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03-11-1999, 21:55
OK, I sell usually about 150-200 pills a week here in MD...I sell Tweeties/Clouds/Teletubbies. I know what i get them for in Brooklyn and I know what i sell them for here.
10 pack-200
25 pack-475
50 pack-800
I am rolling in the money and I can't keep up with the demand. My buyers would shit a brick if they saw what i paid for them. So should i increase the price and hope for the best or go to NY every Thursday? I was wondering what the average price around the rest of the country waz. Please help

03-11-1999, 22:31
I live in tampa,fl. and you can get them for
between $17-$20. pretty much always $17.
10 packs i can get for about $130.when i sell
i buy mine for $11 and sell for $17.

04-11-1999, 01:08
Call it paranoia, but I don't think you should discuss personal sales on the net..maybe a friend or someone you know, but not yourself. What with all the cracking down being done, I'd hate to see any bluelighters get in trouble.

04-11-1999, 04:02
I'm from SC and i can get them anywhere from $17 to $30 singles. $175-$250 for 10pk and $400-$500 for 20.

04-11-1999, 05:35
In Los Angeles, $20 is normal for a single. I was lucky to find a whole bunch for $15 a while ago. Don't know about bulk though.
Oh, and BTW, saying that you sell a whole bunch of drugs probably isnt good.

04-11-1999, 05:45
the norm in sf goes as this.
20 each bean. get 5 get one free.
unless u got hookups, then the price goes dowowowowown =]

04-11-1999, 05:49
I guess I may have to road trip out of the deep south (Ala.) to score some descent prices. I'm buying 8-12 regularly and pay at best $25ea. Quantities of 100 or more might get as low as $20ea...info from the local bean man. I'd love to find a good buy so I could stock up. Things sometimes get scarce.
I'm in BFE compared to Atlanta so supply is way behind demand.
Roll On...

RoLiN'_In ThA_8o8
04-11-1999, 05:54
Yo in tha 808 state you can get some for about $20-$25. damn that is two expensive but i love it

04-11-1999, 07:36
wow - cant believe how much people will pay- in la it's 20 usually- if anyone tries to charge 25 i laugh. if im getting 20 then i can get for 15 usually--would be nice to get them for 10-13 ----im so jealous
stay tight:)

04-11-1999, 08:49
getting busted? for posting? do you think the man a) cares about a bunch of fucked up kids talking about 100 or so pills (small change) over their parent's computer or b)knows who the fuck you are?
here in colorado 25 for singles (almaost always) they cost that much because its not the coast i.e. miami, la, ny, sf. theyre simply more rare out here

04-11-1999, 18:23
$20 for singles in Toronto. Rarely more.
10 pack - $16/each
25 pack - $14/each
50 pack - $12/each
100 pack - $10/each
and they just go down from there.
OH! Keep in mind that these are CANADIAN DOLLARS!!!!
$20 Canadian = $13.50 American

04-11-1999, 19:47
central pa-
singles $20-$25
10 packs $190
100 packs $1500

04-11-1999, 20:16
Miami FL
singles 18-20
10 pack 180
anything over I negotiate for

04-11-1999, 20:53
anyone from the north florida region please tell me if getting 200eggs for $1500 is as good as it gets or could I get better. To those dealers who are thinking about raising prices and are already making >$5 per egg. Dont fucking do that shit. You already making more money with less work selling. And dont say "we risk the chance of getting busted" bullshit. The people bringing it in the airports are the ones taking huge risks, much more than your 200bean/week street peddler (although you make a hell of alot more money than your average peddler). You and I both know if your not loose with your runners and you trust them, your secure. Cops are looking for the people selling in the clubs and you guys usually dont sell in clubs. So stop being greedy and pumpin' up prices. NE florida $160-170 for 10 pack. Go to miami and you get 100 for about $700. Someone please answer my question

05-11-1999, 04:43
SMan says we all are paying too GD much ...
especially here in Gods country(the deep south) A bud picked up a rider that quoted a price way better than we've gotten in town,for the first deal....better next time...he must have been out of town.
Wait'n to pay 10-12 a bean....

05-11-1999, 14:52
I live in wv so we dont get much of anything around here but when we do its great. Some advice for some: If you try to roll more than 2 times within 2weeks it wont work as well. Taking a pill every 2 weeks is the best thing to do b/c if you eat too many your body will build up a tolerance for it and you wont roll as hard. The best i've had are flintstones loves clovers and mitsubishis. But then again all x pills are great. Thanx! Roll hard & listen to music while you do because its the best!

05-11-1999, 15:20
I don't know if any of you heard about the raid at Newark Airport yesterday... Apparently the cops pulled between 100,000 and 200,000 pills coming in from spain. I generally pay 12 but this weekend they're costing me 18. That means that I sell for 25 instead of 20. This is in NYC... has this affected anywhere else???

05-11-1999, 15:40
man i am shocked. yall are paying too much for your stuff. in orlando singles are hard to come by but i usually find em less than 20 always. 10 packs go for about 140. if you pay more than 18 for one find another boy.
dj glow

05-11-1999, 16:46
boston area.. i'm paying 20-25 piece... my contact doesn't really deal in large quantities and the quality can be hit or miss =( i really need a more reliable source but this is all i have for now

05-11-1999, 17:24
OK, now listen everybody. I've been watching this topic for the past few days now. What some of you people need to realize, the ones who are saying people are paying too much, prices differ in different parts of the country. Florida is generally the cheapest. And you people with the phat hook-ups are lucky. Not everyone can know the "main man". If you deal in large quantities, you have to be a complete moron to let everyone know that you're dealing.
I've got a few friends who play with small numbers, and they're allways getting hounded for stuff, never any time for themselves, I could just imagine if they were doing more.
By the way, singles go for 20 @ the clubs in Tampa. Unless, of course, you know the right people...... 15 for singles.

05-11-1999, 20:48
In Atlanta I pay 20 for singles and 150 for a 10 pack. People here will gladly pay 25 at any party.

05-11-1999, 22:07
DAMN are we getting screwed here!! I mean, it's illegal and it's not like we can call the Better Business Bureau, but here in NC we regularly pay $30 for a single, $225-250 for a 10-pack. Back when I was partying a lot and waiting tables, I knew I had to make at least $80 in a night to get two pills, admission to the party I was going to, and the various things I might need (i.e. cigarettes, pacifier, inhaler, whatever). I miss going out a lot, but I don't miss what I was spending in a weekend!

in dEtroit
05-11-1999, 22:15
used to get 'em 4 $15 a pill, thanks only because he was my b.f.
but now I have to pay usually $25 each and last weekend in grand rapids a friend actually paid $30 a bean for 3.
Ick I'm definetly envious of u all who get the 'hook-ups'
have a FUN and SAFE weekend!

06-11-1999, 00:20

X men
06-11-1999, 00:56
What do you mean? Can you get a better deal on a 100 or so than others here?

06-11-1999, 01:02
yeah i can do better thab that hes getting 16 a pill on 100 i would never pay that much i can a little better ...what do you pay for 100?

06-11-1999, 01:05
but you have to remember i pay high dollar so i dont make that much but i get quality pills and thats what keeps people coming to me..

06-11-1999, 01:08
NuckinFuts69, your my hero. I wish I was a big time dealer like you. What a fuck head!

X men
06-11-1999, 01:33
I can get 100 for about 1300, but if I get 200, I can probably swing it for $1500-1600 total, depending on demand.

X men
06-11-1999, 01:40
Hey lester after you let me know if you can do a better deal than that lets chat on talkcity.com (just register any old name) be at the private room called "methyl5" at 9pm eastern time. youll find me there. Let me know what your price is since we are in the same area and I can possibly do some comparisons if im getting market price or not. thanks

06-11-1999, 20:29
Lester and X, if you guys are looking for a better market rate, you should take a little drive south. 12 is the going rate for 100. It's only a buck, but it adds up.

06-11-1999, 21:46
hey xmen i tried to email you and it came back mailer deamon...email me,, ive changed my name to st8ofxtc and we can talk...

07-11-1999, 20:37
We're paying $30 each, $25 when we're lucky. This is in the Mid-Missouri area. People are making a killing selling this stuff here. Time to make a new plan before I go broke.

Kaotic Dan
07-11-1999, 20:56
I've never paid more than 20 and I almost always buy in singles. I've paid as low as 15 and am getting a deal for like 30 for 10 each. I'm not dealing...my friends go through me though. That 10 bucks each is for bhuddas too, which are by far my favorite. Some of you sound like you are getting majorly ripped though. Maybe its just the face that Florida is cheaper.

Kaotic Dan
07-11-1999, 20:56
I've never paid more than 20 and I almost always buy in singles. I've paid as low as 15 and am getting a deal for like 30 for 10 each. I'm not dealing...my friends go through me though. That 10 bucks each is for bhuddas too, which are by far my favorite. Some of you sound like you are getting majorly ripped though. Maybe its just the face that Florida is cheaper.

Kaotic Dan
07-11-1999, 20:57
I've never paid more than 20 and I almost always buy in singles. I've paid as low as 15 and am getting a deal for like 30 for 10 each. I'm not dealing...my friends go through me though. That 10 bucks each is for bhuddas too, which are by far my favorite. Some of you sound like you are getting majorly ripped though. Maybe its just the face that Florida is cheaper.

08-11-1999, 10:46
I have never heard of a single going for less than $25 here in NM... And sometimes even $30 depending upon availability (aka the E guy knows he's the only 1)Even at these ridiculous prices, you have about a 1 in 3 chance of it being worth your while... Price breaks for quantity are very rare, and if anyone usually knows even moderate middlemen in other states, they become an E dealer here... It's slowly getting better though, our scene is exploding, though holding onto it's tight, family VIBE... We are probably setting up a dancesafe chapter soon, to prevent people from at least getting bunked, and have a little knowledge of what they are ingesting... No more DXM pills please!
Namaste & PLUR
~Vid @ Cerberus Promotions
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11-11-1999, 20:46
Hi Y'all...
It seems the scene here in CT is blowing up, especially in the past 6 months. (Being sandwiched between NYC and Boston CAN be a good thing sometimes....)
Anyway singles normally are going for $20. I paid $25 a couple months back for capsules with "pure" powder.... the best single roll ever, well worth the $5 extra. In quantity, you can get 10 for about $175, at least if you've dealt with the guy before and he knows you. At raves, $20-25 is the going rate, but if someonesays $25, tell them you can get them for $20 from lots of people, and they cave. :-) HAHAH
A side note, this girl I hooked up with at Freaky.2 in Hartford picked up a $20 dollar bill off the floor at a dealer's feet (he dropped it) and used it to buy a pill off him!! Gotta love that!

[email protected]

12-11-1999, 17:07
I have seen three totally diffent prices. When I was in Oregon/ Eugene, Portland/ you could find powder for 15 a hit. That was street price, pretty easy to find. That shit would fuck u up more than u could ever imagine. Every once in awhile you could find pills, but the powder was so great! The price is the same down in the Bay area usually twenty on college campuses but damn good shit. Down in Atlanta I can only find pills, but the price is $6-8, with a awsome hook up. This stuff doesn't rival the stuff on the west coast, it is so much more intense out there. Over in Mississippi the pills go for a rip off of 25-30 depending on the weekend activities. and you can unload about 200 a weekend. easy money for a weak pill.

15-11-1999, 02:25
Miami, FL
single- 20
10- 180
50 - 500

15-11-1999, 03:45
Houston, TX
---market price----
singles: 20
10-30: 17
50-100: 15
Taipei, Taiwan
i heard that it goes up to as much as 100 USD for singles!!!!!!!!

15-11-1999, 04:12
ok i'm in memphis and i had some dork ask me for $35 for a pill last night.
of course, my question was "what's in it?" and he goes, "the f**k should i know?"
i said, "the f**k you should because you're asking me for 35 dollars, and i'm not about to take something from someone if they dont even know what it is."
prices are skyrocketing, and the quality is garbage. my friend in nyc got some tweety birds on friday night, and they turned out to be all DXM; he puked for 3 hours straight.
someone needs to regulate on that stuff. if its that bad, it has to get better.

15-11-1999, 04:22
sorry I'm in another country but here they would be in US $
1 = 25
10 = 190
100 = 1200
300 = 2700
I haven't bought more so I can say the exact price

15-11-1999, 09:52
I got everyone beat!
OK, so i'm a dreamer, so what?

15-11-1999, 15:51
Here in Wales UK we get them much cheaper.
Prices converted to dollars:
1 - $13
10 - $83 ($8.30 each)
100 - $416 ($4.16 each)
1000 - $1666 ($1.60 each)
in pounds
1 - £8
10 - £50 (£5 each)
100 - £250 (£2.50 each)
1000 - £1000 (£1 each)

15-11-1999, 17:13
25-30, singles
10, 250
have not found it cheeper than that anywherenear my area of flint
peace all,

16-11-1999, 04:56
singles 20-25
10 200-220
100 1800 if you're lucky
Been to Hotlanta
got a good deal on 100

16-11-1999, 07:37
Sounds like I need to make a trip to Wales. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif I usually get 'em between $15-25. (I've paid $30 for double stacked shit once now.) Lately I've been getting pure for $6 here in Utah, and pills between 8-13$, but I have to make a trip to Vegas to get 'em for that price.

16-11-1999, 08:14
BUT I'M RICH SO I'LL PAY http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

peter pills
17-11-1999, 00:26
listen people.. take into consideration that these prices are all talk. MOST of the time they are bullshit prices. people always 'claim' they can get it cheaper, but its really bullshit. E is scarce. theres only an X number of pills made and they get sent around. they come from the same people who distribute it across the country. pills u come across (tweeties, rolls royces, teletubbies) are made in the 100,000's and are dispersed around the country. so even the big dealers have to wait on the shit to be made. if u are fucking smart u dont lower the price at all and tell ppl u pay top dollar. if u can get 12 a pill why the fuck would u tell someone that shit. always jack up the price 3-5 dollars then release ur info. not many ppl sell ecstasy because its so hard to come across and find dealers who are always on. dont fuck up the game fellas, stop spreading bull shit prices....