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02-08-2010, 15:56
First Try (San Pedro Only)

A few weeks ago I tried San Pedro for the first time. I boiled down 36 inches of san pedro cactus for an entire day, adding a bottle of lime juice to it.

I then tried to drink it. Of the hundreds and hundreds of things I have taken that were nasty (powdered nutmeg comes to mind) this was up among the worst. I decided a new course of action was required. It was about a cup of liquid.

I had a new fish tank cleaner (the ones you siphon and then clean the rocks with) and I decided to give it a try. I filled the fish tank cleaner up with half the cactus juice, inserted the tip and then used my mouth to blow on the part that would normally suck in water. I did this in the shower, the hose was about the size of a permanent marker. This worked very well. Except at the end when the liquid was all in an the last of the slimey cactus went (splat) with a shot of air behind it. (which was funny kind of)

I kept it in for the better part of 3 hours. After 2 hours it kicked in and was working. I then took the other half of the cactus juice. This was my first time taking mescaline in any form, Ive never seen it for sale anywhere. It felt like I had taken ecstasy and LSD at the same time. I did not have many visuals externally, but with eyes closed there was an entire world of colors, lights, sounds, and even smells.

There was no sweating, no cramping, no uncomfortable body load. It was probably the cleanest feeling hallucinogen I had ever taken, I expect this was due to the rectal insertion of the material.
I felt perfectly comfortable for most of the trip, with just a few hot and cold flashes. All in all, it was a very nice experience.

I slept maybe an hour that night and the next day I still felt very much in the zone from it. Overall the experience was probably 14 hours long with obvious affects, and then an entire day with afterglow.

How would I rate the experience? 8/10. It was fairly strong, on par with a average dose of mushrooms or lsd. I liked it far better than ecstasy. The lack of nausea was very exciting.

fractal fountain
02-08-2010, 16:01
Wow... I wouldn't have thought that doing san pedro rectally would be possible.

36 feet of san pedro + potentiation via plugging must mean a hell of a lot of mescaline.

02-08-2010, 16:14
It was inches

fractal fountain
02-08-2010, 16:17
Hah, whoops. I meant to say "Inches" but it's still pretty early in the morning.

Still 36 inches + the rectal route would mean quite a strong trip, if the potentation for mescaline follows a similar rule for potentation via rectal route for other PEAs.

02-08-2010, 16:18
Plugging Morning Glories and T

One male subject(Peruv and Glories), one female subject(Just glories)

45 grams powdered T Peruvianis at 7 pm, losing maybe 10-15 grams. Mixed into water so it could be squirted. This resulted in a 12 ounce coffee cup being full.

8 grams morning glory (heavenly blue) (265 seeds) in 2 different subjects. Its easier to weigh than count - you generally gets 30 seeds more or less from a gram. Im not entirely sure what the percentage of LSA vs the weight of the seeds is, however, I suspect that weighing is as accurate at determining how much LSA you are taking as counting. Heavier seeds may well have more LSA and weighing may be more accurate.

8:20 for first subject. The relatively small amount of the injection made subject uncomfortable. The injected amount was about 3/4 of an ounce.

8:45 for second subject. It came out to be a little more than the first injection. Though the weights were the same.

The only difference is that the first subject obviously left the tip of the needle full as it only depresses so far, where as the 2nd subject got the full dosage. The small amount in the hose could not of been more than .25 gram at the most (maybe 10-20 seeds)

The tool used for injecting the seeds was a turkey injector needle with the end drilled out a little, it just happened that a fish tank hose fit onto the tip perfectly. This made injecting VERY easy, and quick. A few seconds was all, and because the hose was so small, there was little to no discomfort.

Tip/explanation: Take the needle (without the tip) You will note that the needle screws on, there should be a tip there that a regular fishpump air hose will fit on. You need to enlarge the inside of that. So take a drillbit or something of that nature and drill the center. It did not take much, but I found that it plugged up too easy without it being drilled open a bit more. I suppose sifting the seeds and then regrinding any small pieces you find would work too.

Another simpler way would be to go to Tractor Supply or a farming shop and buy one of their glass needles with a steel tip on it. They are about 10-12 dollars, and I may invest in one. The only issue being the waste in the tip of the needle. You might have to squirt a tad of water after the seeds to get it all, or just add more seeds and waste whats in the tip- they are cheap.

The second subject had already taken the cactus powdered up and injected previously, so the strength of the seed injection experience will in large part be up to the first subject.

10:00 Went to wendy's to get something to eat. Vaguely feel it, but nothing major. Pretty sure the cactus was not active or maybe it couldn't digest because it had not been made into a tea? Subjects watched a movie, 50 first dates, both had seen it before. They are not big Adam Sandler fans, the movie is only stomachable because Drew Barrymore is so banging hot. Adam Sandler is a retard.

12:00 Both went to bathroom. Feeling it pretty good. Obvious visuals are mild, however, when looking at bath towels and ect, the first subject believed she was not having visuals, second subject pointed out the bath towels, Subject 1 believed they were moving from the air conditioner blowing on them. Subject 2 pointed out that the ac vents were closed in the bathroom and it was in fact a hallucination.

12:15 am Subjects went for walk.

Subjects layed in bed and searched thoughts and memories, and visited points in their mind together. Overall, very nice.

10:00 am Log was incomplete at this point, the Subjects slept very little and can still feel the effects. They did a little more mind searching before splitting up and going on their individual errands.

It is of note that there was no nausea and in fact the subjects ate 2-3 hours into the experience. The subjects will definitely use plugging as an ingestion method for morning glories.

This is a relative low dosage for subject 2, who has taken 700 seeds multiple (20+) times. Subject 2 wishes he had taken at least 500, but is happy with the end results, and the easy of use. The seeds were powdered using a coffee grinder. As cheap as morning glories are, and the tiny amount of material needed to inject makes this the next best thing to a piece of paper.

Hopefully I will be able to give you a log of plugging Mushrooms (P Cubenis) in the near future.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.


02-08-2010, 16:24
That was definitely fast replies! I cant say the powdered T Peruvianis was anywhere near as good as the fresh San Pedro. I have a couple San Pedro cuttings growing.

It is slightly uncomfortable holding that much liquid in. Going to the bathroom before doing it is mandatory. If you dont feel uncomfortable doing it, you may wash yourself out inside, like taking an enema.

Im not sure if the powdered T Peruvianis was a failure due to losing too much while injecting(tried a few different things) or if it was because I didn't extract it into tea, I assume the cactus juice would be easier to process than the powder moistened into a slime. It could be the addition of acids into it that precipitate the mescaline out of the mixture that made the first one enjoyable. Or it could be a random potency. It is so hard to know. I will probably try it again next week or the week after and see if its the same.

02-08-2010, 16:31
I am very experienced with hallucinogens, I would not suggest my dosing be a guide for beginners or anything of that nature. The only times I have ever been uncomfortable with the amount of something I have taken have been the following:

Eaten fresh mushrooms til my stomach was full on an empty stomach. This was only uncomfortable due to the body load of eating them. Sweating a lot, I sat on an AC vent for the night wrapped in a blanket in the dark. I probably looked like a raving lunatic (and was) but I held it together just fine, I did not run through the house screaming, I dont know how people flip out generally on hallucinogens.

Took 4 LSD gel tabs and fell asleep - I woke up tripping and couldn't move my body. That was just weird, after I figured it out everything was A-OK.

Jimson Weed - This is the devils weed for sure. I took it about 4-5 times, each time lasted for days, I would lose my vision and hallucinate while feeling perfectly normal. It was really only an issue while I slept (or layed there in delerium trying to sleep) and I would yell at people who weren't really there. Once I was awake it was fine.

Im always looking for an idea of what to try next - if anyone has something they are interested in a report for, just let me know, if I can find it, Ill give it a try. Also, plugging is new to me, but is easily my favorite method of usage. I dont mind vomiting, but I would just as soon not. The only thing I have wanted to try that I haven't quite figured out where to get it is Ibolga(sp). It sounds interesting.

02-08-2010, 16:34
Honestly, 12 inches of san pedro cooked down to a tea would only be 1/2 cup or so, maybe less. 1/2 cup wouldn't be that bad to keep in for a few hours. The only reason I didn't make a tea with the Peruvianis was because I did not want to cook elephant snot for 5 hours.