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22-10-2010, 08:36
so i have a few issues first ive been banging suboxone and lunesta/ambien for a while now ive beed an iv drug user for almost 2 years prior but honestly i have a hard time hitting viens sometimes ill be there for 20 mins still trying to hit... t any rate i havent missed rly n if i did it would be a very insignifigant amount and im finging my viens are swollen and hard like really hard NOTHING AT ALL like thoose lil bumbs frm a miss idk any thought advice experiance???

second in order to put down the sub/ambien iv thing i wanted to explore other options so if anyone has experiance with IM or Subcutaneous methods of doing thoose sort of things i desperately need the help with harm reduction included

third i wanted to know the prosess and expierance of shooting Dextroamphetamine so plz let me know asap look forward to hearing from evreyone <3 *GHoST*

22-10-2010, 10:55
HMMMM, I personally wouldnt recommend banging either suboxone tabs or ambien, the new suboxone strips are a little safer tho.One of the side effects from slamming subs is hardening of the veins but it might also have something to do with all the nasty fillers you are putting in your veins,your body has no way of cleansing them either,it stays with you for life. anyways my advice would be to not slam pills,even slamming dope is way safer. cheers~be safe

22-10-2010, 10:59
read this thread Bluelight > Focus Forums > Other Drugs
(heroin) Vein swelling and hardening after multiple injections? Is this normal?

Plugging is a good way of taking your suboxone,it has a higher bio. rate than snorting or sublingul.

22-10-2010, 11:38
the subs harden your veins and i know from experience ambien clogs your veins and can cause abcesses

22-10-2010, 17:10
You would be much better off just eating/swallowing your ambien and then either snorting or letting your subs dissolve under your tongue. Ambien is equally as strong orally as it is iv'd and subs arent really supposed to be shot thats why they put the naproxon in it please give dissolving them a try. Be safe man save whats left of your veins theyre important.

Legal Junkie
23-10-2010, 00:11
WHY would anyone want to IV Suboxone and a sleeping pill, I'd say you have a needle fetish..... :-(

23-10-2010, 00:22
I could barely read what you wrote. Seriously dude, you're talking about something that is potentially life threatening, take the time to construct full sentences, write clearly and use actual words, not Internet slang.

If you take the subject and yourself seriously, other people might be more inclined to help.

When I see "plz help my vains r gettin hard, might die, idk lol" its hard to take them seriously. I kinda want to see them suffer actually oh noes rofl!

23-10-2010, 08:09
yo im sorry i was actually borderline blacked out when i wrote that but thanks for all the responses i think this is resolved

23-10-2010, 08:29
Well zolpidem is somewhat soluble in water (23mg/ml), but eszoplicone is highly insoluble in water (zoplicone is only .1mg/ml, and I would assume eszoplicone is similar). Lunesta also is just horrible for your veins, crushing them up is enough work itself.