View Full Version : Mix Water with Zolpidem Before Insufflating?

20-12-2010, 12:57
I've been trying to avoid using my nose for drugs anymore, but it seems it's needed once again. I sublingualed a couple ambiens, nothin worked to make me tired yet.
I'm figuring one more dose straight up the nose will be sufficient to make me tired.
Since I'm tired of all the damage i'm doing to my nose constantly I've mixed it with some water before snorting it.
I used a tad too much water tho... Wanted a paste, got a capful of drug soup.

Anyway. One snort of the water burns like hell but seems to spread through the nose real nice.

Will the water aid in the absorption and kinda just splash the zolp everywhere it needs to be?

Edit: Oh, and the important question is by mixing it with water am I reducing the damage done to my nose?