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17-09-2011, 14:29
I have heard of quite a few vendors selling this in combination under various cutesy names. The ratio of MDAI to MPA seems to be between 3:1 and 5:1, i.e. 150 mg MDAI and 50 mg MPA, or 200 mg MDAI 40 mg MPA, to give examples.

I haven't bought any of these combo pressed pills, but I did have the two actual substances lying around. I decided to experiment yesterday.
I dropped 100 mg MDAI orally, then 30 minutes later 30 mg MPA orally, both in gelcaps. I was euphoric within the hour from the first cap, very euphoric from 2-6 hours. I kept doing small bumps of MPA (5-12 mg) and MDAI (15-40 mg) throughout the night. I felt good throughout the whole experience. I was filled with energy, love, empathy, happiness, joy and wonder. It was the closest experience to MDMA that I've ever had (tried molly 5-6 times, never pills). It was definitely something I'd do again. I was pretty fucked up from 2 pm to around midnight, then there was only residual stimulation and empathy at around 5 in the morning when I went to sleep. I slept soundly until 11:30 am where I woke up, feeling content and rejuvenated.
Incredibly euphoria, incredible empathy, incredible energy, incredibly smooth comedown, incredibly lacking of a hangover. I think my total dose ended up being 100 mg MPA and 300-350 mg MDAI over 10-12 hours. I weigh out all doses on a scale, but don't write them down to add up at the end. I just don't trust eyeballing but I suck at keeping track ^^

...And that was really the only annoying thing about it - when redosing, you had to keep track of the pharmacodynamics and dosages of the substances more so than normally, because the ratio is pretty important to get right (within a pretty wide window, though). Too much MDAI and too little MPA = feeling hot, slightly sedated, yawning, not as energetic, some euphoria disappears. Too much MPA and too little MDAI = feeling a bit cold, restless and slightly anxious, very awake and "in the now", not much euphoria. Perfect ratio = loved up empathic euphoric stimulating goodness like you know it and how you want it.

Has anyone else experimented with this combination?

17-09-2011, 22:09
Someone posted a reply, but it was removed because he gave the source of a vendor.
Allow me to repost it without the source, since it was actual useful information:

I kind of had the same effect the mdai I took tho was some of the best I've had from online vendor ever must be why he's called the [vendor name]., I also slept very well after which is usual a nightmare but was great felt amazing next day.

I had just under your total amount over 12 hours i found 200mg mdai and 95mg MPA over the 12 hour's worked very well.

at one point I was getting rushes starting in my legs and taking over my whole body!
Glad to hear I'm not the first on bluelight to do this :P
It's just too good not to be shared!