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11-04-2010, 13:11
Ok so whenever I do DXM my gf saves my qoutes for when i CAN text. If this is the wrong forum sorry XP tell me which one is the right one, but here they are, enjoy XP.

August 26, 2009-
"heyyyy call me i .m fucked hehehe hahaha"

"i can't it has too, i let you sleep i say goo night to you but i up all night :) sleep well :)"

"i miss you to i will i am bye, i have music call me in morning or something"

September 1, 2009-
"i'm going for a ride again"


"dude the pillars are making love O.o it's so hard to text"

"please when you get a chance call me k? :) woah"

"ok bye... Wob,tin"

"I see a tree it looks cool did i sound FUCKED up? And there taking me somewherere O.o"

"idk O.o there's leaves on the floor i can, text any more it's too too too hard i'm sorry :("

September 6, 2009-
"ya i'm fine i am losing complete mind and body functions now i'll talk to you later i'm so fucked up right now i'll talk to you later bye bye i'll text you if i need anything k? your amazing :) i love you :) i'll miss you haha2 i'll be back in the morning though or i'll text you if it gets bad XD bye"

October 7, 2009- (took some LSD and 3-4 hours in took a bunch of DXM don't really remember how much though, but swalloing the pills was actually fun o.O)

"awww thats cool :) brb potty and ya haha"

"ok cool i'm in a hella deep spiritual trip so ask away i'm like idk i feel like i'm living one life now everything means something now mothing is nothing"

"hahahaa no XD they would know lol but like as i'm typing it looks like i'm raving idk shit no more time. i'm lost"

"i'm watching it and like mixing the DXM with the LSD is fucking phenomenol omg it's seriously i feel so in touch with everything. everyone. i am one conscious melted into many"

"i did a light thing with the sticks holy fuck was it amazing wtf my headphones are melting off my head"

"oh just wondering i'm fucking tripping so hard you don't even know you don't even know i want like everyone to expierence this it's so amazing"

"i'm ok now i'm accepting w/e comes my way now :) just let things happen let everything go. try to be free. i love you."

"i know i'm free that's the thing. but why can't everyone else be free? why can't they really see things for what they are not what other people think about them"

"let's not talk about bad stuff XD and i feel like i'm a goo and the lake is drifting me off to sea with every sound of my music. my soul is first i'm watching it fly out right now"

"ya i am. i feel like a cube now just sitting here in a box texting you. wtf this is weird i'm at a furnance now?"

"what? O.o idk im so confused i'm like riding idk idk what i want to say my phone is a gnome it's fucking resting in my hand looking at me i don't know"

"ya i was so confused but ya your voice is stuck in my soul now as everything is getting sucked upwards now so i'll text you later ok? i love you bye :)"

"ya i was done for lol. like i thought my soul was floating upwards and being sucked out of my body. amd at the same time my body was breaking off into little pieces and floating away into a sea of nothingness it was some fucked shit. and my room grew a million miles and i was on an asteroid walking through a hallway or no a building of mirrors on the moon"

11-04-2010, 14:44
DXM is crazy shit. im surprised you could talk on it.
Try a high 3rd plateau or low 4th and you cant even move or talk, its total disassociation from your body.

jackie jones
11-04-2010, 17:24
There is a right way and a wrong way to write a report. This is the wrong way.

I do not think anyone gives a damn about your text messages, so I am going to close this.