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16-05-2011, 08:18
First of all i'm not sure if this is the rite forum but i,m not sure where else to put it if it has to be moved feel free. SO i was wondering, if you snort adderall would the effects leave quicker then if you ate them? I found that if I swallow the pills I cant really sleep for a good 7 hours afterward but if I snort them the effects seem to wear off quicker and I can get to sleep a bit easier then usual. Is this normal or do the effects last just as long as if you swallow them?

16-05-2011, 09:41
adderall lasts alot longer swallowed. i think this mostly is because you don't lose any up your nose.
it also might have to do with the different doses of each of the 4 psycho-stimulants in adderall.

Tech Kinetics
16-05-2011, 18:36
adderall was not designed for snorting.
If you want to snort your stuff, then switch your meds to Ritalin.

17-05-2011, 00:41
Snorting Adderall IR seems to hit faster and comedown in a shorter amount of time. However, there isn't that large of a difference, seeing as Adderall IR already releases the amphetamine salts fairly quickly (hence Instant Release).

Adderall XR, on the other hand, provides a more significant difference between snorting and taking orally. The balls in Adderall XR create the time release mechanism (there could also be a time release system inside the powder as well, not sure). Crushing these balls pestle and mortar style and snorting the resulting powder seems to change the XR formula into IR. Thus, if you are looking for more short term effects from Adderall XR ("I need to sleep tonight", etc.), I recommend crushing the beads into a very fine powder and snorting it.

17-05-2011, 00:54
Snorting Adderall will quickly release the entire dose and therefor the effects will wear off much quicker. But Adderall shouldn't be snorted, it works better when swallowed. Snorting it doesn't really produce much of a rush anyway.

17-05-2011, 05:04
adderall was not designed for snorting.
If you want to snort your stuff, then switch your meds to Ritalin.

Switching from d-amphetamine to the much much weaker methylphenadate would be quite a waste of a scrip imo.

17-05-2011, 05:07
can't be said better than Peels' post.

17-05-2011, 09:11
Eat ummmmm. Once your tolerance goes up snortin it really isnt an option so dont get into the habit. Shit will just give you headaches

14-09-2013, 02:12
If the only reason you are trying to alter the dosing method is so that you can sleep sooner than the you need to purchase a pill cutter and get to cutting. Snorting the pill will result in a lower dosage being introduced into your bloodstream, as someone else already indicated. You may snort a 10 mg tablet and only actually introduce 6 mg, with the other 4 mg being lost in the nasal canal. Either method of ingesting, snorting, or oral, will hit your bloodstream at relatively the same time, with the snorting method you will see a 4-6 min decrease in the time it takes for it to enter the bloodstream.