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22-05-2010, 19:26
While moving into my house, i was clearing the garage and in some old cupboards i found a small box labelled, NARK II Reagent Kit. Inside is are a bunch of plastic pouches on the pouches read "Methamphetamine/MDMA (ecstasy) along with 2 colored boxes, one a purple one a blue. in the pouch are 3 glass viles with different liquids. first vile is a clear liquid, second is a sort of orange liquid, and last is a clear liquid.
instructions are to break each one individually. the instructions say that the first one should have no color change, 2nd should have none (unless high amounts of MDMA, and third if MDMA is present that it'll change purple/blue.

i tested a white bomb poke and it turned a deep dark blue instantly.

well now to the point, Can anyone tell me more about this? is it useless? can it tell me anything else about the pill? what chemicals are in the viles?any info would help

im shopping around for a real test kit right now, but just wanted to know more about this thing.

*i knew the previous person who lived there so this didnt suprise me that he had it there*

if this is in the wrong place mods please move it,

23-05-2010, 13:00
Ive never used a narc pouch but really I wouldnt use it for anything other that the instructions dictate - If it says tests for MDMA (and nothing else) then its pretty safe to say its not going to detect any other substance.

24-05-2010, 01:32
sketchy ass name lmao