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16-08-2011, 02:46
4th plateau hell? 8(
At 7:30 yesterday I decided to take around 834 mg of dxm (generic gels and syrup)thinking I'd get to the 3rd I didn't eat most of the day seeing as the trip is harder if you don't. So after downing it all I proceeded to take a shower like usual before a trip when I get out the effects usually are kicking in. By 8 I was starting to trip at 8:10 I went to my room and puked on my bed immediately losing touch with reality didn't know where I was or what I was the next thing I remember is having an odd dream like vision thinking I was a blanket on a shelf in some old looking abandoned shop I kept trying to move sliding my blanket self around. This "dream" lasted roughly 3-4 hours from what I can tell the next thing I knew it was 1am couldn't see around the room so I went to plug in my light but fell off the bed but found the chord and got back up. There was some odd looking thing on the floor giving off light not knowing what it was I just reached for the switch and it went away. I just stayed there for 30 min or so until I ran to the bathroom puking again oddly enough the tiles were moving in a wavy motion and the room was changing colors. My father had heard me puking and asked me if I was ok simply replied I think so, by some miracle he didn't notice how messed up I was. I puked again not to long after that, at 2:30 I became more aware of where I was again realizing I was at home in my room. At 3:30 I texted my friend who had planed on going to the 2nd plateau but as it turned out she was a sleep and I woke her up. I continued to try to type saying I had thrown up everywhere asking her what happened but she didn't know, she said to listen to music until I fell asleep. I usually listen to music in the beginning of the trip so I turned on my speakers thinking my mp3 player was plugged in but after 2 minutes of trying to turn it on I realized there was nothing there as it turned out it was still in my bag. I listened to ripple by greatful dead had a visual of people fighting and acting like drunken fools, Next was casey jones where I thought I was in the train riding with him. at 8 am I finally fell asleep I didn't have a blanket so I had used a fuzzy hoodie and put it over myself. I woke at 12pm and felt horrible, after a bit I remembered what had happened the night before and talked to my friend who concurred that was no 3rd plateau trip. Well I won't take generic rite aid dxm products again or take that much thats for sure I'm lucky nothing worse happened. :|

jackie jones
16-08-2011, 04:19
I didn't eat most of the day seeing as the trip is harder if you don't.

This is not a good idea with most drugs (not without exception, as with some traditional psychedelics such as oral DMT). Especially not with pharmaceuticals. You need to have some nourishment in your system to keep your physical set right so you feel ready for your journey as well as giving the chemical a cushion so it does not shock your digestive system. Also, I find DXM to be one of those drugs where less is more. Moderation is key for clarity of thought (even in a state of dissociation this is possible), and suppression of possible physical side effects such as nausea, tachycardia, and histamine release.

Welcome to Bluelight, deadheadgirl.

16-08-2011, 04:41
Thanks, it wasn't the smartest idea not to eat thats for sure. Shouldn't of taken that much I usually just take a bottle 354 mg that gives off a much nicer than what I took last night but I also didn't plan on getting that messed up. Got addicted to it for a while so my tolerance is pretty high so 834 seemed like a good dose but it turned out to be more like the time I did 1100 mg of dxm. I'm a small person only 5ft 130 pounds but it usually isn't that intense even at 2 bottles never got anything like that.

16-08-2011, 06:44
DXM can really be variable in its effects. A few hours ago I took 720mg (which is on the mid-high side for me), hoping for a strong second plateau, instead ending up with a disappointing low 2nd with no dissociation or visuals to speak of. Normally I get exactly where I want with 600mg, but this time it just wasn't happening. It crossed my mind that maybe my tolerance has gone up and next time I should shoot for the 800 - 900 range, but given my past experience, I know that a dose that high would humble the shit out of me since it doesn't pay to get cocky. Still, bad trips like this should be viewed as a learning experience.

I'm not sure if this made any sense. I may not be tripping hard, but my mind is certainly outta wack right now.

17-08-2011, 02:17
I took 354g today may add more if it doesn't look like I'll get sick. Ate at 4 and ate after ingesting it hope this one is a better trip man

jackie jones
17-08-2011, 04:47
^I certainly hope you mean mg ;)

How quickly does tolerance develop with DXM? Do you find that if you dose the next day that you have to double up to get the same effects as with many psychedelics?

17-08-2011, 05:42
^ Tolerance to DXM tends to build up over time. A lot of people claim they need even less of the substance to feel the same effects if they trip two days in a row.

18-08-2011, 02:03
Long feeling trip last night was up till 4am but it felt like 4am the next day. DXM makes it feel almost like time is moving slower than normal