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08-11-2010, 21:11
Hey all,

I have a quick question about these.. My friend had some of these he didn't want and he gave them to me. Now, I am on the Xanax XR, but decided having a few of the IR around may be good if one of those God awful panic attacks come.

My question about these is that I have noticed there are very tiny little speck like things on them. Nothing abnormal, but I haven't seen this generic before and wanted to make sure this is normal. They are light blue and oval, but have some very minor specks in them. I notice everything because of my OCD, so if anyone has these maybe they could look for me real quick. They look like he may have had them a while because I see slight chips in one or two. All help would be greatly appreciated!!

09-11-2010, 00:41
Also, you have to put it under a light to see these darker colored specks. Some pills have more specks than others. Thanks in advance, I'm interested if anyone else has this with their G 3721 pills.

Cocaine Cowboy
09-11-2010, 02:34
Yes, I've had these that have had some dark blue specks on them.

09-11-2010, 02:35
We don't do pill IDs, but a quick google search should find you an easy answer to your question.

09-11-2010, 03:19
One thing to look at on the G-xxxx xanax pills...

Does the G look smoothly curved, or somewhat hexagonal?

The xanax pills with the smoothly curved G imprint are knockoffs, though most of them have nearly the appropriate doses of alprazolam in them - just poorly pressed (and smaller/less binder -> easier to smuggle) pills intended for illegal distribution (if you're going to make fake pills, you might as well fake better pills than xanax, generally speaking). I havn't seen or heard of clandestinely produced 1mg footballs, though, just the G-3722 bars.

09-11-2010, 18:11
Wow, I never knew there were fake Xanax out there. Thanks for the information. On the blue football G 3722 that I wrote this thread about, the "G" looks very much hexagonal.
Has anyone else seen these with the dark specks on them when put under the light? I've checked pics on the net, but they are not the clearest. Thanks to anyone who can help.

10-11-2010, 17:40
i've gotten FAKE xanax from online pharmacies about a year ago.
the first time i purchased them i got legit pills that worked. then about a year later i tried and was sold fake bars. fake meaning they had no active ingredients in them. i did a little research and found out that the fake pill market is huge now. and what is scary is you have no idea what's in a fake pill. i know you can say that about a bag of heroin but usually when you buy heroin you know where or who it's coming from. they want customers satisfied and coming back. the counterfieters don't really care and can put anything in the pills.
i still have some fake bars just for references. it's amazing how close to the originals they are.

10-11-2010, 18:02
It's funny how that works. You can get fake pills, but chances are the dope you're getting will be ok. I have a hard time just buying pills, but I can always seem to find heroin. You would think it's the other way around.
There's a lot of those fake G-xxxx pills/sandoz xanax, but if you got them from a friend with a script, I highly doubt they are fake. For a while they hade phenezepam in them, but even that disappeared after phenez got cut to shit