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01-01-2011, 00:21
can someone explain piperazine to me? like its effects and risks, especially if its in an adulterated pill.

01-01-2011, 01:37
Well, I can give you the very basics. Some people like them, but it seems most people don't. This is likely because most people come across them in adulterated pills, where it is impossible to tell the dose. There are many different kinds of pipes, some can make you quite sick, and they can also be dangerous. The most common ones are BZP and TFMPP.

One thing is for certain: when you are expecting to roll and you get piped, it blows. In ecstasy pills, it is intended to mimic the effects (because pipes are cheaper and easier to obtain and pretty much no one would buy them if they knew what they were!) and does so very crudely. A regular known side effect of pipes is that you feel like you are coming up, but it never goes anywhere. Because of this, I hate pipes. If they were sold as pipes, it'd be a different story, but they are generally sold with the intention of tricking you, so in my oh so humble opinion, they are made by real scum bags.

In my experience, the pipes high needs to be managed at all times, and that's what I hate about it. With MDMA, you can just let go and enjoy yourself. Pipes have me trying to convince myself I'm feeling ok in between waves of nausea.

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