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11-07-2010, 03:16
Hi there,

This is my first post here, long time lurker, first time poster and signer-upper!

So here goes; been smoking H for about a year and a half after ten years of being clean. Had a bit of a falling out with my suppliers and have no one to get the stuff from. Which IMO is a blessing in disguise as I want to leave the stuff alone again anyway.

Obviously, as a lot of you may well know, stopping the H is not a simple task and can be quite an uncomfortable experience to say the least. So me not wanting to be suffering from the ill effects of opiate withdrawal decided to look in to poppy tea. So I went online and bought 0.5kg Giganteum dried pods. Feeling ill this morning with the first signs of the onset of withdrawal, the postman comes with the Saturday Guaranteed Service package, which I was very impressed with considering I only ordered the day before. So I take the little beauties inside, and I must say that I was very dubious as to what the outcome of these poppies would be. So I de-seeded the ten biggest poppy pods I could find in the box and then blended them up to a powder and then brewed and stirred them with boiling hot water from a kettle for about 25 minutes. I used 1.5 litres of water.

I added lemon to help the chemistry during the above process. I then proceeded to drink the foul tasting concoction. And.... I am very impressed. All signs of withdrawal disappeared in 20 minutes and 6 hours on I am feeling fine, just about to go out to a reggae dance!

I am very very happy with what I have found here and I can leave the other demon alone and save a shed load of cash at the same time!!!!

Thoughts people?

11-07-2010, 03:20
Is my brewing method efficient? Am I getting the full potential of the pods with my tecnique? Or is there anything I could do to make the brew more potent?

Bearing in mind time is of the essence. I want to be able to have a tea as and when I "need" one, not having to wait a week for some funky technique to pan out. Although I would be interested in hearing about them ones too!

Cosmic Charlie
11-07-2010, 03:20
yes poppies sure our lovely <3

but you using way too much water IMO

i usually used two cups of water to each cup of ground pods

and did numerous washes on the cup of pods, like three.

11-07-2010, 05:03
Thanks for the reply Charlie.

I will reduce the amount of water when I make my next brew! It will save me having to drink so much of the damn foul tasting stuff lol. It sure does the trick though!

Ideally I want to use the pods to wean myself off of opiates altogether. Could anyone help me out with this by way of recommending some sort of cut-down plan? I was so surprised that they done the trick so well. Within half hour I was feeling right as rain again and was able to get up and walk about without it feeling so laboured. I'd like to try more pods next time as I am sure even though I have been using for some time, with the effect that I got today I am sure I will be able to get high if I doubled up! And the best thing I think so far is that they are completely legal to buy here!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!