View Full Version : extract codeine from robitussin ac?

11-08-2010, 22:30
So i have some robitussin ac. After I found out it was useless for a high, I went back saying I threw it up, but I remember tolerating tussionex well. After saying that, I got my tussionex, but now have this robitussin ac left over.

I heard that you cannot extract the codeine (at least from what i have read), but is this true?

I also read that you can tie a string to the bottle and spin it around like a centrifuge lmoa....and that should get the codeine to separate....but I don't wanna risk looking like an idiot outside only to find out it doesn't work (which im already sure it wont).
So what can i do with it?

Psychedelic Jay
11-08-2010, 22:43
If you are already abusing Tussionex, then you aren't going to get very much enjoyment out of Robitussin AC. Hydrocodone beats Codeine any day.. You might be disappointed.

The centrifuge idea will not work, Guaifenesin and Codeine are both water soluble.
You will be utterly sick from too much of it, so be careful.