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13-06-2011, 19:04
As somebody who uses sleep aids, I've tried everything out there. The most effective sleep aid by far is ambien, but I try to limit use of that to once or twice a week, tops. The thing I have found most useful non prescription is actually melatonin, 1mg sublingual.

On a number of occasions, I have tried Valerian root...it is usually used in combination with melatonin and other things as a sleep aid. I read up on it, and remember reading something about night terrors....that is a series of bad nightmares experienced from valerian. I dismissed it at first, of course. But as I used valerian a couple of times, it only took three nights until i realized I was experiencing a series of worsening nightmares off this stuff. Needless to say I stopped using it, but have since that time tried valerian twice again, for a period of three days, and experienced exactly the same thing.

Has anybody else experienced this? It really is uncanny.

13-06-2011, 21:02
yes me and my girlfriend stopped taking valerian because of nightmares.
the dreams are strange, fearfull and very "real".
she is scared now and wont take any to sleep.

i think one night is ok...cause the nightmarish effect develops after you continue to take it.

we always made a tee out of 8-10 grams of the shredded root.

29-06-2011, 11:37
I'm scared......
I've been taking valerian root the past few nights, and tonight mixed it with melatonin, and some herbal supplement containing l-tryptophan, gaba, skullcap, more valerian, ashwaghanda, brahmi extr, chamomile extr, passion flower extr, more melatonin, and l-theanine.
I just experienced one of the worst night terrors ever. I can't even remember having night terrors before, but this took the fuckin cake. I don't want to go back to sleep. I'm fucking terrified.
I guess I have to smoke some pot.
Pot always makes it so I can't remember my dreams.
Today I didn't smoke at all, and was feeling proud of myself, thinking that I was going to quit smoking weed since I don't need it.
Then this...
So fucking insane. My brain's been hacked. Idk what to do. Work in the morning but... this dream... I was in this dream for days (literally days on end) with no recollection of where the days went, being watched and followed by a crooked undercover police man omfg i'm gonna start crying just thinking about this shit. Who is this guy, wtf have I been doing for these days. Someone in the dream said I'd been on lobodabafuckindooda (I assumed lorazepam and he confirmed it), my friends were pulling heroin deals, that man in the "utility" truck was outside the window again. why is he here again. what's going on.
omg dude i can't......

i'm going insane
i have to go back to sleep but.... i was going to go to jail. idk what i'd been doing these days, but i remember driving a lot. in the dark. in the rain. people i don't know. my little brother was there... the "cop" just chilling all nonchalant, talking with us, knowing damn well he's going to take me to jail whenever he decides it's time to go.

i don't want to go guys... don't make him take me back to sleep... i'm fucking broken what is this shit... fuck... i was saved by a private call. i got a phone call on my cell. private number. they hung up before i could answer. who the fuck woke me up???? i need them to call me back so i can thank them.

goodbye bluelight. the man might take me away tonight. idk...

29-06-2011, 11:54
And he was outside my window in real life. Idk if this was yesterday morning, or tonight. I think it was yesterday but it was pushed out of my brain. Because the sun was out when this happened. There was somebody outside my window, peeking through the blinds. I freaked out and spread the slats apart real far.
And there was nobody there...
Who is this man... He wants my soul, I just know it... Still terrified... Still wanna cry... So tired...

29-06-2011, 12:09
^ Sorry to hear about your night terrors, Pothedd! Maybe it's best to leave the supplements alone?

29-06-2011, 15:36
I tried valerian to sleep.

The NIGHTMARES were horrific, I'm 57 FFS and I was crying and afraid to go back to sleep.

I typed VALERIAN NIGHTMARE into Google.

It seems some people just do have them, but I know some who dont.

Mine went in the rubbish.

I also hate the way it tastes and smells, you can feel it coming thru your pores even the next day.

Try Chamomile that does not seem to have bad side effects, but may not be strong enough to help you sleep.

Good luck with this.

30-06-2011, 05:17
Yea, chamomile seems to mild. Barely does anything to me.
I think I'll only take Valerian during the day, low doses, for anxiety.
It appears that taking it multiple nights in a row leads to night terrors and nightmares. Seems to be quite common.
On the other hand melatonin is supposed to help prevent night terrors, so I'll try to stick with that.

I had no idea night terrors could induce waking hallucinations. That was some shit man...
I feel for you though welshmick. I was so terrified. The sleep paralysis was almost as bad as the dream, because it prevented me from waking myself...

30-06-2011, 17:11
Good luck m8 - Nytol also works for me for a liitle while.

But I'm asthmatic and it causes respitory depression.

It's a bastard when you can't sleep.:X

30-06-2011, 18:20
ive tried using many diff suppliaments to go to sleep, lifelong "light sleeper" here. the only substance that works for me is cannabis.

but, i dont want to take drugs to go to sleep. i find that maintaining a diet high in b vitamins really helps. look into including organic, RAW, SOAKED cashews, almonds, and pecans in your diet more regularly. take them medicinally, that is, alone and with no other food for about 4 hours (have some raw soaked nuts for bfast). inorganically grown nuts will have vastly inferior nutritional content (while including toxic chemicals which will send confusing messages to your neurosystem), roasted or otherwise cooked nuts will have negligible nutrition and denatured proteins, and soaking the nuts releases their enzymes and makes them far more digestible.

eating nuts this way has a lot of neuro-regulatory benefits, including mood stabilization and diet control. ease of falling asleep is just one benefit. it may take a few weeks of including this in your diet a few times a week to notice real benefits.

30-06-2011, 18:27
cardio exercise is good for sleep, makes people get to sleep easier, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed and alert

03-07-2011, 10:03
cardio exercise is good for sleep, makes people get to sleep easier, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed and alert

i def agree with this one

05-10-2012, 20:30
I have had bad dreams too. I thought it would go away but did not. Sometimes its good when I cant remember what I dreamed. overall the sleep I get sometimes outweighs my dream activity. I have woken up scared many times,

06-10-2012, 03:43
the smell of valarian root is enough to give me nightmares. its like a combination rotting corpse/yeast infection. my room mate was drunk one night (one night, LOL) so I opened up the bottle and said "smell it, it smells like candy right?" and he said, "yeah, it kind of does".

06-10-2012, 10:56
cardio exercise is good for sleep, makes people get to sleep easier, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed and alert

Yeah mang - this followed by 15 minutes of lying on your back and relaxing your body - letting go of each part of your body & the tension, from toes all the way up to the temples, accompanied with about 10-20 meditation(if you have successfully relaxed this is not necessary).

Also the TIME you get to sleep is a key factor - it is simply harder to get to sleep after 11, due to the different cycles your body goes through - what processes happen at what times etc.

Look at your diet too - it could help you to get to sleep and stay asleep if you change that.

Valerian Nightmares? never hearrd of, or experienced before - maybe look at where your head lies when you sleep - if your head is facing north, then you will likely not get any deep sleep and will astral project instead.

ALso never eat anything bigger than a piece of fruit/veg, within 1.5 - 2 hours of going to bed.

07-10-2012, 05:58
In herbalism we divide herbs into different properties, like hot and cold.

If you tend to be cold when everyone around you is normal, then valerian would be a good sleep aid for you as it's warm in property.

If you tend to be hot when everyone else around you is normal, you should try milky oats, california poppy, holy basil (tulsi), or even sage tea before bed. Ashwaganda is a cool type adrenal that could also work before bedtime, but is more for calming the cortisol levels than sedating. Do not use valerian because it's hot in property and will disturb heat type constitutions. A milder cold type sedative is chamomile.

Hot type people who take valerian tend to get nervous upsets and even mania. Some people even shake or wake up sweating. I've noticed that the night terrors only happen in the hot type people, but it's a small number and so I can't completely correlate it to that.

09-10-2012, 20:12
^ interesting. THanks for that - enlightening!

18-10-2012, 02:00
I never found that Valerian Root helped me get to sleep. I tried it a couple times but it didn't really help.
I find melatonin is the best as well, without making me too groggy in the morning.
Diphenhydromine helps me get to sleep quickly but I always feel terrible in the morning right when I wake up. It disappears relatively quickly (30 mins - 1 hr, or with coffee) but still, hard to get up.
My boyfriend took piracetam to help him get to sleep before. (Although I don't like how it makes MDMA not work for us, so we don't take it anymore in general.)
Smoking weed sometimes helps me get to sleep.
My boyfriend sometimes uses 5-HTP to get to sleep. I get TERRIBLE nightmares when I take 5-HTP before bed. If I'm ever wanting to take 5-HTP, I will only take it in the morning. The nightmares the OP is referring to reminds me of the 5-HTP nightmares I got a couple times. Even just thinking about them now makes my heart race a bit. Never again!

13-07-2015, 21:06
Hey Thanks All for your comments, I've just ordered Valerian Root 1200mg to try to get Nightmares. Melatonin stopped giving me the night terrors - so, I wanted to find something new. I really enjoy them.

14-07-2015, 12:28
My boyfriend sometimes uses 5-HTP to get to sleep. I get TERRIBLE nightmares when I take 5-HTP before bed.

I get very vivid and strange dreams off 5htp too, never too scary though so I kinda like it.

OT: I sometimes use hydroxyzine dihydrochloride (Atarax) at 25mg to put me to sleep. Works like a charm and doesn't make me groggy at all

14-07-2015, 22:25
pothedd - the nightmares could have also been partially caused from stopping smoking weed. i had some really fucked up dreams when i stopped - still do. lastnigt i dreamt i was a militant jew in a riot and being tortured by neo-nazis. i kind of like nightmares though.

16-07-2015, 03:47
5-HTP converts along to N-Acetylserotonin. Acetyl dictates whether serotonin stays at that current state of existence or further continues the enzymatic alterations that eventually produce melatonin.

I have personally noticed that causing a rapid influx in melatonin levels naturally via L-Tryptophan made me dream alllootttt. (L-tryptophan>5-HTP>N-Acetylsero...>Serotonin/Melatonin>Tryptamine) ---Conversion road simplified....

Now the benefit of supplementing at the beginning of the chain is tryptophan's mechanics on reducing serotonin reuptake. The more control you have on the receptors dictating the rate of serotonin reuptake, the more serotonin your body has to enjoy. However, I would say anything that may cause an influx in serotonin during a specific period of time associated with your circadian rhythm (N-Acetyl is dictated by your internal clock along with other variables) such as 5-HTP may lead to an unnecessary amount of natural melatonin interacting with the brain. Also, from my personal experience causing an influx in natural melatonin vs. supplementation with synthetic melatonin is more potent and effective at inducing sleep while also inducing extremely vivid dreams that may have the possibility of creating abstract nightmares/terrors. This could explain the mechanics of valerian root leading you to your incidences.

16-07-2015, 10:29
^Interesting theory. I've no idea on how these things work, but personal experience is definitely the same. In no way do I get the same vivid dreams when using synthetic melatonin.

16-07-2015, 18:44
^Interesting theory. I've no idea on how these things work, but personal experience is definitely the same. In no way do I get the same vivid dreams when using synthetic melatonin.

I'm glad someone else has also experienced this situation with ingesting exogenous melatonin via supplements vs. increasing the body's natural melatonin production. Helps me validate my original thoughts that struck me a while back.