of either ignoring or bypassing the itching sensation, rendering it virtually an irrelevant detail. Taking a cool, then warm shower will help. Taking Benedryl often helps. Doing anything to take your mind off the itching - watching a movie, listening to some music, or having a deep conversation - will often work wonders. As with most trips, your mind is easily able to turn off this sensation with a little concentration. Ignoring the itching altogether will usually make it disappear rather quickly.

3) Dosing with cough syrup containing DXM is vastly different, and considerably less enjoyable, than experimenting with pure DXM powder. This is probably due to the other chemicals and ingredients which have been added to the cough syrup, while the powder contains pure dextomethorphan. Personally, I've never tried the cough syrup route, as I'm not willing to trust such a large dose to the larger pharmaceutical companies. You never REALLY know what other ingredients they've added... It's much safer, in my opinion, to stick with pure powder from a reliable source.

4) There seems to be nausea present in roughly 20% of the people trying this substance out. This may very well be due to the gelcaps that we use, and not the substance itself. Tripping with cough syrup or pills/tablets is almost a guaranteed means of bringing on nausea. Further testing will bear this out. Regardless, as with the itching in #2, this nausea can very easily be combatted. Dosing on an empty stomach helps. Doing any of the exercises listed in #2 to combat the itches can also be used to eliminate your nausea. Concentrating on the nausea will do nothing but make you feel miserable. Some people swear on using Dramamine (motion sickness pill) to help eliminate the nausea.

As for my personal experiences on DXM... I feel it's by far the best substance I've ever come across. I've had some of the greatest experiences of my life on this one, and have found it to be excellent for inducing a light trance state for aided concentration, or for heavier trip states to check into the perceived progress of my life, and where things are heading. I've experienced absolutely no negatives (from my perspective), and feel the range of feelings possible to elicit from a DXM trip make it one of the more rewarding chemicals out there. Aftereffects are universally pleasant, never any bad come downs or other unwanted mental effects. (I've found that most people who experience negative side effects from DXM either A) haven't bothered finding their proper dose through repeat experimentation, or B) are chugging the cough syrup. Just my two cents...)


13-11-2003, 19:31
If you've had problems with nausea when taking DXM powder via gelcaps, try this technique which has worked wonders for many of my friends: get a nice big spoon, like a tablespoon or even larger, and scoop a small bit of ice cream into it. With your thumb, create a depression in the ice cream and pour your dose of DXM into the depression. Then, with a second spoon, scoop some more ice cream onto the top of the DXM so it's like an ice cream "capsule" for your DXM. Spoon the whole thing into your mouth and swallow it as quickly as possible, without chewing or letting it melt. That seems to alleviate about 90% of the nausea that anyone I know has experienced with taking DXM.

Also, it's not too surprising that 450mg would cause nausea the first time around. I generally start friends at 200mg and work up from there, though any hardheads or anyone with a general tolerance to drugs/pharmaceuticals I'll often boost up to a starting dose of 300mg. Like I said in my message two posts back, I feel that the dosage calculators available for DXM aren't really all there.

I've found plenty of overweight people who got off with a 2nd plateau DXM trip with only 250mg, and have also found several very skinny/underweight people who won't even reach the 2nd plateau short of 600mg. It varies, hence my recommendation NOT to leave DXM to just one or two doses. Experiment with it a bit, it's inexpensive enough that a little dosage experimentation (to find your "perfect dose") is WELL rewarded, with this substance more than ANY other I've found to date.


01-12-2003, 05:02
I've done high dose DXM twice, each time I had consumed 600mg of the drug.
The easiest way I can describe it is that I found it more profound than ketamine, in that it provoked thought about my place in the universe and made me think about my existence while allowing me to travel where I chose in my mind.
Ketamine I find less profound yet more intense, on ketamine I feel like I control the world around me, but I just end up having fun ie. wiggling my arms about as the room I'm in travels to a non-existant party along train tracks.
When I have IV'd a high dose of ketamine, the hole was so engulfing that I experienced total ego loss and was thrust whereever I was taken, no control and no ability to think until I emerged with memories of places it had taken me.
That was the only profound ketamine experience I've had, it took me months of analysis to gain from it though.

I like DXM because it has for me a more serious edge than ketamine, and gives me so much control over my thoughts, and the ability to let them manifest in my experience.
I learned a lot from those two 600mg experiences, and it was easy on me mentally, unlike the high dose IV of ketamine.
The body load is very unpleasant though, a nauseating come up and a day of DXM hangover is why I have only done the drug properly twice.
I will do it again sometime though.

john mason
08-12-2003, 20:58
I used to love DXM, but I haven't done it in like 2 years. I've done doses from 354mg to near 2000mg, and everywhere inbetween. Someone in here said acid/shrooms is like sensory overload and DXM is sensory underload. This is true. It's like nothing matters when you're on DXM. My face was always expressionless while I was tripping, and everyone else who I've ever seen on it as well.

DXM's after effects on the brain are HORRIBLE for me. It wasn't worth it. I probably used about 25g in total, and it fucked up my brain hardcore. It gets better with time, but VERY SLOWLY. I'm fine now but during that time I was doing it alot, my friends feared for me, cuz I was TOTALLY fried off my ass.

be safe with it, it's no joke on your brain. I do love it tho. :)

09-12-2003, 15:46
How do you manage to get so much DXM through the cough syrup? I can manage to drink one bottle of Robotussin, about 500 mg-then I start to feel nauseated. I could never drink two bottles, although I'd like to get more of a high. Do you take the capsules or what, please explain, thanks.

09-12-2003, 15:53
^^ some people can withstand drinking cough syrup. some people buy powder off the internet. some buy dxm containing pills and swallow a whole bunch of them. what you can do if you can't find any of these other products, is make a shake out of your syrup. only thing you need is a blender, milk, vanilla ice and something else you'd like to throw in there. this makes for a not so nasty alternative for drinking cough syrup, be creative, think of some more recipes or look them up.:)

john mason
09-12-2003, 16:48
For everyone's information, Robitussin has a new product called Robitussin Cough Gels, each containing 15mg of DXM, with no other active ingrediants. People who don't have access to powder but want to try a higher dose trip would probably consider these a godsend, since Coriciden is some bad shit.

I have taken CCC but only as a booster for a trip (4 pills), and one other time I took 8 of them to trip, but I would never use it for a high dose.

In addition to Robo Gels, there's lots of other stuff, Sucrets, etc... just check out your local pharmacy.

22-03-2004, 10:00
Anyone trip DXM while at a dance club? How'd it feel? And adverse effects?

I'm going clubbing this weekend, and I'm curious as to how well DXM would work for this.


22-03-2004, 11:21
I've gone to a rave on low doses of DXM. It was heaps of fun. Similar euphoric effects of a pill. Great music appreciation. Some visuals. Had a really fun night.

I don't think i would do it on a higher does though i would just get too disorientated and lost in my own world. :)

28-05-2004, 17:11
A search did not turn up anything on results from combining DXM with 5-HTP.

I have used 5-HTP fairly regularly for a few months. I've never noticed anything from it that couldn't be ruled out as a placebo effect, but on more than one occasion it has *seemed* to improve a trip or help with my reintegration the following day.

The other day I took 50mg of 5-HTP at the same time as I dosed 250mg of DXM. Often DXM is slightly dysphoric for me, but this time it was a very warm, euphoric trip, almost like a roll, which I would never have compared to DXM before.

Furthermore, my afterglow the next day, which usually ranges from neutral to annoyingly brain-dead, was VERY pleasant, like a low dose of methylone. Just awesome.

Wondering if anyone else has combined these two. I read something in an old thread about DXM + 5-HTP possibly being a bad idea, but at least at these doses, it felt great.

28-05-2004, 18:27
A combination of 5-HTP + DXM isn't smart.

Using Tryptophan to either try and boost your DXM expierence or help with the after effects ("afterglow" or "hangover" depending on your perception of the feeling) is not a smart idea. After using any strong serotonin-affecting drugs, such as DXM, it wouldn't be a good idea to take a dose of 5-HTP for one or two days before/after the expierence. People using serotonin-affecting drugs have been known to have seizures in conjunction with 5-HTP.

If you have any questions, send me a PM, as I don't check this thread often.


28-05-2004, 21:59
"People using serotonin-affecting drugs have been known to have seizures in conjunction with 5-HTP."

Where is your source for this? I've heard this a few times now and I would have to disagree.

I *ALWAYS* take 5-HTP both before AND after any drug, especially MDxx and DXM!

It not only makes the trip a lot stronger, it causes a much more pleasant body high, a slightly longer experience (about 7 hours as opposed to my usual 6) and no crash.

I've never heard anything about 5-HTP and seizures. I know that tryptophan causes it, but 5-HTP is a direct precursor to serotonin, tryptophan is not. Also, 5-HTP has been shown to have an extremely low toxicity level, with many people taking up to a gram and having nothing worse happen than an upset stomach and a few visuals.

Also, if it is so dangerous, mind telling me why rollers consistently use it when they come down, and quite often to preload, both with no ill effects? As a matter of fact, I saw someone go into a small seizure fit on MDxx after putting on those damn light goggles, they gave him some water and one 50mg 5-HTP capsule (Natrol brand)... about 10 minutes later, his seizures stopped, his body high went up, and he went off and joined a cuddle puddle for the rest of the evening.

29-05-2004, 00:17
What I was stating was not scientific. I stated it as "have been known" as opposed to "has been proven to" because there is no decent conclusion reached on the matter at this point in time.

My source is quite a few places. I run a Zine about DXM (a "serotonin-affecting drug"), and generally get at least 10-15 e-mails a week from it. Over the time period I've run the zine, I've read a few accounts of seizures of combining DXM and a 5-HTP supplement. I have also read, online at various sites, about other "serotonin-affecting drugs" in combination with 5-HTP causing troubles such as seizures. A list of these drugs would include but not be limited to DXM, MDMA (and MDA, MDE, ect.), SSRIs, cocaine, and a variety of other less promenient drugs.

Another possibility would be the speculation of these incidents being isloated or somehow related to a variable gene. Or it could be isolated incidents with unknown items of food, or a million other possibilities.

Since the occurances are notable enough to be noted on various expierence reports, websites, forums, and has been mentioned among my circle of friends--I would tend to agree with the notion that caution is needed.

I will provide you with a few exceprts I looked up within 2 mins, a whole extensive library is out there if you just run a few google searchs for the right key-words.

In this 1st one, note the onset of the muscle contractions after taking another 5-HTP capsule (the time chart shows it was during the MDMA expierence), indicating the muscle contractions were not a side effect of the MDMA but rather the 5-HTP, or perhaps a 5-HTP and MDMA interaction.

" I preloaded with 200mgs 5HTP. After a 2.5 - 3 hour weak roll, I took another 200mgs of 5HTP. About half an hour later (not rolling anymore) I started to feel like /shit/. My stomach started hurting and I noticed my eyes were very bloodshot. All of my muscles felt uncomfortable and I started kind of flexing them. About 10 minutes later, my muscles started flexing involuntary...I started to get a bit worried because nothing like this has ever happened to me. This progressed into involuntary twitching (mostly my upper body), then convulsions. At this point I decided to go to the ER (whee). They did nothing for me for an hour and a half then gave me 5mg Valium (iv) which stopped my convulsions almost instantly. I still had some very small twitches, but nothing big.

"That's basically the short version of what happened (don't get me started on stupid, ignorant, dismissive doctors). At first I suspected PMA because I had most of the symptoms associated with it...but my tempature didn't rise, it actually dropped (97) even though I felt like I was burning up. So anyways...fast forward to work today. I took 150mgs of 5HTP...a little over an hour later...guess what? Yup. I started to feel like shit and had a few muscle twitches."

- http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=5340

Next, the person took WAY too much 5-HTP. But the toxicity levels dicussed and the effects of the 5-HTP pre-MDA dose indicate that the author of the expierence had curious side effects from 5-HTP, (So much for the low to little toxicity) despite the OD of it.


In this interation of an SSRI as well as 5-HTP, we can see the author expierenced the twitching as well on a regular 100mg dose of 5-HTP.

" I woke up in the morning feeling paralyzed. I have slept heavily before, but usually after I lie there for a while, sense returns. I lay there for a long while without being able to move my heavy limbs mor ethan a few degrees. It was really terrifying, and only the sensation of unreality that had followed me from the dream kept me from feeling panic. I remembered having taken the 5HTP the night before, and understanding that, in combination with an SSRI in my bloodstream, that it was a risky move"

"I felt so dizzy I was nauseated; I felt on the verge of fainting every few steps. With great effort I took a shower and got dressed; I had plenty to do that day, being unemployed and such, but I just felt weak and removed from 'reality'."

- http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=3397

All in all serotonergic drugs are not good to combine, due to the risk of serotonin syndrome and seizures and other ill effects.


29-05-2004, 20:10
Thanks, PeoplesMind, that was useful.

12-07-2004, 01:11
I'm wanting to try DXM for the first time tonight. Going to take 200mg worth of DXM via Robitussin max strength (its aabout 2oz = 200mg dxm)

are there ANY bad effects that could happen besides naseau, itching, etc? I weigh 210lbs btw. any other tips you can give to a first time user? I've read through the DXM FAQs, read the experiences on erowid, searched alot on forums, etc. I'm still kinda nervous, but with 200mg i doubt much could go wrong, right??


12-07-2004, 02:00
For those that still don't have got a clue as to why the person above me shouldn't be doing this, please read the following CAREFULLY..

ALWAYS start out with a dose of about 1.2 mg/kg (around the 80-120 mg DXM). Did you know that 7% of the world population has a p450 (DXM metabolite) deficiency..? This means that these people are unable to convert DXM into DXO properly, or at all, which increases duration, strength and side effects considerably.. A dose of 100 mg for someone who's enzyme deficient or a poor metabolizer should equal a much higher dose, so starting out with 300 mg of DXM could prove to be disastrous.

100 mg shouldn't do much if everything is allright, though if you're enzyme deficient, you will easily notice..

12-07-2004, 03:27
^ Sorry, must've misread somethings, but thanks for the correction. :)

21-07-2004, 03:03
The posts above reminded me that I had another occurence of sleep paralysis the other day (my third or fourth in as many months), this time immediately following a 1st plateau DXM trip. I've never felt comfortable pinning my sleep paralysis on a particular drug -- it raised its head during a period in which I was trying lots of different things -- but now I'm a bit more curious whether DXM isn't a likely culprit.

Anyone else noticed a link between DXM use and sleep weirdness?

21-07-2004, 04:33
Originally posted by VictorBorge
Anyone else noticed a link between DXM use and sleep weirdness?
I've only noticed sleep weirdness once after using DXM. I took about 600mg, and about 9 hours later (I was basically baseline), I tried to go to sleep. It took me about 7 hours after trying to fall asleep before I actually fell asleep.

That's not usual for me. Usually I have little trouble getting to sleep after DXM.

15-02-2005, 23:57
In the past month of so I've robodosed about 6 or 7 times, averaging out to around 1-2 trips a week on a moderate dosage (around 350 mgs). I've read the threads and FAQs regarding the toxicity of DXM, but there seems to be more than a few differences between them in terms of mentally impairing you for weeks after doing it and whatnot.

So all you experienced dosers, do you think--if I continued dosing once every week at around 400 mgs--that my train of thought would be damaged?

Has dosing on a level around mine or higher impaired your ability to think weeks after stopping? And also, has anyone had DXM cravings (or just me)?

16-02-2005, 00:22
Originally posted by DuckSausage
And also, has anyone had DXM cravings (or just me)?

Back in my party days I used to trip on DXM when I could not get my hands on acid..... The strange thing is ....I havent done LSD or DXM in years and out of the two of them I miss DXM dearly....Its a wonderful substance if done in moderation but I went beyond that and would trip on high amounts of DXM 3 or 4 nights a week .....god I miss those days .....look im rambling, hope this helped a bit ;)