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30-11-2010, 05:36
This was on the first day of summer this year, and was my first time succesfully taking LSD. We had it planned for weeks, it was the night we graduated and we had a house to ourselves. We'd only been able to procure four hits, so it was decided that my friend E would take two tabs with me, and both C and W would take three grams of mushrooms. (In retrospect, having a mixed company of substances proved to make conversation difficult).

So we dropped at about nine thirty and I felt the first effects within half an hour. Purely physical, it felt as if each nerve ending in my body was being stimulated with a vibrating heat that bordered on sexual. I felt good. So I did the obvious thing, and announced to the group that I was going to the bathroom to masturbate. In the end, I was distracted by the resulting sandy appearance of the floor and a sensation like being in a desert, so I returned to the group and confirmed for my friend that the stuff was working. At this point the timeline is very fuzzy for me because after losing my sense of self, I got caught in a loop. But we'll get to that in a moment. We were primarily occupying two rooms, a den with Cars on the television and my sober friend S (Sober except for nitrous whippets we bought to keep him entertained :p) and then my bedroom which was dark and had music playing. I went into the darker room by myself and lay down on the bed, and then the visuals began in earnest. I remember the bookshelves begining to sway and dance to the music, and start to define themselves with textured paint stylized streaks. Eventually, what I can only describe as a gnome village grew out of the books but it was only a passing thought, not anything of real significance.

This is when stuff became intense, I felt and saw myself being unravveled into strings, each one being a part of myself, that then splayed out in front of me in something of a spiral wheel. My thoughts were like a syllogistic argguement for how I am not my body that i can't remember for the life of me. What followed was a sensation of existing as the universe folding in on itself as every percieving being at once. But rather than arranged into individual narratives, it was an aggregate experience of positive and negative, and that together they made up myself. I was sure that I could remain this way if I chose, but i thought that's not possible, other people come back. I decided that it didn't matter, because I *was* everyone, that a particular human being would come back, but I would keep on going. However, I wanted to return my sense of self for my family and friends. Before I came back into my body, I was told by... something, that I was going to recieve one moment that could never be taken away from me. A chorus of voices arose around me, proclaiming every hackneyed positive affirmation you can imagine that grew into a drone of "You won. You won. I won. I won." A tear actually ran down my face as I repeated what I had been told, that no one could take this away from me as I saw fireworks go off the dark. Then the "Won." became "One." And all was still.

Then I was torn back to reality by my friend E asking how badly he was hurt. He was clutching his head and there seemed to be blood running down his face. Surprisingly, I wasn't panicked, I had a feeling like some sort of repercussion had to come in exchange for that experience, and that everything would be alright in the end. I asked him what had happened, and he told me that outside C had hit him over the head with a guitar. I had images running through my head of my beloved acoustic smashed to pieces in the yard. I went and asked the others what had happened and was told that it was "no big deal." So I asked what had happened, and we had a conversation that consisted of "Yes he was hit with a guitar, but it's no big deal" repeated ad nauseum, I simply couldn't comprehend that not being a big deal. (It turns out it was a hard bump by accident that broke the skin, but was nothing serious)I returned to find E in the bathroom, and I know saw blood run down his face, and from the walls. I returned to the bedroom muttering "It's just a bad trip" to find a blanket to curl under. E came in worried and insisting me that it was not just a bad trip, that we needed an ambulence. Then he told me to put on the Whale song.

Now, The Whale Song by Modest Mouse is of particular significance to my group of friends, so I can understand why he requested it, but I thought this was an emergency. We both locked eyes and said "Is everything ok?" "I think it is!" "We're on LSD. And we graduated, and we are about to dance to the MOTHER FUCKING WHALE SONG." we couldn't have been happier. Unfortunately, after this point E became a little delirious. He would insist we dance to the song without talking, and when I complied he would ask me to play it even when it was off. I'd leave the room, find my other friends, watch cars, do some nitrous (which brought hte blood back, but without the dread) and then go back to find E. Repeat. My friends even restrained me from going back in the room with him since I seemed to be in danger of falling into E's loop. There was miscommunication, and at one point I even thought that W was an EMT. Eventually E found his way out of the bedroom and was throwing toilet paper over his shouulder while repeating names that he knew. He was docile though, and we persuaded him to return to the bedroom where he repeated the word xanax until we gave him some. [Edit, my friend informs that I dropped the xanax and couldn't find it, and that instead I gave him half a hit more once he was more stable, he didn't end up sleeping, just lay there, and I ended up going to sleep. Can't remember why I thought that was a good idea, but all's well] He went to sleep, and my mushroomy friends went home.

I've lost some of the details in the intervening time, but I hope this is enough to warrant a thread.