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23-03-2011, 20:32
ONDANSETRON (trade name zofran) is INCREDIBLE. zaps the stomach cramps completely and even helps with anxiety and restlessness.
This stuff has saved me a lot of pain, as we know opiate withdraw is a bitch on the stomach/digestive system-diarrhea, cramps, vomiting, etc. Zofran makes it go away. Awesome!!!!
Another drug for the "withdrawal kit" that I would recommend 110% for anyone trying to detox.

The Chemist
23-03-2011, 20:35
it's generally 1 pill every 8 hours, my mom just got it for her pneumonia

23-03-2011, 20:41
Seems original link discovered in 2009

Scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered that a commonly available non-addictive drug can prevent symptoms of withdrawal from opioids with little likelihood of serious side effects. The drug, ondansetron, which is already approved to treat nausea and vomiting, appears to avoid some of the problems that accompany existing treatments for addiction to these powerful painkillers, the scientists said.
The analysis revealed an unambiguous result: One particular gene determined the severity of withdrawal. That gene codes for the 5-HT3 receptor, a protein that responds to the brain-signaling chemical serotonin.

To confirm these results, the researchers injected the dependent mice with ondansetron, a drug that specifically blocks 5-HT3 receptors. The drug significantly reduced the jumping behavior of mice as well as pain sensitivity — two signs of addiction.
Similar to mice, humans treated with ondansetron before or while receiving morphine showed a significant reduction in withdrawal signs compared with when they received morphine but not ondansetron.

link: http://med.stanford.edu/news_releases/2009/february/opioid.html

23-03-2011, 20:44
Yes, Zofran is commonly prescribed during opiate withdrawal/detox.. Hospitals seem to love handing the shit out. I'd hardly call is a MIRACLE drug, though. Definitely helps with nausea, but otherwise not many positive effects. I'd consider Loperamide a miracle drug moreso than Zofran..

Dunno how much discussion this'll generate but I'll leave it for now. Basic dosage questions and shit belong in BDD.

23-03-2011, 20:46
I'd personally choose kratom as it helps control cravings, but this is interesting nonetheless. Kratom has been called the cure for opiate addiction for some time though... I'd like to see the effectiveness of these two drugs compared.

23-03-2011, 20:49
^Kratom has an unfair advantage being an opioid itself. There are many on more kratom focused boards who will complain of withdrawal from just it :\

23-03-2011, 21:02
^Well, loperamide is as well. The thing about kratom addiction is that it never seems to set in inside a month or longer of continuous use, unless extracts are used. The leaf itself requires a bit of abuse to actually get addicted in every instance I have read, much longer than it actually takes to use kratom to come off opiates. There is addiction potential, definitely, but it is much lower than other opiates/ opioids.

I feel bad bringing kratom up in so many discussions, but I had to bring it up here as kratom specifically has been called "the cure for opiate addiction" when discovered by the West in the 19th century. This title is even the heading of an entire section on the kratom Wikipedia entry.

23-03-2011, 21:04
I found that Kratom does not entirely satiate withdrawal from other opiates, and vice versa.

23-03-2011, 21:07
^I definitely agree with that... IME, it seems to help more with the thebaine derivatives than the morphine derivatives.

Sorry for de-railing this thread, I was more-or-less responding to the title... Comparison of Zofran to other opiate withdrawal drugs was bound to happen though, so maybe this is not truly de-railed! ;)

06-03-2013, 06:54
Holy shit, i have vials on vials of this stuff.

I was researching and happened across an article about using this drug for opioid addiction and alcoholism.

Needless to say, when i'm jonesing, ill fix myself a shot of this stuff.

06-03-2013, 07:07
I used ondansetron when I was kicking tha habit. It helped. They loaded me with that as well as clonidine, bupe, pregabalin, diazepam, and I was self admin'n' tha ganga miracle potion and smoking dube's all day. That lasted like a week until I brought it down to just bupe and pregabalin..., oh yea, and hella ganga stardog champ.

06-03-2013, 18:38
Yeah this has helped me too. Great for nausea. If one can acquire it, it's a good med to have in anyones withdrawal kit.

25-06-2015, 17:50
Whats a good dose for withdrawal?

25-06-2015, 17:51

25-06-2015, 17:53
Seems original link discovered in 2009

Thanks for the info I will try this next time when I run out of opioid's