View Full Version : (cocaine) Just bought an 8 ball, questions on quality ..

02-12-2011, 18:04
I just got an 1/8 from a guy who I've been buying cannabis off and so far it seems to be some Grade A stuff.

Some of the things I noticed about this batch:

- Reeks like a dentists office, smells through the bag but not as pungent as a strong smelling strain. Very slight smell of gasoline/kersosene but its very subtle

- It came as a mix of powder and 8-9 small sized rocks that seem to have a fishscale appearance under light, very crystally and cool to look at (bright white) ..

- Bitter tasting and a smooth but slightly bitter drip, also does a good job numbing me if applied to my lips/gums

Keep in mind it's my first time buying coke, and I've only been doing small ass bumps off a scissor blade (2-3) per night and I definitely feel euphoria and increased heart/breathing rate but I wanna take my time and work my way up when I feel ready ..

So from the info I've given does it sound good? Thanks in advance

02-12-2011, 18:06
We don't do substance/purity IDs here...and its more or less impossible to tell you if your cocaine is of high quality or not from a description you give us over the Internet...

Your best bet is to try a small bump or a very small line and see how you feel. If it is indeed of high quality then you won't need much. Start small, see if it works for you, and then go from there.

02-12-2011, 18:40
One of the only way to see how pure it is, measure out (half a gram) double broiler a shotglass half full of clear non-suddsing amonia, simmer till you can collect all oil (coke) put on coffee filter - dry overnight (on top of turned on stereo amp) vents. Re-weigh next day.

02-12-2011, 20:08
If it smells like the dentists and it is very numbing, it sounds like it is heavily cut to be honest with you

02-12-2011, 20:19
Well in some old threads related to this topic I saw a trend of people saying great coke smells like a dentist office, (google "smell of cocaine" its the first thread that pops up) and they also said to look for a "fishscale appearance" which this definitely does have from seeing pics online. Even applying some in gumbs I feel my energy go up and a little euphoria, I'm pretty sure its fire I just wanted some reassurance.

edit: its not "very" numbing, in fact I need a decent amount to get my mouth numb

02-12-2011, 20:22
theres no way to know unless you do an acetone wash which will remove impurities and leave you with just cocaine, no cuts

03-12-2011, 00:06
We don't do substance/purity IDs here.