View Full Version : (opioids) possible to more safely snort Dilaudid (not in powder form)?

07-03-2011, 00:29
I wanted to ask a rather unusual question that I could find via search function on the site. I also apologize if this is in the wrong place, or if I sound like an idiot, as this is my very first post.

I receive Stadol NS, a rare schedule IV opiate Nasal Spray, for migraines. Its recreational use, IMO, is near zero.

I recently herniated two lumbar disks in my back, and my doctor prescribed 90mg MS Contin per day and lots of Hydromorphone (100+ 4mg pills for a 1 month script - to hold me over until I see my pain doc later this month).

I read that the oral bioavailability of both MS Contin and Hydromorphone are in the 30% range, which I found disappointing. I'm only concerned about the Dilaudid really, as the MS Contin works fine for pain relief and I'm not looking for any kind of "high" or increased functionality for this drug.

Now, I've got tons of these little empty Stadol bottles left over. Is it possible to dissolve Dilaudid completely in these bottles (which hold roughly 8mL)? What temperature is best to mix the water and crushed up Dilaudid, and for how long? How many pills can fit into 8mL of water and dissolve effective? Do I need to warm the bottle over an extended period of time?

I've tried this already, and it definitely works, though the spray pumps tend to get clogged with particulates often. I dunno whether it's safer as a liquid, though it feels more comfortable going down the back of the throat, and it's way less dry.

Do I just need to filter out the binders/fillers from the concoction as if I were going to inject it (using cotton)?

Thanks for everyone's help, and again, sorry if I made any errors or sounded stupid.

07-03-2011, 00:36
Making nasal sprays using opiate pills is very effective, and common. To avoid particulate matter getting caught in the bottle, you want to filter your solution before putting it into the spray bottle. Take your powdered pills, and mix with known amount of water. Then you can either filter with cotton or a micron filter even. This will remove most if not all of the inactive and insoluble ingredients, leaving dilaudid+water. Then your spray bottle should not get clogged.

Edit:The Merck Index says the HCl salt of hydromorphone, which is what is present in hydromorphone pills (well, in Dilaudid atleast), is "Sol. in 3 parts water".

So, in theory one mL (cc) of water can dissolve 333 mg hydromorphone HCl, and 4 mg would dissolve in 12 mg water which is 12 ┬ÁL (12 thousandths cc's).

So in 1mL of water you could theoretically fit 41.6666 8mg dilaudids