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10-04-2010, 05:11
Hey everyone, so to start off, ive done shrooms about 5 times, experienced strong visuals twice (along with ego death and a huge mindfuck), and ive done mescalin (peruvian torch) once.. a very mild, but psychologically rewarding trip. I haven't had the chance to obtain lsd tho. :\

But im curious... what are the visuals on acid and higher doses of mescalin like? (regarding fractals vs. morphing.. etc..) 8o

10-04-2010, 07:00
I've never had a proper LSD trip (though somebody swears the paper I put under my tongue had acid on it), but I've done both shrooms and mescaline multiple times...

When I do mescaline, I like to have conversations up to a point, then just sit in a dark, comfortable spot and listen to music. The synesthesia sort of builds up (usually when the intensity of the music hits a climax), then sort of dissipates when I hit that point where I forget that I'm (supposedly) a human being. Senses cease to exit, and you simply feel a cosmic one-ness with everything. It is simultaneously a physical and emotional feeling, but not taking place in your own body.

Hard to explain, like most everything related to the psychedelic trip. Check my trip report in the mescaline subsection for more detail.

10-04-2010, 07:21
The most significant difference I notice between high doses of LSD and high doses of mushrooms, is that with LSD things start to appear as if they're being viewed through a kaleidoscope. For example, walking through a field on ~600ug I looked down at my feet and noticed that, whilst walking forward, I also had a pair of legs walking to the left, a pair of legs walking to the right, and a pair of legs walking backward. At other times I've seen trees become symmetrical in ways that they really weren't, the sunset split into two sunsets on opposite sides of my vision, and other strange phenomena. These same kaleidoscopic effects are even more strongly present in the CEVs on high doses. On low doses I don't really notice them in my OEVs but they are still present in my CEVs. The kaleidoscopic aspect is the only major thing I've noticed as being particularly different from my mushroom visuals. The other difference I've noticed, is that the patternings and visual phenomena I get on shrooms seem more organic and of the earth (a lot of them remind me of waves, ripples, natural fractals, and other naturally occurring phenomena), whereas LSD patternings and other visual effects have much more of an alien type feel to them. Hope this helps give you some slight understanding, it's kind of difficult to compare them accurately as I'm sure it's quite different for other people.

jackie jones
10-04-2010, 07:36
LSD can be very visual (kaleidoscopic) at 3+ doses. At 1-2 is mostly psychological with lucid visuals and enhancement of light and color.

Mescaline makes auras and sparkles around everything bright. I have yet to experiment with high doses of mescaline.

Psilocybin has a tendency to manipulate (shake, bend, morph) objects.

The Smoking Man
10-04-2010, 07:37
The other difference I've noticed, is that the patternings and visual phenomena I get on shrooms seem more organic and of the earth (a lot of them remind me of waves, ripples, natural fractals, and other naturally occurring phenomena), whereas LSD patternings and other visual effects have much more of an alien type feel to them.The way you describe the shrooms visuals sounds like what I got from 2 tabs of LSD. Though I also saw "breathing" and blooming trees, my peripheral vision twisting/swirling, things bending a bit before my eyes, certain things gaining a "tint" to them (for example, wooden objects had a sort of red "tint"/aura to them on top of the normal wood color), etc.
Generally speaking, you could expect the visuals of classical psychedelics (LSD/shrooms/mescaline/DMT/etc. and MDA if you would include that) to be pretty similar, at least in, uh, "tone"/"mood" I guess? Their visual funkiness comes from their action on the 5-HT2a receptor, a common characteristic shared by the classical psychs. That's not to say the differences in visuals between the different psychs don't exist or are insignificant, but the difference in the head space is likely going to be to a greater extent.

10-04-2010, 07:47
The way you describe the shrooms visuals sounds like what I got from LSD. Though I also saw "breathing" and blooming trees, my peripheral vision twisting/swirling, things bending a bit before my eyes, etc.

Yessir, I get this type of visual phenomena on LSD as well, just like I experience the alien like distortions and patterning on shrooms occasionally as well. It just seems like I'm more prone to the alien like visual aspects (mixed with the organic aspects) whilst on LSD, whereas on mushrooms I seem to mainly experience the organic like aspects (fabric restitching itself into different designs, everything living and breathing, etc.), with only the occasional alien aspect. Like I said before, the major difference I've noticed it the kaleidoscopic effect, especially in the OEVs.

10-04-2010, 08:08
nice. im definitely looking forward to my first lsd trip. a lot of the tryptamine-like drugs such as psilocybn/psilocyn and dmt have made me experience pretty freaky visuals along with the normal trippy ones. which is why i need to smoke weed in order to make the trip positive. shrooms and dmt tend to "do" me, rather than me doing them. on the other hand, ive heard lsd is pretty controllable. the only problem is that lsd is extremely difficult to find :/

10-04-2010, 13:55
I would say LSD, Shrooms come in close second and Mescaline in third.

LSD has beautiful, extremely well defined distortions, Mushrooms make things look "electric" for me and colours blend, I get very few visual effects from Mescaline, although I've not had it many times.

11-04-2010, 06:03
I have gotten the most intense visuals from shrooms. But iv'e never taken a really high dose of LSD. But On shrooms i saw colors and things dancing on my wall. And I smoked on 3 grams of shrooms (I wish i wouldve taken less, I never believe people when they say "strong" lol) and everything I saw was a visual. I didn't know what was real and what wasn't almost. (Sidewalks completely curved and things like that , people looked like purple people with antennas, everything was dancing) Most intense trip ever. But I know for a fact smoking on psychs makes the visuals skyrocket. At least for me. But I don't know how my last shroom trip could've gotten anymore visual, and honestly i don't really care about the visuals that much because what's going through your mind is way more psychedelic than what you can see through your eyes.

12-04-2010, 02:08
definitely. ive shroomed at blazed at school once (not too bad of an idea), and the entire parking lot was shimmering in different colors. (i also operated in 3 different states of mind, and my short term memory was royally fucked. lol)

12-04-2010, 02:22
In my experience mushrooms visuals tend to be centered on distortion of objects and size, as well as some other weird shit. It also often seems to me that whatever I'm focused on while on shrooms is really big, and everything else in my visual field kinda shrinks to accomodate it. I generally have found shrooms to be a more mental and less visual high then mescaline or acid. Many people find this to not be the case though. I've never done more then 4 grams of shrooms at once, and that was quite a visual trip, very alien, but still not as visual as I've usually found mescaline or acid to be.

Mescaline has always felt like a super clean, incredably strongly hallucinogenic cousin of LSD to me. The visuals tend to be much more vivid then with shrooms, and they have this impossible to describe using normal language sparkly, colorful aspect. I've always found mescaline to be an extremly warm, gentle and accomadating drug whilst still being very strong. Mescaline is probably my favorite out of these three, but that kinda depends on my mood. It's incredably visual nature has always struck me as interesting because I've never done another phenethylamine that produced such strong visuals (I've not done very many of them though, and I expect that the 2C-Tx drugs produce incredable visuals as well).

LSD is probably the hardest for me to describe out of the three. I can visualize what it does (visually), but it's very difficult for me to put it into words. Everything always has struck me as shifting and deep and constantly moving on acid. It's also probably the most profoundly synethetic drug I've done, every sense always seems to blend in an amazing and hard to comprehend way.

In terms of fractals and morphing I find that mescaline produces a stronger fractal feeling (a general feeling, including, but not limited to, the visuals), while LSD causes stronger morphing. Mescaline often has completly removed me from the normal world and put me somewhere else entirely, a sort of total detachment from the existence I usually know and an introduction into a world of all things. I can totally see why so many native cultures have used it as a sacrament, it has, more then anything else I've done, shown me the "spirit world" so to speak.

LSD is impossible for me to describe. It's outside of my comprehension in all ways. I'm not saying it's stronger, it's just incredably hard for me to put into words what it does. All three of them are wonderful though, I can say that for sure, although I'm currently staying away from acid, quite possibly for several years, in order to protect my sanity (most people shouldn't worry about this, but it came to my attention about a week after the last time I did acid that I was losing my mind). I've never found mushrooms or mescaline to be trying on my sanity, especially mescaline. Even more then pharmahuasca and DMT mescaline strikes me as a true shaman's drug, amazing stuff.

12-04-2010, 03:46
LSD has the most amazing visuals for me.

Most pronounced and the longer you stare at something it seems to provoke it to be more obscure.

If any psychedelic were to be called the "mind manifester" it could be LSD IMO.

Compared to plant hallucinogens, LSD is the one that really accommodates our times especially in western society. It dissolves boundaries no matter your setting unlike mushrooms and salvia. Nature or in your room, good LSD is a "diamond" as someone put it in another thread.

12-04-2010, 03:48
i hasnt tried Mesc., but between shrooms and LSD, id drop acid ANY day over shrooms..shrooms<LSD by liek 10 times. LSD is srs win.

12-04-2010, 08:45
I've never done mescaline, but acid seems to make things fractalize, and shift? they do appear kaleidascopic, but everything seems to Shift for me, it's weird at high doses. LSD is more of a straight hallucinations (everything is perfectly edged and straight) While mushrooms are wavy and circles and not exactly symetrical? I am trying to explain this the best i can right now, i'm on DXM, and it's hard, but Mushroom visuals are more rapid and out of control, while LSD seems to flow and relax, like water in a pond.

12-04-2010, 08:57
yea that makes sense. many shroom trips combine all of our senses, all of our perceptions of color, and basically take in more of our enviornment. thats why i think when our eyes dilate on shrooms, we can perceive so much detail, so things morph out of focus? maybe lsd on the other hand allows our brain to choose what we want to focus on?

12-04-2010, 09:25
Mushrooms: Has the strongest body trip of the 3, I know we are talking about visuals but I think that's important to note. Things appear kind of dreamy with mushrooms to me for the first hour or so after the comeup. Colors of objects take on alternating lighter and darker hues of the actual color of the object. There seems to be very discrete patterning with objects with eyes open, I see it as a grid. Size distortion of objects seems the most apparent on mushrooms and things look slightly out of place, as if i'm not in the same room. I find closed eye visuals to be very symmetrical patterns or very undeveloped shapes and 'objects.' The hallucinations for me strictly stay within the object I am looking at.

LSD: Causes the most dramatic distortion of objects for me. Normal objects (and people) can gain new features that do not really exist in 'reality'. I find people can often look 'fake' on acid as if it's not the same person I am seeing as I knew before. Colors brighten significantly and objects become lighter looking in appearance. I get a runny peripheral field of vision that makes it seem I am looking through a water color lens. Closed Eye Visuals contain circular tunnel visual pulsating colors and patterns as well as 'slides' that change colors.

Mescaline: I've had mescaline via San Pedro. I don't find the San Pedro visuals to overwhelm my visual field like the other two. I told my friend that if hallucinogens were ever used to hunt by humans cacti would be the best hallucinogen to use for such a task. Edges and lines become very distinct on mescaline and you can see boundaries very precisely. Reds, blues, and yellows I find are significantly enhanced. Objects don't dramatically change but everything seems a bit like a cartoon. In the peripheral of the field of vision I often seen what I consider true hallucinations. I've seen warps, cats and little shadow creatures. It has a lighter flowing feeling than the other two as well and more sensual. Closed eye visuals consist of zig zag lines similar to a lot of the south american artwork and architecture of older civilizations i've seen. I find the closed eye visuals to drip like light rainfall across my closed eyes where the other two kind of pulsate and fade a bit more intense and quickly. I also get actual figures occasionally, i've gotten a tiger and two naked women before with Mescaline, quite distinct from the other two.

13-04-2010, 04:20
Well put. shrooms somehow always give me an enormous mindfuck... like enormous mindfuck. i think ive explored many corners of my mind, analyzed my entire life, my family, relationships with friends, the concept of "god", etc.. The visuals don't seem important at that point, because theres more to the psychological exploration with shrooms, and its a blend of every single emotion, sometimes negative too, which is why weed+shrooms=awesome/positive trip.