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02-12-2010, 20:06
I am getting 1 2mg dilaudid today.
I havnt used much opiates over the past few months fo my tolerance have dropped and injecting or snorting 15-30 mgs of oxycodone gives me a good buzz.

I wa wondering if a method similar to ones used with black tar might work? breaking it down in a little water then dripping it in my nose.

Any help would be nice.

02-12-2010, 21:01
I'm a little confused, if you want to snort it just crush and snort works fine. Since you said you've injected oxy then I would say shoot this, too. Dillaudid gains more from injection than just about any drug.

03-12-2010, 01:37
dude if you shoot oxy you are not gonna feel shit after snorting a 2mg dil....

HT harm redux
04-12-2010, 15:15
Youd have to shoot it. even with a tolerance youll feel the rush and warmth of a 2mg dilly. especially in the back of your neck for some reason. just do it that way you wont regret it.

04-12-2010, 20:29
i snorted a dilaudid once and did not feel at all i am under the impression u have to shoot it to feel it. unless u just take it ofcourse but if u shoot anyways dilaudid r 1 of the best pills to shoot hands down. u dont even have to heat it up just cold shake and u r good to go.

04-12-2010, 20:45
Hydromorphone is best injected without question. Even if you have been snorting 15-30 mgs of Oxy, you will DEFINITELY feel the 2mg of Hydromorphone. Just check this conversion chart below. If you snorted the Oxy you probably only absorbed half of it. Inject anything and you get it all.


Be careful because after you feel the Hydromorphone, you probably won't do Oxy's unless that is all you can find. A lot of people, including myself feel that Hydromorphone is better the any other opiate.

By the way brand name Dilaudids will totally dissolve in water, but the generic ones have some fillers that don't. Filter as much as possible if you have the generic.

06-12-2010, 22:40
i snorted a dilaudid once and did not feel at all i am under the impression u have to shoot it to feel it. unless u just take it ofcourse but if u shoot anyways dilaudid r 1 of the best pills to shoot hands down. u dont even have to heat it up just cold shake and u r good to go.

Even for people who don't have an opiate tolerance snorting one 2mg pill will often have hardly any noticeable effects at all. You can definitely feel effects from snorting Dilaudid, you just have to snort more than you'd shoot.

08-12-2010, 03:13
^^^^ I snorted a 2mg dilaudid today for my first time, and I got pretty high. I have almost no opiate tolerance at all. But anyone who says that snorting these has hardly any effect is wrong.

08-12-2010, 12:10
I got hydromorphone for the first time today. I got 2, 4mg tablets... I do not shoot drugs but I realize now that if I do this stuff ever again, it is a waste if I do it any other way but shoot it.

I was dumb and snorted the first one. then popped the second. I can tell I took it but its not that noticeable. I do have a really good light background feeling but thats about it.

If I were to snort 3 of those 4mg pills do you think I would start to get an effect? Like how much more do you have to snort? I just want to get one really good high if possible from snorting it so I can say I have tried it... It is possible I can achieve the nod correct? I just need to take a lot more of it than one would have to if they shot it......

I would try snorting two, then next time three, then four, etc till I got to the point where I wanted to be I guess... waiting a full 12 hours in between doses... will that method work or am I really going to have to snort like 30mg+? (estimated number) Its not like it would be snorting that much powder anyways the pills are teeny tiny...

08-12-2010, 12:13
Intranasal Dilaudid isnt worth a shit, in fact, hydromorphone any way but IV isnt worth a shit, but when you IV it, its the most euphoric thing you ca imagine. if you already IV oxy, just IV the thing dude.

09-12-2010, 00:20
harm reduction at its best lol...

not saying i don't agree with you either tho..haha

09-12-2010, 00:33
of course use a micron filter though. i do use Whatman brand .2 microns that even filter out bacteria

09-12-2010, 13:01
At best snorting dillys will take away withdrawals. There is hardly any euphoria associated with snorting them. Bang it!

09-12-2010, 15:17
Snorting dollies works hella good ...

... If you have no oxy tolerance that is .
And also if you've never IV'd . I heard once u iv dils u won't wanna go back haha . Bit I've never iv'd ...

I use dils like once every 2 weeks but I have no opiate tolerance (barley)

I tend to take 4mg orally and it has me nice and buzzed/warm feeling for the rest of the day

14-02-2012, 18:57
Hey, new member and I know this is an old thread its what came up when I searched my question.

I am a Solider that was injured while deployed, I have been taking pain killers for awhile. I went from Norco to Oxycodone and I am now on Hydromorphone. I was taking about 60mg of Oxys before telling my doctor that they just weren't taking away the pain anymore. He has me on 4mg of Hydromorphone now and to be honest I have started taking about 6 pills at a time. Now I get 120 pills for a month and that is a decent amount as I don't take pills on the weekend and only take 1 dose a day to get e thru the work day. But the problem is I am not getting much pain relief and I have yet to feel a buzz or anything. I don't even get drowsy on these like the 60mg of Oxys would do to me. SO I was considering snorting my hydroporphone to get more of an effect but I'm just curious how much I can try and snort before it becomes dangerous.

I do not want to inject anything. I am not gonna judge anyone that does but injecting my medication is the line I wont cross. I still have about 200 or so Oxys and Im thinking about going back to those and trying to snort them, how many would I want to snort if I was taking 60mg orally?

14-02-2012, 19:14
You should really start your own thread here. Moderators are likely going to close this thread since it is old. You have a legitimate issue. Post again in your own thread and you will get more response.

14-02-2012, 19:23
Ok no problem. I just didnt wanna get smashed for not searching and starting a new thread. lol

16-09-2012, 15:11
not true. i just snorted 4 8mg dilaudid and i am flying. did same yesterday and was high all freakin day(with a bowl of kryppy to kick it in 1 hour after nasl) man o man 3rd day doing it like this and no pain and if you wanna nod snort...i swallowed first day to try on empty stomach...nothing.
my friend gets these 8mg dilaudid now instead of the 30mg oxies and these r weird...excellent high but oxies hit you right away...dilaudid takes a half hour to hour but keeps going all day strong...if u like to snort and nod, these are good