View Full Version : About how many mg's of Methadone will give me a strong, noticeable buzz????

10-06-2010, 06:23
I rarely use opiates and my have no tolerance. Also should I snort them or pop em?

jackie jones
10-06-2010, 06:36
Begin with 5mg, orally to see how you react to the chemical. Methadone is a strong medicine, especially if you have no tolerance. Also, the onset can take up to two hours, and the half-life is 24-36 hours, so be careful about re-dosing.

10-06-2010, 06:39
If you have no tolerance you can go lower than 5 mg. You could also try plugging or crushing and parachuting. As Jackie said, the onset is slow and the half life is long, as intended. Take it slow as this is a very unforgiving opiate. Cheers =D

10-06-2010, 06:59
Methadone is a scary thing to dabble in for a non-opiate user

get something weaker for an enjoyable buzz without the heroic comedown.

Methadone takes forever to hit you.. then it hits HARD... then it remains in your system forever so if you redose u can OD even if ur not high

not saying dont.. but be careful and try something weaker first

10-06-2010, 19:06
I'd suggest taking 10mg & swallowing it. If you start out by taking 10mg though, don't take any more doses of Methadone or other painkillers during the course of that day. As people in previous replies said, Methadone can take a long time to start taking effect, & stays in your body for a long time, too.

I know that for me personally -- & my opiate tolerance is very minimal at most -- I don't really feel much of any effects from taking less than 10mg of Methadone at a time. However, you should definitely be careful with Methadone, & since people in previous replies suggested that you take 5mg or less, you may want to er on the side of caution at least the first time you take it.

10-06-2010, 19:42
Please be careful with using Methadone, considering you are intolerant to Opioids, and Methadone is extremely potent. I've had friends overdose on Methadone who were highly tolerant, simply because they were careless with dosing, and thought they could handle more than they really could. I lost one good friend to Methadone.

Please be safe. And honestly, if you have the option, take any other Opiate if possible before trying Methadone.

10-06-2010, 21:29
Really just what everyone is saying. I'd been dabbling (:|) in gear for around 3/4 weeks most days and had a fair tolerance to opiates and 20/30mg mg still knocked me on my arse.

16-06-2010, 12:55
every ones different but i had a week with no opiates whatsoever and dosed 100mg of methadone with no ill effects, except a very decent high (on a par with heroin allmost). i would say most people who are a decent weight etc.. would need at least 50mg to get the high their looking for but likes been said start low and wait, more importantly dont mix with any other drugs , as this is why most overdose on meth ime (not the meth itself)

16-06-2010, 13:14
^ I wouldn't say go with 50 mg to start, but I agree with what your saying here donnie, and I find it truly hard to believe that one could catch a buzz off of 5 mg of methadone. Then again, it can never hurt to start low, but really, methadone does take forever to kick in. If you're looking for a buzz, there are much better opiates out there.

16-06-2010, 22:44
I wouldnt fuck with methadone if im new to opiates.

16-06-2010, 23:50
I would personally take 10 mg if I had no tolerance, but in the interest of harm reduction, I will say 5 mg. This should get you high and at 10 mg you risk getting nauseous, and since methadone lasts about 24 hours, you don't want that happening. DO NOT DRINK alcohol on it or take benzos (Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, etc.). Wait 2-3 hours before dosing more, methadone takes a while to kick in.

Also, DO NOT SNORT methadone. I've done it. It burns like hell, and won't really increase the high, it just kicks in a bit faster.

16-06-2010, 23:50
Best way to take methadone is sublingually IMO, let the pill dissolve under your tongue, it will take affect in 20-30 minutes. I think 10mg's is good for someone with no tolerance and may be a bit too much for some people. A long time ago I had no opiate tolerance and took 10mg's of methadone at a party and it tore me up, I was also drinking moderately though. The methadone was fun, only bad part was when I got home at the end of the night I puked, but I didnt feel terribly like you would normally think when you puke. The mixture with beer probably had a lot to do with that.

10mg's sublingually IMO.

17-06-2010, 00:24
Dosing question...


17-06-2010, 00:56
Since you're new to opiates I would try something besides methadone. If you really must do it, only do 5 mgs and don't re-dose. You may feel like you're not feeling anything and want to re-dose but please don't. It takes a little while to kick in and when it does you'll know it. It also has a long half life so it'll be in your system for quite some time.

Again I'd recommend trying another opiate first but if not, try 5 mgs and wait it out. Be safe :)

17-06-2010, 06:12
FWIW, in high school, Methadone often made the rounds because one student's parent had a script for pain. At least 20 people I know, all nontolerant, would take 10 mg...no one OD'd or came close. They would ocassionally puke, but based on all this I would say 10 mg is a safe starting dose for someone with zero tolerance, assuming it won't be mixed with anything, including prescription or OTC medicines/supplements.

17-06-2010, 13:10
i dont if you have been addicted to heroin in the not to distant past BUT are at the moment clean from oppies, i suspect you would have to take at least 50mg to achieve what your looking for. theres nothing wrong being over cautious but i think the chances of overdosing on 50mg ( ON ITS OWN) and below for a non tolerent , healthy male, adult are virtually nil. i know ive took 100mg+ at once with no current habits and didnt throw up, od etc..

17-06-2010, 15:40
Most estimates (there is no actual data published for humans, as far as I know) put the LD50 at anywhere from 25-50mg for non-tolerant users. People have varying natural tolerance to opiates so suggesting that anybody in reasonable health would have no problem with 50mg is pretty irresponsible when 50% of those who use without prior tolerance die even at half that level. It seems you are just one of those whose tolerance is naturally high - that is not the norm.

I was on 'done for 10+ years but there is no way I'd dose that high without the several years of daily heroin use that made such doses safe for me. Non-junky folks we'd occasionally sell part of our 'done scripts to were almost always annihilated at around 10mg or less and few went much higher. 20mg was as high as I recall and they were massively fucked up and puking their guts up for many, many hours. They stuck to more common doses after that.

17-06-2010, 16:19
My friends that had a tolerance to vicodin and percocets felt nice off of 10 mgs. 50 is way too high. I took 50mgs in detox from oxy and heroin and thought I was gonna die after my second dose.

18-06-2010, 14:16
sorry, didnt say yesterday but im in the u.k. and im talking about 50ml of the 1ml/1mg mixture.

19-06-2010, 03:41
Does it come in 5mg pills? Dont know much about methadone, took some liquid once but I cant remember the dose but it was too much probably. I ran into a lady in the supermarket who'd just come from the "clinic" in memphis. I was complaining about a toothache and she offered it to me. Just felt super groggy & sleepy not really "high" like H or oxys or percs or vics .... I would not recommend it for a buzz. I am interested in trying it when... or I should say "IF" I ever try getting off bup. again.

19-06-2010, 07:43
shiiit, before I had done any opiates really I took like 20 mg of methadone and I never felt anything from it, nothing whatsoever, so I chalked it up as methadone sucks, never got a buzz from it.

19-06-2010, 14:19
sorry, didnt say yesterday but im in the u.k. and im talking about 50ml of the 1ml/1mg mixture.

Makes no difference - 50mg of methadone is 50mg of methadone. To be honest, it's a shit buzz anyway. It's the kinda drug you take cos you have to not cos you want to really. Virtually any other opiate you can think of would be a better (and safer) option.

19-06-2010, 15:41
I like the methadone high, I take my methadone with some benzos. I maybe shouldn't say that, 'cause it's supposed to be dangerous, but it's a fact, I like the combo.

Bear in mind that I'm a methadone patient and I have a tolerance for both the methadone and the benzos. Be careful.

19-06-2010, 15:46
I wouldn't even say that methadone produces a high but I only ever took it when I had to cos I couldn't get any smack and when I was trying to quit before I switched to bupe (which I much preferred and had the nice bonus of actually getting me high). I presume that with little or no tolerance it would be quite the hit but I always thought it was shit and have never really known anyone personally that was keen on it. Each to their own though :)

At sensible doses, of course.

19-06-2010, 16:10
I wish I was opiate naive, I'm taking 190mg of methadone daily and barely feel a thing anymore.