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15-08-2001, 03:33
Combo Subthread: Mushrooms & MDMA - The Hippyflip

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This subthread is for all discussion about the combination of psilocybin containing mushrooms with MDMA / ecstacy! Post information here about the effects this produces, the timing for dosing these two substances, the dangers and benefits, other experiences you had with it and any tips you might have for those considering trying this!

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[original post:]

I was wondering if hippyflipping at a party is a good idea, because when im on shroomz alone, i can get very lazy during the trip and after. Do shrooms kill your energized mood? Any comment on hippyflipping is appreciated.

15-08-2001, 05:04
okay psychedelics forum moderators, i know this has to do with ecstasy, but doesnt look like this person is getting any good replies here, because its about shrooms as well, but I bet someone in your forum can field it correctly = ) transferring...now

15-08-2001, 05:21
Shrooms and E go great together, take the shrooms first and the E right before you peak.
The E gives you a nice bunch of energy that compliments the shrooms nicely. Also you are in such a good mood you can usually handle more shrooms, not that you need them.
All in all a very synergistic combo.

15-08-2001, 19:16
I would think the shrooms would be nice as the E is peaking, but whatever...

15-08-2001, 19:38
I think it works well both ways. E after shrooms gives you a wicked body buzz, and tends to make the mindfuck better (for me, anyway).
Shrooms after E can give you some really cool visuals.

15-08-2001, 20:50
So you dont get lazy?
Is there a harsh comedown after hippyflipping?

15-08-2001, 22:27
No, there's no real harsh comedown. It just on shrooms many people like to just sit around and "veg" so to speak. With E you are more likely to pull yourself away from that cool looking rug and actually go do something.
And I always like taking the longer acting drug (shrooms) first.

15-08-2001, 23:52
Thanx http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif i guess hippyflipping will be something to try

16-08-2001, 19:59
It also depends on how much E you take, if you take too much.... you'll be etarded and won't feel like moving.

16-08-2001, 20:34
Im thinking about 1.5 or 2 grams of shrooms and 1 pill

17-08-2001, 13:33
Taking a healthy dose of 'shrooms about 3 1/2 - 4 hours after U drop the e, will make the e-high last about 4 hrs longer and you'll be trippin on the 'shrooms too. The comedown will be great if your not burnt out from taking too much drugs lately. You'll be cool at a party if you're with friends. Not taking enough 'shrooms can be a little frustrating, but too much and you won't be able to dance.
Oh that magic spot, touch it some more.

19-08-2001, 02:33
definately take some e ... i dont like the feeling of just shroom s
the e will make you feel alot better

19-08-2001, 02:34
definately take some e ... i dont like the feeling of just shroom s
the e will make you feel alot better
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22-10-2001, 04:12
I found this thread through the search engine. Although it was quite interesting, i would greatly appreciate further commentary on a specific question i have in regards to hippyflipping.
What do you folks recommend as the most energetic/euphoric combination, time wise? I agree with an earlier post which claimed that taking the MDMA, then the mushrooms (shrooms approximately T+1.00h after MDMA dose) is quite a visual experience...but with this trip, i would possibly like to try something different.
I have only done this once (see above for timing schedule)...
I am especially desiring an energetic experience...i believe the euphoria is intrinsic to this trip regardless. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, as a person who VERY seldomly does either of these drugs, i am still teetering on the amount of either dose.
Thanks in advance for any advice whatsoever!
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22-10-2001, 04:46
If your asking what the longest energetic/euphoric combination is I would definitely have to go with candyflipping. The longest energetic/euphoric trip I've ever had was on 4 hits of purple geltabs. Right when I was about to peak I plugged 2 pills and it just seemed to keep going on and on. Even after the full effects of the E and it's even better effects with acid wore off I was still tripping. Over 12 hours of fun plus a wonderful afterglow.

22-10-2001, 05:38
brandon22: Thanks for the reply, but i am actually asking a question specific to hippyflipping. Do you have any experience with this?
Although i may try candyflipping one day, my experience with acid is limited, as is my access to it. Therefore, i shall be attempting the hippyflip as my next drug journey.
Also, if you recommend any more dosage quantities, keep in mind that i am a lightweight. My last hippyflip was one (rather weak) pill and one gram of (very potent) shrooms, and it was one of the most intense experiences of my life.

22-10-2001, 20:07
I would absolutely love some feedback, so i'm bumping this puppy again.
Personal experiences with hippyflipping, dosages and times, effects, etc........

22-10-2001, 23:18
I prefer shrooms to acid because acid is produced by wicked scientists of evil, and shrooms are produced by mother nature.
I've been asking hippy flipping questions earlier, and most suggest that i do about 1.5-2g of dried shrooms and one pill of E.

23-10-2001, 01:27
I should smack you for saying that, Albert Hofman is our saviour, and those few chemisit that have been making our lifes bliss through the creation of
D-lysergicDiathelmine, are the followers of Hofman..............Hofman bless thee. Timothy leary was the seocnd coming of hofmans genious through experimentation and experiance. Albert Shulgin, is to me the reincarnation of Hofman, we all revolve around the same drug god, Hofman bless thee.
It is the most beautiful thing to watch your mind manifest upon the physical realm of reality.

23-10-2001, 04:29
Shulgin is the man... A lot of his other Chem research is really interesting, especially considering that it was all done thanks to an un known generous donation by DOW Chemical. To all the upper level Executives at DOW, thanks.

23-10-2001, 05:09
lsd is created by scientists of evil, but not mdma?
yeah, suuuure.

23-10-2001, 08:00
we always called it flowerflip fyi

23-10-2001, 17:56
guys...you are all replying to this thread, but you are not answering my question.
hasn't anyone on this entire board hippyflipped before?
somehow, i doubt that...so hook a sista up with some info!! pretty please?

23-10-2001, 17:57
^^^^^or flower flipped. or.....fuckballflipped. it doesn't really matter what you call it.
MDMA and mushrooms in combination. There. Now that we have this established....

Marijuana Matt
28-05-2002, 22:46
Hey everyone, well I have hippyfliped before, accually a few times. I've had good experiences and bad.... I went to a new years eve party, i took 2 grams of shrooms and dabed at a gram of pure MDMA for the whole night. It was amazing, i had a great time the whole night, triped out like a motherfucker, but i can't say that i was energized tho... Another time i went to the movies (dumb idea) and i took E first then ate three grams of shroomz, and it was hell, i became anxiouse and nervouse and began thinkin' all my freinds hated me and i just wanted 2 go home.... I don't know how that happended i must have just been troubled that night and shroomz were a bad idea.
I also have a similiar predicament (sp?) i am goin' to a rave on saturday and i plan to take shroomz and E, what i'll do is take 2 grams of shrooms about an hour before i get to the rave and pop an E right when i get in..... I'll let u guys know what happends

29-05-2002, 00:50
I tried hippieflipping a couple months ago. I did a smallish dose of shrooms (2 grams?) and a weak pill (like 70 mg mdma). The result was disappointing. The shrooms got my mind racing on philosophical stuff, as it often does (what's my purpose in life? Am I a good person? Is everyone here thinking the same things I am? etc.) I was just thinking too much to experience the fuzzy-headed joy of rolling. The two things were in conflict.
I blame this on the weak roll which, even taken all by itself, probably would barely have gotten me rolling (one of those rolls where you shift in and out of rolling, maybe). So, my suggestion is to make sure you have a strong enough pill (or multiple pills) to get you good and rolling (though not e-puddled).
Just my theory from one experience.

29-05-2002, 03:15
THough Ive never hippyflipped I'd take the shrooms first then the E. Personally, after the peak of shrooms (T+ 3:00) i become very relaxed and euphoric and "loved up". Id take the pill then to amplify these feelings x 100.. Sure the substance wouldnt have too much synergy, but in my mind it would be the best possible experience.. Examing life thru shrooms and then later celebrating it with MDMA..

31-05-2002, 08:27
whats the difference?
are there any more?

01-06-2002, 02:15
I've hippyflipped twice, first time was off ~1 gram of shrooms and ~25 mg MDMA smoked about an hour after I took the shrooms. Although this was a relatively weak experience, I was definitely able to feel the unique signature of each substance, and they wore off at about the same time. The second time was off LOTS of mushroom tea consumed over a three hour period, plus 100 mg MDMA taken about 90 minutes after I started to drink the tea and boosted with another 50 mg parenterally half an hour later. This was really intense, so much so that I had two successive paranoia attacks, which I have never before experienced while tripping. NonethelessI definitely recommend taking the shrooms one to two hours before the MDMA, preferably in the form of tea. Taking the shrooms as tea will DEFINITELY increase your energy as compared to plain eating them, because your GI tract won't have to deal with undigestible chitinous material.

Marijuana Matt
03-06-2002, 23:49
Well here i am reporting on my hippytripping at the rave on saturday. It was AMAZING, but i should have taken more mushroomz..... K well i took the shroomz at around 7:30 i took 2-3 grams on an empty stomach.... they hit at around 8:30, while on the train to T.O (i live 30 mins outside) and it was great, laughed the whole way there and found the fact my freind was goin' to a rave without a penny to her name Hilariouse! anyways i smoked a joint b-4 i went in @ around 10:30 or so, i poped my 1st pill at 11:00 and had an amazing transition from a trippy mushroom high to a euphoric loved-up, dancy high, i decided not to take more shroomz cuz i liked the rolling so much... i took about 3 pills that nite.... what a great rave...
Yeah i know.... I did'nt purely hippy trip i shoulda started rolling at the peak of shrooms... but i've done that before at a rave and felt uneasy and anxiouse so i decided to stick to good old E.... I really liked hippy triping when it went well but hated it and it ruined my night when it did'nt, so i decided to not take the chance of ruining my heavily anticipated rave by throwing too many shroomz into the mix.... sorry if my info does'nt help

04-06-2002, 19:25
The last time I flipped was at one of our house parties. I was on the tail end of a 3 day E run and i dropped before people showed up. My roll was really quick and as I was comin down, my friend gave me a nice stash of shrooms he didnt want. I ate those and just forgot about it. I was drinkin all night and as I went to battle the crowd and grab another beer, I really started freakin out. So I decided to go up into my room to be away from people and just spin for a while....this usually relaxes me whenever a bad trip is on the horizon. However, this time i just couldnt get comfortable with where my body was. I hated being around people but i also hated being by myself. It really sucked but I managed by smoking copious amounts of green and just chillin on the porch with my crew. This made for a tripppppped out night in the end. When i flip again, i will do it in different order, physical condition, and environment (for the most part).

indy goth kid A
08-01-2003, 05:44
my girl and i recently aquired an extremely large quantitiy of fungus, 2 grams. i've rolled many, many times and have eaten shrooms before as well and wanted to know a little more about rolling/shrooming together... i've heard different things from different people on which to take first and how long to wait for the second... i apologize if it's not properly called 'hippie-flipping', i was told this was the term for taking one before the other, and 'trolling' was the other way around...

08-01-2003, 06:43
2 grams is barely enough for a single dose. Do you mean 2 ounces?

08-01-2003, 19:29
I think Trolling means candyflipping, doing acid+MDMA.
2 grams of cubensis isn't very much, but if you're talking about hawaian mushs. (copelandia cyanescens), that's a considerable amount. But even if you only have 2 grams of cubensis, that's enough for 2 people if you have E. Take the pill (or pills, if they're weak) first, and when you start feeling the E, eat the shrooms (that's the way most people do it around here). The E will also minimize the initial shroom nausea, and that's good if it bothers you (not me tho... I hardly ever experience nausea/stomach disconfort when I eat mushies). 1 good pill+1gram of cubensis isn't a potent hippieflip... but it's nice anyway, better than nothing
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08-01-2003, 21:08
I think hippie flipping is acid+shrooms, and ecstacy and shrooms is an MX missle. FYI

08-01-2003, 21:16
Well to answer your question based on my own experiences...I find that hippie-flipping delivers the best experience if you simply follow this order:
1)munch on shrooms, however long it takes you to eat them, just eat them first...save a little dust or spores for snacking later.
2)wait until you feel the body buzz beginning. This could be anywhere from 20-60 minutes.
3)eat one dose of your mdma
let the fun begin
4)later, before or during your peak...eat the rest of the shrooms
and btw, hippie-flipping is mushies and mdma...candy-flipping is LSD and mdma
have fun its such a good experience

08-01-2003, 21:19
Its all slang what does it matter... but:
Hippyflip, MX missle - shrooms, X
Candyflip, Troll - acid,x
Kittyflip, K,X
Anyway 2 grams is a good dose for one person, probably more than enough.. 2 ounces??? C'mon.. Most people cant handle 1/ 8( 3.5 g's)..
If you're splitting the shrooms, id reccomend getting 1-2 more grams though... 1.5-2 grams a person would be good for a hippyflip...
Drop the shrooms wait an hour, at least wait till you comeup.. then drop the pill.. Itll be intense though, so if you dont have that much experience wih shrooms id recommend do a 2-3 gram dose a piece w/o the X.. Then youll know what your getting into.

08-01-2003, 21:27
not to make this an argument or anything, but I really think hippy flip would be acid and shrooms. Reasoning: hippies never had X, at least the originals didn't. MX missile is shrooms and ecstacy. reasoning: M stands for mush, X stands for ecstacy. I also heard MX missle being used on the daily show on comedy central onces, weird.

08-01-2003, 21:29
don't forget to throw pot somewhere in the mix. even if it's just a bowl or two, it will really make the experience more of a "trip". especially if you're only munchin a gram each.

08-01-2003, 23:18
[quote]Originally posted by Thirdeyeopen:
not to make this an argument or anything, but I really think hippy flip would be acid and shrooms. Reasoning: hippies never had X, at least the originals didn't. MX missile is shrooms and ecstacy. reasoning: M stands for mush, X stands for ecstacy. I also heard MX missle being used on the daily show on comedy central onces, weird.
im not arguing, but your statements are not valid.
Hippies do have mdma, mda, and just about everything else. Hippie flipping is NOT combining acid and shrooms.
Also, MX missle has meaning way beyond drug culture...but like its already been said...Its all street slang, call it what you want, just don't assume that your way is the only way ;) .

09-01-2003, 01:51
na, fuck all this, heres the low-down
dicksuckin- mdma+lsd
pussy munchin- mdma + mushrooms

stefano * *
09-01-2003, 03:45

indy goth kid A
09-01-2003, 16:13
i apologize for the confusion, i meant 2 ounces... jesus... maybe i don't need to do any more drugs... ahhahaha

09-01-2003, 17:12
Then.... take as many as you want :) a good pill folowed by 2 grams is a very nice combo

09-01-2003, 19:25
There is no "wrong" way to hippie-flip. That is the beauty of it, really. Just DOET.

02-04-2004, 12:56
Mmmm my first experience on shrooms was with 2 grams (dried) and it was VERY intense... 8o I would probably do that much and maybe a bit more another time... but right now I have maybe 1 gram remaining out of a bag I had...

This weekend I am also going to be scorin' myself some pills so at my friend's after our night out I might go ahead and try some hippyflippin' =D

I have candyflipped on a few occasions and the experience has been fantastic! I love doing shrooms when I'm comfortably indoors with a few friends, so the setting for this weekend should be perfect :)

02-04-2004, 23:51
that -hippie flip doesn't make sense because hippies didn't have e-, i think that's definitely incorrect. i don't mean they DID have e, but i mean the e has nothing to do with why it's called a hippie flip. a "flip" is mixing anything with e. the hippie portion of the equation is the mushrooms. as candy= lsd+e, the candy is the cid and the flip is e mixed into it.

anyway, my first and only hippie flip was the single greatest drug experience of my life. it was pure bliss. my body meant nothing, all that i knew was pure pleasure and joy.

took the pill, waited until i felt the little bit of tingling that you always get when it starts to hit, then chomped down the fungus quickly. golden.


i've never found a dose of 2g of mushrooms to ever be intense. and trust me, i've had some good shrooms. however, i have a natural tolerance to psychedelics and require higher doses of everything i've tried to achieve the desired effects. i'm also 6'4", so i'm certain size has at least a bit to do with it.

03-04-2004, 00:33
i've never found a dose of 2g of mushrooms to ever be intense. and trust me, i've had some good shrooms

Then you definitely haven't had the best mushrooms :)

I've eaten up to 10 grams of mushrooms before, and the hardest I EVER tripped was off 2 grams of *real* liberty caps. 2 grams of those blew every other mushroom experience I had (probably 100+) out of the water.

i'm also 6'4", so i'm certain size has at least a bit to do with it.

Size has little to do with it - I weigh 220lbs. I guarantee you there are mushrooms out there that 2 grams will kick your ass :)

03-04-2004, 02:55
I agree with Silverfucked's definitions.

Hippieflip = MX Missle = shrooms + mdma

But unlike most here I think hippieflipping is a waste of good mdma and mushrooms. I found their synergy is not complimentary, but tends to bring out the worst effects of both drugs instead.

Unless I have so many drugs I don't know what to do with them, I have no plans on ever hippieflipping again.

03-04-2004, 03:31
^^ You're crazy! (j/k)

I've never met a person who didn't like that combination :)