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22-11-2010, 00:21
There is little to no research of pentylone. It is said to be a stimulant that reports noticeable activity. Dosage information is nearly impossible to find.

However, I received a 200mg sample and it turns out not to be that bad. I haven't taken it orally yet but will try. Smoking it from a pilo proves to give an almost crack like high. And I will snort it today and post my results.

22-11-2010, 00:23
Interesting.......nice to see another Houstonian on here. I haven't heard anything about this one...make sure and write a trip report if you feel it deserves one.

22-11-2010, 00:27
sounds interesting

22-11-2010, 00:29
Yes, very good to see. ;)

I will do this as soon as I take it orally and snort it. I believe the dose thresh hold is high but satisfying once reached. We shall see.

22-11-2010, 00:42
the original formulation ivory wave was 1:1 approx pentylone mdpv mixture and seemed to cause more than a few full on psychotic reactions.

22-11-2010, 01:54
waiting for your report :)

24-11-2010, 04:52
This drug is not psychedelic.

24-11-2010, 14:43
Sounds pretty shitty to me - and in the name of harm reduction may I be the first to call you out on smoking and snorting something before testing it orally...

24-11-2010, 14:57
This drug is not psychedelic.

It is not a psychedelic but is a stimulant. Read below about the kind of stimulant.

Sounds pretty shitty to me - and in the name of harm reduction may I be the first to call you out on smoking and snorting something before testing it orally...

First off with no offense intended, I know my research chemicals. Secondly, it isn't to say that it is shitty. It is a derivative of MDPV but much weaker. Such as heroin having derivatives down to hydrocodone. I've tried it orally. It just doesn't work the same.. or at all. I first tried smoking it which gave a crack like stimulation. Then I noticed it takes 50-75mg insufflated since it is so much weaker than MDPV. I snorted about 60-65mg and felt a very clean, very lit, pretty close to pure cocaine high.

All in all, it isn't a shitty drug, it just takes a lot to get there. Not worth the money but it was a sample.

24-11-2010, 14:58
waiting for your report :)

Posting it now. For those who don't look often, I will repost the link here.

24-11-2010, 15:15
i'm really interested, no visuals? what about euphoria? more than mdpv?? and what about hornyness? less more than mdpv?

24-11-2010, 15:30
Pentylone (bk-MBDP) Trip Report (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?p=9022917#post9022917)

Its up. Go check it out!

25-10-2011, 21:40
nice work!

25-10-2011, 21:40
I take that back, I just read your 'trip report'...



11-11-2011, 09:43
So in my search to find a rc equally as amazing as methylone I've come accross pentylone and this is what I experianced.

I started my night at 9pm with a rediculously low dose of 10mg taken oraly. Waited about 45 minutes didn't feel much of anything so decided to redose this time I snorted another 10mg the feeling was very similar to a bump of coke. I was unimpressed to say the least. But after another hour I decided to try again. This time I snorted 20mg and the rush was much more noticed. Much like coke but a tad more rolly feeling. I was tempted to do more right away but refrained so that I wouldn't over do it. So I waited about an hour and a half and decided to try dosing oraly again because its my personal favorite way to dose. This time I took 30mg and the effects took about 25minutes to become noticed but when they did I was pleasently surprized by the roll like feeling
to it. As I peaked from that dose I felt it was safe to do another 30mg oraly from there I was more than comfortable with my body high and head rush.

All and all for a first impression this rc wasn't to bad. I would like to try it again and start off with a higher dose to start. I was just being careful this first time as I am everytime I try something new. But for me its for sure worth a round 2. I suggest anyone who gets a chance to try this rc does so but does it just as safely as I did. It has potential.

In low doses it produces a coke like feeling (10-30mg)
In higher doses pentylone is more of a roll (30-60mg)
Anything higher than that is a mistery to me for the moment but I'm curious enough to find out.

06-12-2011, 05:46
Has anyone else had a shot at this RC?

06-12-2011, 06:02
see This thread (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/588475-Pentedrone?highlight=pentylone) for more info.

06-12-2011, 14:46
see This thread (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/588475-Pentedrone?highlight=pentylone) for more info.

That thread is about Pentedrone. This one is about Pentylone. They are two different things arent they ? No wonder people get confused.

(I'm already confused as hell about all the 3FA, 3FMA. 4FA, 4FMA variations. So much so that ive been unable to figure out what actually does what as many people seem to be getting them mixed up.)

From what i can gather Pentylone and Pentedrone are both MDPV variants. With Pentedrone being about equivalent strength to PV, and is said to have some of the good effects of PV without some of the bad ones. Sounds worth a try to me so i have placed an order. Pentylone seems to be much weaker so i have not bothered with this one so far.

Am i correct in what i have said or just hoplessly confused?

10-12-2011, 23:36
my first post here!

found this in my trashmail:

"im on this substance right now, and all i can say is that it feels reeally good.

i love stims of all kinds, but i had best experinces with those with a softer tone, and more euphoric properties. im not a big fan of amphetamine or our swedish crappy coke. im much more into the 4-mec, and 6-apb like stims. and this one is the closest to a 4-mec high i felt since they banned it in sweden.

all in all i have snorted approximately 250mg of this substance within 15 minutes. its a lightheaded rushy but soft euphoric high.

it is active in much lover doses to.. took 50mg first try and even that small dose gave a mec-feeling rush.

atm i have no idea if i will feel urge to redose, or if i will get an hangover. but i will update as soon as i know!"

must be from a poor junkie right? :P

Edit: comedown is horrible :(

11-12-2011, 20:22
I just ordered some Pentylone and it should be here on monday. Will give it a try and see if it is something I like. I want to find something thats sort of in between how the 4-FA feels and just a tad less speedy than butylone. I am sobering up but want something more than caffeine to keep me from feeling so lethargic.

23-12-2011, 22:14
took my morning dose of 40mg adderall and 3600mg gabapentin and proceeded to snort 60mg and waited about half an hour. After about 15 minutes there was pretty strong stimulation and some euphoria, though not that much o i snorted 25mg more. This stuff tastes pretty bad once it drips into your throat. There is some more mood lift but I wouldn't say there is any euphoria. Im not experienced with cok as Iv only tried like 2 lines of average coke in my entire life so I can't really make a comparison there but Im fairly experienced with ecstasy and I dont really feel any roll like feeling like others report. Some uncomfortable chest tightness or tension on th left side of my chest but nothing worrisome. As of now Im just not impressed with this compound and dont see myself buying it again but maybe I'll chang my mind after testing out oral ROA. Also noticing tension in my biceps when i type.

How long is this stuff lasting for you guys snorting it?

24-12-2011, 15:22
I find 3-fmc to be a hell of a lot better than this but thinking and hearing it was related to mdpv I didn't do really big lines or anything. It had a stimulant effect for sure but it wasnt very good I think I did about 30? mgs. It did make me stay up and not nap on methadone so thats saying Something but not much. pretty bening in the euphoria department. It kind of reminded me of 3-fmc but a shittier version. 4-mec seems to have more value than this

24-12-2011, 17:54
I tried it and made a trip report about it. Its ok. For me, on the RC scale of RCs I have had, it sits above butylone and caffeine, and below 4-FA. Its not bad, but not great. I did 250 mg in about a 3 hour spread and didn't get a whole lot from it.

29-12-2011, 20:32
you can sleep after use of pentylone?

30-12-2011, 15:17
Im on mmt and after nasal 25mgs? My blood pressure is def Up but this isnt to intense note this was spread out in an hour.I may try to see what a larger amount will produce as of right now a crappy 4-mec is what im rating this

30-12-2011, 16:52
EDIT: No prices , no sourcing , no prices


24-01-2012, 00:02
I have a gram of this on the way, and will definitely be posting a proper report for once, as from what I can gather pentylone seems to have potential but there are so few real reports!

24-01-2012, 00:31
I personally like it but treat it with respect. You will not get a real big "high" off of it so to speak, but, it will keep you awake and focused for quite a while. It does make rime go faster for me and I do enjoy the speedy-ness of it. I have used it for about 3 weeks now. It also gives me a nice mood lift with good self awareness but it may not be the same for you. Start slow :)

I have had this stuff keep me awake for over 70 hours straight.

I know this contradicts my previous post a bit, but my mind has changed about it :)

General alcazar
01-02-2012, 07:43
Does anyone know if their pentylone tastes like MDPV when vaporized. I tried some for the first time and I swear it tasted exactly like PV. It did not have the same effect however; the stimulation was much milder, shorter lasting, vasoconstriction was minimal and I was able to nod off 4 hours later. It also did not have the same strong euphoric and libido-enhancing effects of PV. Because of this I still think I have pentylone but the smell made me immediately put it away until I can compare melting points.
Needless to say as much as I loved PV I couldn't stop using once I started which made me flush my remaining stash and decide to never use it again. The vaporized dose was 15 mg and the comedown, as far a I an tell given I was asleep, was mild to nonexistant.

26-02-2012, 13:37
It smelled more like mothballs, for a split second making me wonder if i was about to go on a divine trip.

26-02-2012, 16:36
Stay far away from this stuff. It is not a fun chemical to say the least. I had a somewhat dangerous interaction happen. It isnt worth mentioning really but it really is a shit dirty chemical that shouldn't be sold, nor should it have been made and distributed in the first place. Very trashy chemical.

25-03-2012, 20:33
I tried a batch of pentylone that was quite the opposite of what everyone is saying i tried only 200 mgs for 2 days fully .... fully awake no sleep hard core up high and euphoria like coke and mdma... addicting like coke and the third morning i took a xanax pill and .2 that was left and started seeing dmt type entitys for hours moving and working like on dmt maybe guy didnt get pentylone but he bought it from a well known vendor and to my looks and testing on mice and rats taste acts as it reads

31-03-2012, 22:38
mdma like effects? there is some serotonin release with this chem?

31-03-2012, 23:55
No. Its pretty shite

30-04-2012, 03:00
I agree 95% w/bananas&o. It's just a dirty feeling chem. If it works for some great, we're all dif but this is only the 2nd time in my decades of recreational drug use that how it reacted I'm my system was so dif from 99% of what others report. I prefer insuflation and began. A cautious 15-20 mg to start. That produced mild yet dirty feeling caffeine like jitters. Bumped that way every cpl hrs w/same effect all day. Maybe my head was'nt in the rite place cuz I'd been mind fucked ..... again by yet anothet RC not living up to the hype. Seriously, at least w/real fucking drugs you get what you pay for. I've researched almost every trip report on this funk. Yes I tried other roa w/the same outcome. When I raised my intake it just gave a more intense filthy jump. No "if you bump it up to 80-150 and the roll starts" st least not for me,and I had high hopes for this one. Especially after reading multiple peps saying " a nice coke high @ low dose and a good mdma roll when you crank it up". Shit, who wouldn't think it was a g-d send. Even the shirt-est walked on coke I've had puts this trash to shame. Most of us on this side are pretty independent/hard-fuck'n-headed so ur guna do what u want,cool, I'm all about freedom. If you were a friend asking my op; keep looking, there's nothing here. If u want to know what its like, take about4-5 caffeine tabs, a spoonful of shit and save ur money.

30-04-2012, 14:54
^I think a majority of people who say it is like coke have no stim experience whatsoever and yea good description.

23-07-2012, 07:45
Received a gram the other night: decided on insufflating 50mg tonight. Mild euphoria and energy drive for a short time, nothing spectacular or even something interesting. Decided to do another 50mg an hour later as I had felt like I camed down almost completely and was even a bit sleepy.

A few hours later now, I feel only restlessness and that abdominal feeling of ants crawling under my skin. It reminds me of the one time I took PV which I hated and cursed for weeks. Now I feel I am reliving it. I will not be sleeping tonight.

If you were one of the demons who fiended for Pv, this might pique you.

This is nothing like coke or MDMA as some have previously stated. I agree completely that who ever believes such, must never have done either.

Edit: Almost five hours later after initial dose, I took 5mg of lunest and began tripping. My mood and sense of well being has markedly increased-with notably none of the more deleterious side effects of Pentylone other than not being able to sleep. This combination created an irie-dare I say-pleasant psychedelic state of being. Next day I had a faded feeling of a hangover and not sleeping that night caught up to me in full force for work the day after.

20-03-2013, 14:48
Received a 2g sample of this last week. Crystals, smaller than a pencil eraser though the largest one was near that size, not sure if those qualify as large or small crystals that I've seen it advertised with.

My experience is low. I drink nowadays, occasional hit of herbal which launches me for 45-1hour. When I was a teen I smoked, and sold weed all day long, lots of LSD, and something we smoked called "happy stick" or "Sherman stick" depending on the side of the city you bought it from (Chicago 80s-90s.) We were told it was pcp (as well as formaldehyde,) but it never really made anyone remotely violent, it made us retarded, and would distort your visual perceptions (you'd be huge in a tiny room or vice versa.) It was a clear liquid. I bought some starting fluid spray once with double ether content and it smelled dead on like it so maybe it was ether though I've searched and found nothing about smoking liquid ether.

My only real experience with uppers/speed was coke snorted a few times which never did anything to me except make my nose and throat numb and kept me awake, and I guess crack, though we thought we were freebasing (we got powder, added baking soda and cooked rocks to smoke.) Did that for about 3 months straight. No Meth, never shot anything.

GF experience is everything. She is a heroin addict. Even shot bath salts for a bit.

She tried first and IV'd a small amount, didn't think to measure it. She was fairly conservative, but still a bunch. She was still somewhat high from dope done recently. It threw her to the floor and she was sure she was dying. This lasted about an hour or so. Then she was feeling very good (and very horny or intimate.) She felt an almost overwhelming closeness with me. She talked A LOT. Over about 6 hours she did about 5 shots total and was wired up though the middle of the next day and didn't sleep until late that night, we started at around 8-9 pm. She by far did the bulk of the stuff. Over a gram I would say. The first shot made her puke as well, but she pukes over everything lately. Did give her an overwhelming urge to do more.

She asked me a few times to do a line which I finally did. A tiny one maybe an inch, probably more like 3/4 inch long. Not pin sized but not huge. I felt like throwing up a few times but it faded after a few minutes each time. I felt my mind race into overdrive, also felt the same intimacy feelings as she did (had amazing sex.) And also an overwhelming urge to do more though I only did about 4 lines total throughout the night. Later lines were about 1.5-2 inches though. Both of us felt jaw tension. Both of us also felt an overwhelming urge that anything (reasonable) was possible. No urges to fly or jump off a building and live but reasonable goals that at the moment seem tough when sober.

Come down sucked. I drank about a 6 pack trying to take the edge off. Not as bad as when doing crack but still pretty bad with an overwhelming urge for more. I also smoked 3 packs of smokes that day. Wanted to constantly smoke. I normally smoke a pack but lately has been near 2 a day due to tension and stress.

Due to her addiction, we fight a lot, I'm also not good at talking because I tend to be brutally honest and I tend to say shit people take the wrong way because I haven't explained it properly. So we argue a lot if we talk too much unless I really think about what I'm saying. We didn't fight once. In fact she raved to multiple people it was the best night we'd ever had.

Sorry if this is newbiefied, I'm new to partying, again, and inexperienced at writing or describing highs right now.

I gave samples to others prior to us trying it, probably gave away 1/2 g or so. 3 people, 2 reported throwing up. All felt energy as well as the need to talk like mad. The one who didn't throw up also didn't feel high, he just felt energy, but he prescribed an insane amount of downers each day. He liked it because normally he will barely move from the couch he sleeps on, seriously, if he leaves that couch 5 times in a day it's a big deal. He was up and moving all over. He also rarely mumbles a sentence in an hour and he was talking up a storm.

29-03-2016, 07:14
any information on oral dosing?

02-04-2016, 21:42
Hello bluelighters,
I received one gram of a compound that was called "Bk-EPDP" from a (I suppose) reputable vendor.
Proton-NMR revealed this compound to in fact be Pentylone. This was confirmed by 128-scan 500mHz NMR in D2O; quantitatively determined to be about 99% pure.
Identification was confirmed by comparison to swdrug's drug identification profile of Pentylone.
Insuffilated 15mg, weighed on a mg scale (plus or minus 1/10 of a mg, per the laboratory balance operating manual)
T+5 minuted: I began this post right after insufflating the 15mg, so as I type this sentence I'm at about 5 minutes. Acutely tuned to detail, however I'm a little fumbly with my fingers as I type. I wouldn't attempt any hand-eye coordinated tasks right now, but I am noticably more happy. A my palms are a little clammy, but I am just getting over a cold and had two cups of coffee this morning.
T+10: Effects seem to be at a plateau, but they're enjoyable. This is fun. I feel like I'm ready to do some work now, so I'll go about my work now. I will keep track of the time and post again--this compound seems worthwhile.

T+35min: Finished some detail-oriented work with great success. My minor euphoria has declined, and I feel the desire to redose. This is similar to my experiences with cocaine (I have had....many grams experience with cocaine). It is dissimilar to amphetamines, more similar to MDMA. I read an academic journal last night referencing pentylone to be in a similar class as MDMA as far as 5-HT activity. This may be why I equate the two substances.
I am wondering if the significant difference in response that I have found to this substance is due to the (often) crooked method of mislabeling, misrepresenting or misleading buyers as to the correct identity of the substance. I know this is pentylone because I am blessed with such equipment. Others are not, and I am upset at this injustice.