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07-08-2011, 00:07
I have recently tried a 15x extract 2mL tincture of Full Spectrum Alkaloids on the recommendation of a friend. The FST I ordered was amazing. I have been doing opiates using every ROA (except rectally) And I have been to rehab and all that fun stuff. I am currently on pain management still from a spinal surgery, but of course my pain doc doesnt wanna prescribe me a lot anymore, and my mother does not want to keep paying and she thinks I am not on opiates at all anymore. BUT ANYWAY Back on topic Usually when I take 2mg sublingual buprenorphine and try to take any other opiate within the next 36 hours It has no effects. Even without the bupe it takes around 70mg of oxycodone to feel some relief. I was skeptical about the whole Kratom FST thing, but I finally gave in. The first time I used it, I dropped about 20 drops of the tincture into a medical measuring cup and mixed with water and drank. This was about 18 or so hours after ingesting 2mg buprenorphine sublingualy (and had been doing 2-4mg daily prior to the Kratom test) Anyway, about 15 minutes later I was feeling so so euphoric. No pain felt like my first time every taking an opiate mixed with the first time i ever took xanax and it lasted about 4 hours (which is a lot longer than real opiates last for me now days) well the second time I did some of the FST, it had been about 45 hours since the last dose of buprenorphine and I again did 20 drops mixed with water and took a shot and did a rinse shot. I felt warm within 15minutes (i had eaten about 30 minutes prior) about 40 minutes after I ingested the 20 (or so) drops of the FST I feel very VERY warm and euphoric, however, the pain relief is not as good as when it was withing the halflife range of the buprenorphine. I have heard of people using low dose buprenorphine to potentiate real opiates, so I wanted to create a thread for people who have a high opiate tolerance and have to use some sort of maintinence to feel "ok". Does anyone else have experience using low dose buprenorphine with Kratom? More specifically the "full spectrum tincture". A lot of places claim to sell and FST of sorts, but the place I go, which I cannot mention, is def. legit. Has anyone else noticed euphoria and pain relief from kratom with low dose buprenorphine, but when the drops from the FST were administered after the buprenorphine should have been done binding with receptors, you get the good feelings, but only minor pain relief?

07-08-2011, 00:14
It makes sense that low dose bupe and kratom would synergize, at that kind of dose, and after 18 hours, the bupe won't block the binding of other opiates very significantly- it would be mostly metabolized to norbuprenorphine.

It's also good to remember that kratom's effects are not mediated entirely by opioid receptors. It has affinity for adrenergic receptors too.

07-08-2011, 18:57
very true, I only recently learned of its affinity and effects on adrenergic receptors. I just wish Kratom was cheaper then I would use it all the time, but sadly its so expensive for the the real stuff that actually works (for me at least) and its cheaper to pay the copay and see my doc and buy the opiate prescription. But my tolerance to oxycodone specifically is so high, that as mentioned, high doses are not effective, whereas Kratom fst that i have, seems to help more. I know hydrocodone and oxycodone are all cross tolerant and what not, but do you think that since ive been on oxycodone for sooo very long, that if i asked to switch to hydrocodone and took it more frequently, that it would be more effective than they oxy? I wish I could just keep getting Kratom extracts because the ones I have tried work so well (the FST and UEI) even tho i know purity and alkaloid contents vary from seller to seller and even from order to order, but I have had great success with one seller, so I stick with them, Its just as mentioned, its cheaper to get a months worth of opiates than to buy a couple days worth of Kratom extract (in effect dosages). Since the bupe seems to enhance the kratom, and allow for lower doses of both for effective pain relief, do you think the same will apply with my new opiate script on the 15 (whether he sticks with the oxy or lets my switch to norco like I want to) ? I think hydro would be more effective for me at this point, and i think i could used less of it if combined with Kratom for a better and longer lasting effect. What do you think?

07-08-2011, 21:34
Generally oxycodone is weight-for-weight more potent than hydrocodone, it is also more stimulating. I don't know how effective it would be for you, but I do know using opiates will make your tolerance go up, no matter how much you shuffle them around.

07-08-2011, 22:38
Very true. I have been on opiates since May 2nd, 2005 when I got into a car accident the day after I turned 18. Ill post a picture of my car in the junk yard the day after the wreck at the end of this comment. Anyway, Ive had my ups and downs with dosing and abuse, now however, I just want pain relief. For some reason I began hurting again after recovering from my back surgery earlier this year. I know oxycodone is stronger than hydrocodone, I am just thinking in terms of cross tolerance and dosage adjustments. like instead of 7.5/325 percocet every six hours prn, switch to 10/325 norco every 4 to 6 hours prn. I just wish I had a gallon of this FST kratom. I just used the last of it this morning sadly. but yea, by now we are way off topic from the threads purpose (though I do not remember its purpose) So I guess it should be closed unless you have some more advice that you would like to share.

12-02-2018, 23:00
Please watch out for adverse drug interaction between Norbuprenorphine and Hydrocodone causing risk of seizures!

13-02-2018, 04:37
You would think that the fst would be weak tho. Was it a commercial tincture or from a reputable vendor?

13-02-2018, 07:03
There's no way kratom in tea form is going to compete with buprenorphine.

And Mr. Fahrer was right, to the archives with this thread.