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26-07-2010, 16:11
I have a shot of Meth prepared that I brought the other day but because of circumstances was unable to properly finish my shot. I have never properly tried Meth before or ever shot myself before. (Have blasted before but never injected myself).
Just wondering is this a good idea to do myself at home alone?
And anything important I should watch out for.

sick n tierd
26-07-2010, 16:36
being an IV drug user i would say nooooo not if u have never shot anything b4!

26-07-2010, 16:48
I have shot before, many times before.... Just never actually physically done it myself. My vains are absolutely horrible to find and so I find it much easier having a friend do it.

sick n tierd
26-07-2010, 16:55
oh i c well then..there comes a time when we all eventually must do it ourselves so thhen if u have done it b4 the only problem id c u running into is not getting a hit because as u said ur vains suck! so in that case idk if id wait or try lol

26-07-2010, 16:59
haha, Hmm tricky situation ! I would go to a friend but because it is meth I am injecting don't think they will be too keen on helping me out... I may just give it ago myself.
Just am mostly worried because I have done half the shot but because of the circumstances it slipped out and now is all red. So I worried that even if I do get it in it is not going to be easy to see if I have.

sick n tierd
26-07-2010, 17:08
id try a diffrent spot might not b as hard as u think..ive never used meth tho but i shoot anything i can lol n i had to either b sick n wait for my friend or just shoot the h myself n so i did n ten yrs later i still am going..but yea every1 else says i have horrible vains but i have np i dont even tie off. even at lab's sometimes when i get bloodwork done ive had 2 do it myself lol

26-07-2010, 17:14
hahah, oh gosh ... Mmm I don't even bother trying to tie my arm doesn't do anything. I have a particular place i usually use but it is still brusied at the moment and probably needs a rest. Also if I do end up blasting it tonight, do you think taking a couple of Zopy's later on would help with the come down? The come down is absolutely awful with Meth.

sick n tierd
26-07-2010, 17:21
yea sometimes that happens after ten yrs of course i only have limited veins left so when that happens it sucks lol but what r zopys?

26-07-2010, 17:24
Zopiclone. Sorry I think they are called eszopiclone in the US? It is used to treat insomnia.

sick n tierd
26-07-2010, 17:32
oh yea then that wld probably work lol

26-07-2010, 17:35
About to do now, there is a tiny air bubble just before the needle, does this matter?

26-07-2010, 17:40
Done. Pretty sure I just injected it under the skin. Can feel already, but there is a huge lump where I injected it

sick n tierd
26-07-2010, 18:08
no air bubble or 2 is ok it wld take alot of air bubbles to kill u..in my experience itsbest to get them all out but if a little 1 remains its not going to kill u

26-07-2010, 18:09
I got them all out in the end :)

sick n tierd
26-07-2010, 18:11

26-07-2010, 19:56
Done. Pretty sure I just injected it under the skin. Can feel already, but there is a huge lump where I injected it

did you intentionaly inject under the skin oe did you miss the vein,because methamphetamine is to be injectec IV only not IM or skin popping aka under the sking as that will cause painful lumps and irritate the are,,to get the real full effect of shooting meth it is IV all the way and depending on the amount used it is a very intense rush when injected IV..better than smoking and certainly better than snorting...what was the meth you got? Was it crystal or powder? Or was it amphetamine and not methamphetamine? Curious to know..

26-07-2010, 20:08
It was an accident, I got most of it in but I slipped on the last bit, I slipped because I felt the rush and got a bit shakey. (and this was my first time IV drugs myself) I finished the shot anyway though. I know probably the wrong thing to do but that was my last needle and I hate shooting with blunt needles and just wanted to get rid of it as i'd had it a couple days now....
It was crystal meth.. Not too sure as I do not know a lot about meth. But seeing as though I live in New Zealand it'd say it was methamphetamine. Pretty sure it was..
IV is generally the way to go with most drugs if you want the "rush" I find.

27-07-2010, 01:21
Never ever shoot anything sitting with blood in the syringe.
The first time I hit myself I did my elbow of course and registered the first time. Don't allow yourself to get anxious

27-07-2010, 01:56
Uhh woopsies haha, a bit late for that... I spent a lot of money on it and I was not going to let it go to waste.
Mmm thank you for the advice.. It was definately hard doing the next few shots when I was already high as I get very shakey which is dangerous. I prefer having someone else shoot me up but my friends would not of agreed with my choice of drugs. Which is probably for the best I guess.