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17-02-2001, 21:27
Ok How much should a gram of dmt cost> And how can i smoke it? Would out of a light bulb work?> Thanks
I was one of those kids the got candy dipped in lsd for holloween.

17-02-2001, 22:08
he he he ... gram of dmt... he he he.. cost...he he he

17-02-2001, 22:26

Plague Bearer
18-02-2001, 04:56
Nooo WAAAY, a gram won't be nearly enough, get two, or if you can three. Then load it up in a crack pipe and suck it down HARD. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

18-02-2001, 05:08
are you serious? A gram of that shit costs over 200. Would a light bulb work or not.

19-02-2001, 01:06
hey you only need 25mg on some herb take a deep toke then exhale then take another right away. if you can take a third (wich i doubt you will be able to) do it. is everybody in the movie will begin hang on for a ride of your life. 5meo is even crazier after the first toke youl will black out and then a lite at the end of a tunnel will appear. in the immortal words of sarza its like an elephant sat on your head. peace SM

Plague Bearer
19-02-2001, 05:20
awwww you ruined the fun

19-02-2001, 12:45
ruined the fun?... you never tell any one to take a large dose of dmt or 5meo its not cool those chems are not to be played with or taken as lightly as that. mess you all up man. peace SM

22-03-2002, 04:37
dmtworld (http://dmt.lycaeum.org/)
all of you- click that!

22-03-2002, 04:43
I dunno how much a gram is, but whenever ive done it or seen a transaction done it was like 20 bucks for a bong pack....DMT is some crazy shit though, i recommend that everyone should do it atleast once in their life
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22-03-2002, 05:54
There's no regulated price for DMT, as it's totally illegal just about everywhere in the world, but if you can even find it then a whole gram of it would definitely cost you a pretty penny. And just look on Erowid DMT vault, in particular the Gracie & Zarkov "How And Why To Get Off" (or something of that nature) article. Tells you the mechanics of smoking it.
And what the fuck is a "bong pack" of DMT?

22-03-2002, 06:25
yah really,
I'm not tryin to be mean, but if you guys knew anything about DMT, you'd know it has to be freebased, cuz it'll burn up if you put direct flame to it.....
unless you dissolve it in alcohol, soak it up with parsley or something (not weed- it'll fuck with the trip), let the alcohol evaporate completely and THEN put it in the bong.....
but you might as well use a lightbulb....
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22-03-2002, 07:43
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22-03-2002, 17:02
Well Ikarus, a bong pack, is fuckin exactly that...a bong pack, you know, when you take a substance that is smoked, put it in the bowl piece of the bong, and smoke ...the times that i have smoked DMT, it has been sprayed onto parsley, so therefore, we PACKED UP THE BONG, get it??? Damn, you sure are quick to just down someones throat, arent yah??? I'm sorry that I'm not as hip as you, maybe ill try harder next time

30-01-2007, 00:37
There are two common ways of smoking DMT: 1) the crystals alone in a glass pipe; or 2) combined with some plant material in a conventional pipe. In the former case, a single dose of crystals is placed in the bottom of the glass bowl, and the underside of the bowl is heated carefully until the crystals melt. As soon as they begin to fume, the user inhales slowly and steadily, keeping the flame below the bowl and continuing the inhalation until all the material has vaporized, leaving only a dark-brown crystalline residue.

A regular pipe with screen is sometimes employed, the user placing a small quantity of dried herb (preferably non-psychoactive) onto the screen, with the DMT crystals carefully sprinkled above the plant material. In this case, the flame is applied to the top of the pipe, attempting to combust the herb and vaporize the DMT simultaneously. Only enough herb to serve as carrier for the DMT is used--no more than can be inhaled in a single "toke" along with the DMT.

Keep in mind that a little DMT goes along ways. Be prepaired to meet the jewel-encrusted bouncing elve-like machines that will scream at you, shout at you, and dance in mid-air. If think you might like a 10 minute ride aboard one the strangest rocketships known to mankind - buckle up good and tight and go for the ride. It will be an experience that you'll never forget.

30-01-2007, 06:00
Thats quite the gap in the space time continuum, informative post though. A proper base pipe helps alot, I have had a much harder time with the herb method. I agree with the (preferably non-psychoactive) bit. Cannibis dulls the experience for me, as well as increasing the likelyhood of coughing the precious dmt.

30-01-2007, 06:20
are you serious? A gram of that shit costs over 200. Would a light bulb work or not.

Dude you're being treated like a hardcore custy. 150 is pricey, you should punch your guy in the face.

30-01-2007, 06:31
Smoking DMT:

Use a smaller glass bowl about 3"-4" and 2-3 screens. Sprinkle a little bit of pot on, then dump on a nice amount of DMT, about a little more than the size of an ecstasy pill. Don't worry too too much about torching it or not, as if the temperature you use is too low a lot of it will condense inside the pipe, and not in your lungs where you want it. Inhale slowly, and keep down the smoke for as long as possible. Peace!!

30-01-2007, 06:33
I also suggest smoking DMT out of a bong. That shit will get you good.

30-01-2007, 08:40
My friends & I have found that a pipe (i.e., the weed kind) is more effective than a lightbulb. Nonetheless, here are precise instructions for both methods:


Make a lightbulb vaporizer by removing the screw-connector with the filament, and the "frosted" coating of the lightbulb (fill with salt and shake), then attaching the screw-on section of a two-litre bottle, and a straw/bic-pen through the cap. This video (http://www.waytoomany.com/vids/weed/homemadevap.wmv) shows you how.

Weigh out your DMT (50-80 mg) and place in the lightbulb. Screw on the cap/straw assembly.

Hold the flame under the light-bulb by an inch or so. Slowly watch as it vaporises the DMT. Do not let the DMT singe or burn. (Start with the flame low and gently move it towards the DMT. If it starts to turn into black crap, quickly move the flame away.) You should see a thin whisp of vapor (which looks like a very "light" smoke) coming off the pile of crystals and start to fill the bulb. When the pile of crystals disappears and it's full of fog, inhale deeply.

Hold it in for fifteen or so seconds. Slowly exhale. If more crystals remain, repeat above vaporisation process. Hyperspace ensues.


Clean out your pipe so that it doesn't have lots of weed resin in it.

You need something to hold the DMT in place in the pipe. There are two basic options
a) SCREEN METHOD -- Take 2 screens and put them in the pipe. Weigh DMT and load. Make the pile as flat and even as possible. Place another screen (maybe two) on top of the crystal pile.

b) HERB METHOD -- Don't use weed for this. Go get some crushed Basil or Parsley at the grocery store. Pack the bottom of the bowl with the herb so that the DMT won't "fall through". Don't go overboard. Load DMT on top of herb. You may find it helpful to place a bit more herb on top of your DMT to provide a buffer against the flames.

Hold the flame ABOVE the pipe by about an inch or two. Put your finger over the shottie/rush/carb if your pipe has one. Breathe in slowly but steadily. You need to draw the flame down over the DMT, but do NOT let the flame and the DMT make actual contact. As above, play with the lighter--pipe distance to avoid making DMT burn.

If you're using the screens method, the idea is that the DMT will melt a bit and get stuck in the mesh "net" that you've surrounded it with, which will hold it steady while it vaporises.

If you pack a pipe, try to go for three hits before you fall into the hyperspace trance, to ensure you get it all.

With both of these methods, of course, you will want to be seated in a comfy chair for the whole process. You should have a buddy there to catch the pipe and lighter, as you may drop them. Make sure you use a regular BIC lighter; don't use a super-hot torch lighter.

I can't comment on the bong method; haven't tried it.

Collar Craig
30-01-2007, 09:03
Smoking out of a lightbulb? What the fuck are you a fucking hobo or something?

30-01-2007, 16:23
Dude you're being treated like a hardcore custy. 150 is pricey, you should punch your guy in the face.

Partykidlsd hasn't posted since 2001, I doubt you need to tell him how bad he's getting ripped off.

Light bulbs are great, hobo or otherwise.

30-01-2007, 16:39
I always used a glass DMT pipe (bought in Amsterdam). The hook in them means you can load up say, 75mg & toke until you have enough. As long as you put the pipe down the right way up (or better someone takes it off you) it goes back to solid in a few moments so nothing is wasted (apart from me).
Does anyone else get tinnatis (whistling in the ears) on DMT. 5MeO isn't nice for me. In fact, I hate it.
[No price discussion] Arrives in the UK in fits and starts. I think someone is bringing a few oz back from Amsterdam or a semi-regular basis.

30-01-2007, 17:08
all y'all w/direct access should check the 6-8th levels for a quick consult cause some shakin shenanigans of the M. morphogenetic veils sure as shpongola took place, oh 'bout 3 days ago, physical vessels for said healing merriment - a fair few be they - in the bowly plate of the aussie bush oh so suited for the by now fabled (over it by now) UFO tours...where you inside or outside the ship? suffice to say dreadlocked fire eaters loaded with magic and left speaker dancers predicting a soon to be played gig since there is no other...ahem, the classic BONG, 1 hit...be in nature dammit, or save the spice for someone nice who knows and respects.

nothin quite like it when the medicine does the doctor, hardheads cry, sinners repent and laughing strangers know your name.

thanks and praises to all who know who. god bless.

P.P.S. DMT and LSD both amazingly seem to rhyme with FREE - or is my diss-lexic hearing gone askew?

30-01-2007, 18:41
hardheads cry, sinners repent and laughing strangers know your name.

thanks and praises to all who know who. god bless.

I liked that part particularly ~ Note; DMT seems to produce percentage wise more crying than any other psychedelic I can think of ~ in fact more than them all put together IMO !

30-01-2007, 23:27
Nanobrain, i enjoy you posts? Were you at rainbowserpent?

Smoke dmt- i smoke a.obustifolia extract on various herbs, passionflower and mullein amongst them. Burn slowslow, suck, hold in and greet the brave new world

31-01-2007, 00:31
Vapourised via crack pipe ~ keeping well ,practise is important and on that note ~ I shall retire amd don my smokng jacket

31-01-2007, 00:35
sandwhiched in between two layers of herb in a bong... herbs like passionflower are good for this... this allows one LONG toke... rapid assimilation of DMT that one toke allows into the lungs provides the most succinct experiences...