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30-12-2009, 17:02
I broke the outer coating then split it in half, kept the white and pink side and nommed most of it up.
Doesn't feel like 54mg of methylphenidate.

Searched around here but I'm guessing that these require an extraction method (like coldwater or alchol) that i don't feel like doing.

Any experiences or tips for me since i have a handful? I swallowed a whole coated pill last night and didn't notice much. I smoked a ton of weed and have eaten my daily benzo's but i still normally feel amphetamines, the half i nommed didn't seem to do much yet. Just chewed up the pink part of the white half.

How can a schedule II be so lame? or am i missing something : /

30-12-2009, 18:31
Theres a rubbing alcohol extraction method I use all the time that works great. If you want I can give you the details, but basically it involves crushing it, adding some rubbing alcohol (91 % ), filtering through a coffee filter, then evaporating over a stove. Theres more too it than that, but thats the basics. Then I IV it.

MPH is alright, but you gotta bang it or bootybump it for best results.


30-12-2009, 20:23
welll concerta is the worst form of MPH. My fav ones were really rare to find. The 20mg IR ones. Everyone usually just has the 20mgSR ones. I hate all forms of amphetamine now though.

30-12-2009, 20:23
^^^ lol bootybump. I love that word.

But seriously you gotta do some kind of extraction process. If you want any kind of high you must remove all that time release shit. I know I'm lazy like you but concerta is useless unless you do it. I've eaten 3 or 4 of those 54mgs and it wasn't even a fun experience. I absolutely hated ritalin until I found those 10mg IR's but still the high isn't that good.

And yes ritalin is still lame compared to the other ADD meds adderall and dex and most of stimulants in general.

30-12-2009, 23:23
When I tried concerta, it barely affected me, and I'm a tiny girl. All I felt was a little jittery and uncomfortable. Don't even waste your time, just get adderall or dex instead.

30-12-2009, 23:47
"My fav ones were really rare to find. The 20mg IR ones. Everyone usually just has the 20mgSR"

Thoes peach 20IRs are pretty big and have lots of fillers in em, The most potent are the brand 20mgSR, they small and melt into a very clear liquid, with out any powdery crap, 60mgs shot or plugged will have you off, very clear and clean feeling. The first time i did it was quite a rush.

31-12-2009, 17:22
just to inform you concerta is not considered an amphetamine, you'd have to be using Adderall, dexedrine, or the newer vyvanse to be using an amphetamine, i am prescribed 60mg of adderall xr per day (2 30mg xrs) and 1 70mg vyvanse (contains both adderalls amphetamine salts and dexedrines in a 12 hour release) vyvanse gives you no euphoria, but adderall definately does. When i used to get concerta for free from friends I used to just throw them out, I feel it is the WORST add/adhd med to use aside from (cant think of the name) the terrible non narcotic one that just doesn't work. hope that helps

05-01-2010, 00:12
Alright. I'm glad this thread is here, this is my situation:

148lbs. 20 yrs old, university student.

I was always under the impression I've had either ADD or ADHD. I was never diagnosed with it because my parents didn't think I was "bouncing off the walls" when I was a kid - because I wasn't, and my grades had never slipped in my entire life (at least 80% marks) so I showed no signs of struggling in school. However, I'm intelligent - and I don't mean that in a weird bragging way.

Although I got my work done, good grades, the work that I was doing wasn't "challenging" enough to my logic/ability to reason/intelligence/concentration, to lets say, make my ADHD problems noticeable.

Let's skip to university - where it's a different ball game.

1st year, typical ADHD problems start to arise, but I/my parents dismiss it as typical high school --> university transition - plus, my marks didn't drop a bit.

2nd year, work gets MUCH harder, MUCH more challenging. ADHD problems are becoming definitely noticeable. Marks start to slip - not much, but when you've had A's almost your whole life, its weird to see 1 A, mostly Bs, and 1 or 2 Cs.

3rd year, now.

I went to the doctor I basically explained what I just wrote, but obviously much more condensed. He prescribed me Concerta - 18mg, once daily in the morning.

I've taken dexedrine (XR, and IR - because I crushed the little balls), and Ritalin (IR).

Let me say concerta is fucking weird. I'm not sure if its the time release, or the dose being too low (high? - doubt it), or maybe it's just not for me. I felt like I was going up and down all fucking day, and I could mainly tell because I would suddenly get the urge to just "wanna move" - and not like bouncing ur leg, it's hard to explain, but it wasn't enjoyable. Then I would go "down," and feel a little crappy, then back up to before.

My heart rate never went too fast, I didn't get jittery. Although I would get really cold, and still sometimes sweat. This is why I don't think that it's too high of a dose. Actually, I've taken 72mg of concerta before (recreational intentions), but I took as much of that time release shit off as I could - ate the outer shell, cut out the green "pusher", cut/peeled off the clear wax coating around the white/yellow part, and even chewed them with water (gunked up a bit in my mouth). And I felt fine. It wasn't too strong, I didn't get uncomfortable, no "need to move" feeling, although as others have said - the comedown was quite a bitch.

I am left to wait about a month to see if I should be switched to another ADHD medication (dexedrine worked complete wonders for me when I took it properly - they were like 10 or 15mg XR, reddish orange and blackish/brown capsules).

If there is anyone that has had any similar kind of "experience" as me I'd like to know.

26-02-2011, 04:04
When i used to get concerta for free from friends I used to just throw them out, I feel it is the WORST add/adhd med to use aside from (cant think of the name) the terrible non narcotic one that just doesn't work. hope that helps[/QUOTE]

That shitty add/adhd med is called atomoxetine (strattera)
and concerta is pretty much worthless imo, just slightly stimulating and relaxing at the same time for me

26-02-2011, 04:11
concerta is the least-abusable ADD/ADHD med in my opinion, like its good for getting shit done with, but i feel like its all the side effects of amps without the euphoria. and my concerta comedowns were the worst. i was all paranoid and my heart wouldnt slow down.

OP- just take some tums or an antacid bout 30 minutes prior to ingestion. this will make ur stomach less acidic, and amphetamines are better absorbed in a less acidic environment.

dissolve it under ur tounge until the white part is gone, and just swallow the rest.
dont expect any REAL effects until later, because methylphenidate plasma levels dont reach max until like 7 hours after ingesting