View Full Version : Fun with dxm

13-01-2011, 00:08
So I just took 40 robo cough gels and im pretty excited not gonna lie I have experimented w/ dxm before with positive and overwhelming results... If I can still type on my keyboard when they kick in Ill keep u guys posted on how it's going!

13-01-2011, 00:11
Nothing like dissociating on robos and periodically typing on a computer 8)

13-01-2011, 00:12
Last time I took a much heavier dose and typing on the computer was next to impossible as was spelling and reading... And forget trying to dial numbers on the phone none of them looked familiar to me... =)

13-01-2011, 00:14
And for the record I have yet to get sick to the stomach from dxm so cross your fingers that I dont this time!

13-01-2011, 00:29
^Hope they don't contain sorbitol

13-01-2011, 01:02
why do you say that? Im pretty sure they dont...

13-01-2011, 04:05
You need some coffee?

13-01-2011, 04:37
So I am definitely feeling amazing. I just realized how lucky I am. Anyways I just went to my buddys to play black ops and it did get too intense.... So I passed the controller got a comfy pillow and blanket and reclined in the chair and just watched this 4 foot snake my friend has in a cage. It was shedding, an amazing thing to see it looked like the snake was being refreshed.... But now im home on the computer and honestly surprised that I am able to type this well

amapola it does contain sorbitol