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03-05-2010, 22:11
Opana ER- Eating, Snorting, Plugging, Injecting and Smoking Drug iNfO
For everyone out there that who is curious about OPANA (Oxymorphone,Numorphone)----->

I am a LONG time opiate user. I have an incredibly HIGH opiate tolerance and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. I've surfed BL for years, but just now joined; however rest assured I am spot on and accurate.

Recently I was in a car accident and I went from having to spend wads of cash to being able to get my opiates prescribed, and then completely paid for by Medicaid (yeah I know, lucky me right? ). I currently get 60 20mg Opana ER tabs and 90 10/350 Norco (hydrocodone) tabs every month. So let's begin.

To start with, I will compare my tolerance level with Opana as to other opiates. I am able to take Fentanyl sublingually (as most of it is destroyed in the digestive track this is by far the best method,) respectively, unless you prefer a transdermal route, and I can easily eat 8-10 MG's (not micrograms) of Fentanyl at a time (this would be one entire 100/mcg(micrograms) ) patch at a time. I usually don't do more than one patch a day. With the Norco/hydrocodone 10's I need to eat about 100 mg to feel good. With Oxycodone/Oxycontin I can easily snort roughly 160 milligrams at a time and dance around the room. I've never done true Heroin, only synthetics, so sorry, I can't help you there. Hopefully by knowing my dosing tolerance you will be able to come to your own conclusions as to what's best for YOU. BE CAREFUL! My tolerance is MUCH higher than the average user. Don't be stupid. Always start really low and work your way up from there when you are either new and/or unsure.

a LiTtLe iNfo--->

Opana (discovered in 1914 in Germany), is a strong opiate antagonist, and has almost exactly twice the power of Oxycontin. Thus, 20mg of Opana equals 40mg of Oxycontin (according to Opana's website, but I however believe it to be moderately stronger from my own experience...) Opana was the most preferred and chased after drug of recreational opiate users back in the early 1970's and was often referred to as blues, biscuits, blue heaven, new blues (although the immediate-release tablets are pink and off-white), octagons, stop signs, pink, pink heaven. In the movie "Drugstore Cowboy" they are referring to Opana when they mention the "Blues". Marketed then under the name Numorphan they were light blue in color.

When taken orally Opana has only an approximate 10% bioavailability.
When snorted, approximately a 20-45% bioavailability.
When plugged (sent up the rectum), has a 45-50% bioavailability. (Must be crushed and made soluble in water before injected without the needle of course...)
When IV'd a 95-99% bioavailability.
No effect when tried to use sublingually.
I do not know the bioavailability when smoked but having had experience in that area with Oxycontin would guess that it has an approximate 75-95% bioavailability of what doesn't get away from you on the foil. If you know the bioavailability when smoked, then please be kind and post it.

Opana ER contains wax fillers and needs to go through the proper method for filtering before IV'd.

WhAt WoRkS fOr Me--->

So far I have only used two routes for administration, do to the fact that I am unable to snort it thanks to a tracheotomy in my throat. So I will comment on it's effects taken orally first.

To take my Opana in the morning I chew my light green octagon-shaped tablet with my front teeth. It has virtually no taste, and wax fillers are apparent. I have tried letting the Opana take effect through a sublingual (under the tongue) route several times and this has no effect. Once chewed as fine as possible I swallow the pill (always on an empty stomach for the quickest onset and best effects) although it is rumored that when taken with a high animal fat meal, such as briscuit or steak, that the oxymorphone is much more easily put into the bloodstream and becomes stronger, although I have not experienced this myself and everybody is different. The fat might help, or it might not. For me it doesn't.

If you have a high tolerance to opiates, then before dosing always allot for about 30 minutes prior to potentiate your drug, allowing the opiates to work better and become stronger. I personally do this by taking 75-100mg's of any allergy medicine with the active ingredient Diphenydramine. This works for me, but there are other potentiates you can use to increase Opana's bioavailability, such as drinking 100% grapefruit juice, or by drinking alcohol. When drinking alcohol be careful. As all medicines say that alcohol may increase or intensify the effect, but Opana is special in that alcohol enzymes bind with those in Opana, allowing Opana a better ride throughout the endocrine (bloodstream) system. Do not take Opana with alcohol until you know your Opana tolerance and even then start low and increase gradually.

I find the effects kick in for me after about 15-30 minutes, peak from 45 minutes to 3 hours, and the high lasts for a good 4-6 hours. Opana has legs and you will find the effects to stay with you for most of the day.

eXpErIaNcE RePoRt

Opana ER releases all of the medicine at once when the tablet is chewed. I take one 20mg tab chewed and feel the effects coming on in about 15 minutes, gradually increasing over the next 45 minutes to an hour. Once high my brain experiences a very familiar nice, numb tingly sensation all over. I have no nausea whatsoever, and it appears to have no effect on my bladder or need to use the restroom.

There is good euphoria, however there are debates over how euphorigenic Opana is. Some say it provides much less euphoria than that of heroin, oxycodone, or fentanyl, and yet others CLAIM that it produces the STRONGEST euphoria of ANY narcotic. One could debate this issue all day long, but at the end of the day everybody has different tolerance levels and will experience different results. I personally feel it does create a good euphoric high. When I started my opiate honeymoon the euphoria was incredible, but now that I am so used to opiates, there is much much less euphoria, no matter how high my dose.

I plugged another 20mg pill about two hours ago. Because Opana only has a 10% bioavailability when swallowed it is much better to plug this drug. Plugging it gives it about a 50% bioavailability, making the effects twice as strong. To plug Opana you will need:

HoW tO pLuG iT:


A syringe you can unscrew the needle off of that is small enough to go in your anus.


Something to mix your crushed powder and water in, preferably something with a flat bottom. I use a small 1/4 cup scooping cup with a flat bottom (Like one you might use to scoop sugar into sweet tea...)

Crush your pill. Be careful as they are hard to crush. I almost lost one down the sink drain when it slipped. Close the drain! (We all know your in the bathroom doing this lol.) Mix your powder with warm water. Suck up as much as you can into your syringe. Lay on your back after lubing yourself and the outside of the syringe for comfort. Insert the syringe 1.5 -2 inches deep and squirt all the solution out at once. If you have a small syringe as I do it will be more comfortable but you may have to fill it up with your solution like 4 or 5 times and repeat like I had to. If you do that's okay. The solution isn't going to come out, don't worry.

That's it! If anybody has an injection method that works and eliminates most if not all the filler, please post a step-by-step guide for your method. Be sure to include the supplies needed and the best way to heat if needed. If you do need heat please tell us how long to heat it and the best way to do it, preferably without a spoon for those of us with shaky hands who don't want to waste our supply.


I believe Opana to be a very powerful narcotic opiate used to treat moderate to severe pain. In my own opinion it is more than twice the strength of Oxycodone (or Oxycontin same thing) and provides a great buzz and euphoria, especially when potentiated. I have never gotten quizy or nauseated from taking Opana. It can be snorted, smoked, plugged and IV'd. Even with my incredibly high tolerance chewing and swallowing one 20mg Opana tablet gives me a great high. I could take more at a time if I wanted but I don't like going without or messing with the game at the end of the month when I'm out and sick as hell.

Opana does not lower the seizure thresh hold limit as does Tramadol. (Tramadol has caused me to have a seizure before and it sucks... supposedly a member of the synthetic opiate family, it provides no opiate high whatsoever- don't waste your money.)

In closing if anyone has smoked Opana, which I believe is totally possible (just not for me because of the tracheotomy...) please reply on the effects and how well it smokes off, in addition to a good smoking method if you have one.

Opana is marketed and created by Endo pharmaceuticals and it is rumored that they are in the middle of creating an oxymorphone nasal spray, transermal patches, and implatable osmotic pumps- I want one!

Ok well hopefully you've gained some great information on Opana.

PlAy SaFe AnD StAy CoOl-


11-05-2010, 08:00
I have heard that they gel up when trying to create a solution for a needle.

Does anybody have experience with IV'ing and also smoking opana?

11-05-2010, 18:05
Hey 420... This link goes to Taimapedia which gives you instructions for IV'ing the IR and ER versions. Although it was previously thought that IV'ing the ER version was impossible, someone claims to have a method for dodging the gel by heating the Opana/Oxymorphone until is a good brown color. This is not something I have tried so I would be careful if I were you... and DEFINITELY use a wheel filter. Peace. Here's the link:


11-05-2010, 20:44
You can smoke the ER's and IV the IR's. Not vice versa though.

11-05-2010, 20:49
I agree that plugging these bad boys is probably one of the best opiate highs you can get. This is because oxymorphone is a highly uncommon opiate to obtain unless you have had a iv of it in the hospital sometime after numorphan was deshelved, I suspect that is very few if any of us. None of our body's have had a chance to build tolerance to it yet.

12-05-2010, 00:41
I would like to know the opinion of everyone else concerning OC4ME's comment. From my own perspective, all opiates attach to the M-2 receptors in the brain. There are different levels of potency of course for different drugs, and different drugs cause different degrees of euphoria because of their chemical nature, but as far as our bodies having had the chance to build up a tolerance to Opana/Oxymorphone specifically, I'm not so sure that your body reacts to different types of opiates in different ways. I would think that it wouldn't matter if I was taking fentanyl or opana, they are going to attach to the same m-2 receptors in the end. Of course as mentioned the amount taken would cause a greater or lesser effect... but I could be wrong. Different types of opiates and synthetics also break down differently, but that's not what we are talking about. For instance codein and heroin break down into morphine after entering the body, however oxycontin and fentanyl do not (I know this for a fact from my own research and from the fact that I have had urinalysis drug testing done the same day I used and the tests always came back clean...) If anyone has an opinion on this, or if anyone winds up trying the IV procedure from the link above, please post. Thank you OC4Me for your comments. Much appreciated...

12-05-2010, 01:42
Are you trying to start an Opana Megathread? Most of this info is common knowledge here on bl. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to try Opana. I'd love to have the chance, but it just doesnt seem to be around. The fent is great tho and I think we have pretty much the same tolerance (100mcg fent patch a day sounds about right).

12-05-2010, 01:52
Just trying to put all the best information in one easy to find place for those who would like to know. ;)

12-05-2010, 02:09
Just trying to put all the best information in one easy to find place for those who would like to know. ;)

It's been done already. It's called the Opana Megathread.

12-05-2010, 06:40
That was such a long post. And the part where you labeled tHiNgS LiKe ThIs was gay. You could have just used bold, or all caps, but not half capital and half lower case...tHaTs jUsT sTuPiD

Anyways, on a more serious note, its weird they have you on such a shitty breakthrough med (hydrocodone) when you need such a strong ER medication (oxymorphone). Almost everyone I know on Opana ER also takes the 10mg IRs for breakthrough, or some other strong medication. Unless hydrocodone works really well for you, its weird that they keep you on such a weak medication.

Anyways, almost everything you said has already been said in the Opana megathread.

03-09-2010, 06:48
I have heard that they gel up when trying to create a solution for a needle.

Does anybody have experience with IV'ing and also smoking opana?

Yea they gel the fuck up. I put about 5 mg off a 20mg pill in some water and let it sit for a few days. The gel expanded tremendously. I haven't had issue with gel when snorting, but add any liquid and they gel up.

I just researched the motherfuck out of Opana and how to get around the TimeRX system and this guys post is just taken from numerous websites... Infact, it's mostly direct quotes. I myself get 20's and roxis for BT pain and I take valium and klonopin.

Morning I take
15mg Roxicodone
20mg Opana ER
10mg Valium
1mg Klonopin

I barely feel any kind of "buzz" at all. If I do it is short lived and not worth it. I have also chewed opanas in this morning cocktail and no noticable buzz of any kind. My tolerance is moderate.. not huge.. OC 80 parachuted buzzes me but no nods.

In short, this guy is full of shit.

03-09-2010, 08:26
whats with the flames? hes a greenlighter.

welcome opiapedia can you correct the link to the tamia wiki page about injecting Opana and also if you wanted something worthy to add to forum knowledge it would be some harm reduction on injecting opana er.

03-09-2010, 09:07
ok, im not seeing any HR coming from this