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20-08-2010, 13:22
I'v taken prescription meth/amphetamines for 30 years (dexedrine, desoxyn,biphetamine, ritalin) for ADD, sleppinesss and now chronic fatigue-i simply can't function without them, totally useless.

The best was Desoxyn SR 15mg tabs-they were potent little things 5 in the morning made me almost as normal as a regular person, but it seems like the meds which work the best have the highest street value and get banned.

I wasn't happy with the Dexedrine sppans i was taking and asked to have Desoxyn back, but he refused, and we agreed on a higher dose of IR Dexedrine. I had good function with the SKF E19 orange shields, but their no longer around, so i asked for Mallinckrodt which are said to be good.

Because of years of tolerance, a dose of 150mg seemed to work. The pharmacy said they could only get the 5mg not the 10mg tabs, leaving me having to take 10 tabs 3x a day, and having to pick up an embarresing large bottle of 900 tabs. For the first time in years i felt like a druggie, even the pharmacist made a comment.:|

20-08-2010, 14:15
Is there a question or something we could help with?

And omfg, does your insurance cover that?? I'm sorry there aren't better meds available, it'd be great if big pharma came up with something new.

20-08-2010, 14:22
And do you ever worry about your doc retiring/dying? I'd imagine it'd be hard to find anyone to script at those levels otherwise. The maximum accepted therapeutic dosage is 60mg/day total for d-amphetamine apparently.

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20-08-2010, 19:56
This really is better suited for your bluelight blog. Please check out the 'posting standards' thread in my signature.

And seriously listen to dokomo, have some kind of contingency plan because *very* few doctors would script 900 tabs of schedule II meds.