View Full Version : (opioids) At what point of pharmacuetical opiate tolerance does Kratom become innefective

20-01-2011, 07:20
I have heard many times that Kratom will not work for somebody with an opiate tolerance. Now tolerance can range wildly. I used to have a 320-400mg a day Oxycodone tolerance, now I am in the 60-90mg per day of oxy and If I use opana about 40mg per day.

I believe 60-90mg of Oxycodone or 40mg of Opana a day is not that high of a tolerance, and I believe that I should still be able to feel the Kratom. The primary goal of Kratom is learning to use responsibly. I want to lesson the blow of withdraw, and have a drink that I can carry with me all day and just sip on. I got the Maeng Da FST Tincture as well as 2 oz of Bali Leaves.

I'll let everyone know how this experiment goes, as I'm sure opiate users are curious.

Peace Love & Happiness Everybody

20-01-2011, 07:54
It's just a question of dosage. Of course kratom will not completely substitute for pure mu agonists - but I'd imagine it would stay active at huge doses if you had a huge tolerance and could actually get enough inside of you.

20-01-2011, 20:21
Exactly, it's not a pure mu agonist but it, like other opiates, will work even if you have a pretty high tolerance, its just a matter of getting more than your tolerance inside your body to get the buzz/WD relief, depending on what your looking for. (Edit: I read your post a second time, WD relief) Kratom is different for different people, but my experience with it as an abuser/user of opiates is, it works if you get enough. Try the extract if you don't feel like you can drink a large amount of the tea.

axe battler
20-01-2011, 21:37
Yeah, I've thought I was going to die after taking a lot of Kratom (about 3g of the 30X extract powder).

However, has anyone noticed that tolerance to Kratom builds even faster than with proper opiates? If you want to get off opiates, you might want to taper with your opiate of choice, then hit the Kratom.

20-01-2011, 21:42
My experience is that tolerance to kratom alone grows slower, but when I combine it with proper opiates then my opiate tolerance in general does go up faster. I think that depends on the person though. Kratom can be finicky. =D

axe battler
20-01-2011, 21:58
Yeah, I like it. But I find that even if I have only been taking it for a couple of days I have trouble getting high for longer than half an hour.

God I need some drugs!

20-01-2011, 21:59
Kratom + an oldschool antihistamine, potentiate it!

axe battler
20-01-2011, 22:05
Haha! Unfortunately, I'm in the UK and we only have shit like cetirizine available OTC, no diphenhydramine (our benadryl is acrivastine) or doxlyamine or nowt. Also, a lot of our diazepam is counterfeit and totally shit!
Can you say derail?

20-01-2011, 22:13
You're in the UK, which means you have promethazine OTC. That works even better, no worries on the derail :)

Bitter and Tainted
20-01-2011, 22:20
You can get diphenhydramine in the UK..

For a start it's the active ingredient in Nytol, and many other generic sleep formulations...you can also get promethazine as stated above

axe battler
20-01-2011, 22:31
Ooh, fuck!!

I shall have to give them a whirl very soon. Thanks NeibourhoodThreat anf Bitter!^^

Nexus Viper
20-01-2011, 22:38
However, has anyone noticed that tolerance to Kratom builds even faster than with proper opiates?

I had, too. It's quite disappointing, so it's been a long time I haven't taken some. Maybe should I give it a second try, but even with large doses, effects don't seem to get higher for me.

axe battler
20-01-2011, 22:43
^Kratom is definitely worthwhile. Just take more! It gets jolly fucking expensive if your buying from headshops though.

burn out
21-01-2011, 00:31
i'm pretty new to kratom (been using it 2-3 times a week for a little over a month) but if anyone with experience can tell me, i am wondering how tolerance generally develops and what effect using opiates occasionally might have.

for instance, if i used opiates instead of kratom one weekend would that raise my kratom tolerance more than using actual kratom would? how much do i need to space things out to avoid major tolerance from forming?

21-01-2011, 02:01
You'll need to space things out to keep tolerance from forming, however, if you're using low dosages the tolerance will form much slower then if you're using it at higher opiate-like dosages.

burn out
21-01-2011, 04:26
i'm using high dosages.

21-01-2011, 17:32
At higher dosages kratom behaves a lot more like a traditional opiate, both in effects and tolerance buildup.