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30-12-2011, 11:24
SWIM was smoking the other night and SWIM's mind was racing with thoughts, of course. Discovered some tips (and some ideas that SWIM isn't sure about) that SWIM wanted to share with you all, and get your opinion.

1)When blowing a hit out, play the didgeridoo. This grumbling and vibrating in your throat is fun.
2)Blow out through nose and any crack in the smoke not absorbed by your lungs already, will be absorbed in nasal passages.
3)Burning copper brillo on a gas stove or sthg. (and rinsing with water) first is a must, because otherwise you will get harmful smoke from the brillo/chore burning, and it's very unpleasant taste.
4)Hold hit as long as possible, then exhale into a balloon. Then, re-inhale that hit, and blow it out. Get anything in the smoke that wasn't absorbed the first time. (maybe take a breath or two before taking the recycled hit)
5)Touching lips to end of glass tube instead of around it would allow smoke to touch your lips as well, and you can get lip numbies :)
6)Make the first hit of the night huge, because after that first hit each consecutive one is never as good (unless you load it even bigger, and even then, not always)
7)When using chore/stem, burn the copper chore until it glows red hot, and it should be totally black, no longer copper colored. You wouldn't want to be inhaling that 'copper smoke'. Also, rinsing it off with water after and drying it seems to help.
8) This one might be a matter of preference, but waiting at least 20 min between hits not only makes it last longer (so its not gone within 5 minutes,which anyone who has smoked crack knows is tempting/possible) but each hit gives you the full high, rather than just getting the high, taking another hit, and then it doesn't get you any higher.
9)Put pipe (glass tube/chore) in freezer after each hit. Cools it down faster, and have heard it helps build up the resin better.
10) This is especially true if you decide to do the 'wait between hits' thing: KEEP BUSY! Reading books or articles (like on bluelight!), talking with a friend, going to the store, or anything that takes concentration will make you forget about it. Well, actually i dont think its possible to not think about the next hit with crack, but doing something is better than sitting there with your eyes on the clock while holding the pipe in one hand and lighter in the other. In fact, i sometimes just turn the clocks away from me.

11) This is the best of all. Get a head massager, like those ones with a handle and then it has thin metal prongs sticking out, almost in the shape of a wine glass. These are found at asian stores, or also some clothing stores (bed bath beyond). Here is what it looks like: http://blogs.dailyprincetonian.com/intersections/files/2011/12/giftsheadmassage.jpg
Wait until youre abotu to blow out the hit, and slowly push this down on your head at the same time. It feels so amazing and gives tingles. Its better too if someone else does it to you.

12)Not really a tip, more of an opinion, but music during the session is better than watching tv. T.v. doesnt seem to hold your attention as well and makes you focus on getting that next hit more. Whitney Houston would be appropriate. :)

Agree or disagree?

30-12-2011, 15:35
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