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25-06-2009, 09:05
Hey ive been officially not dependent on opiates from about 4 months(apart of one slip up). Ive noticed that I have a huge gut up me and while most people see its as bulk/muscle while I have clothes on but when they come off its j ust chib with a bit of muscle, its really annoying and i need to start doing more sit ups and cadio.

Has anone else got or experienced problems with weight gain(or loss) after discontinuing opiate use. I hear a lot of methadone patients put on loads of weigh, haevent heard much from sub users. I quit a 2-300mg day oxy habit officially 4 months ago but I have slipped up a fww times, only managd to get withdawals once ot of maybe 5 slip ups so that good in my books. Funny thing is my tolerance to oxy hasnt dropped, at all in that 4 months, even though I snort most times these days I could still easily shoot 240mg and be fine, strange huh, I hav a weird system..

But yeah, whats the go with all this, why is it so easy to put on weight, ive tried many times to gain weight when I was on oxy full time and it never worked, now that im of the stuff im geting over weight. Im goin to continue excecising coz I never an to hav a onother perious of overweightness in my life.

So how commong is i for you guys ti put on weight after quitting opiates?

Can anyone relate? Ive been fat previously, when I was a lo younger, I dont want to expeience it evey agaon...Also I was on seroquel when I was in rehab as were most of the people there and thst stuf gives you the munchiies big time, after id dose at night one it strted coming on id eat ridiculour amouts of (healthy) food every night and I now weight in the 80's(kg's)

So yer, has anyone put on loads of weight after quitting opiates(or any other hard drugs at all causing one to put on weight? I halways hear of heroin addicts getting fat after quittin. Im going to have to start hitting the gym up, though. Im also considering getting on buoe. Last time I tried to get on it I was 17 firstly so they wee iffy about giving it t me which I can understand, I wasnt doing so much oxy then but im going to try and get bupe again which shouldnt be hard cz ive OD'd, relapsed tons of times and been to rehab times, thats kinda what they needed to hear from me to get onn bupe. While im not completely dependet anywmore im going to try, jus to fill the void in My head/body of where opiates used to take place. Do you think its likely I will get bupe and is it easy for a doc to prescribe it.

So 2 questions, Are you on bupe and what did it take or what did you tell the doctor on why you needed bupe? Is it easy? Im going to have to do something differently this time I try to get on in bpe. Im not interested in mthadone whatsoever. My sual dose of oxy is between 160-240mg, how mch bupe would I get put on if anyone has a clue?

Also about the weight thing...Have you gained weight from heroin/opiate use during use or qutting? Just one more thing to say, when im using I look like a completel junky, skinny as all fuck and not good looking, now I look alot better but I hate my gut, I wish the weight was put on proportionately but not it had to go straight to my gut.
Anyway ill shut up now, this is probably way too long, sorry guys if you ended up reading the whle thing, ill try to remember next time to plan what im going to say and make it shorter.

thx ppl, replies would be realy appreciated.

Sorry for such a long post, im just interested.

P.s Sorry for the spelling too, I think the drugs have impaired my inteligence...hope it find its way back to me.

25-06-2009, 09:15
I put some on, but I was shootin up a lot of H and not eating properly, and when I quit I joined the marines and put on about 40 pounds in muscle, so I don't know if I'm really the best person to answer that question.

25-06-2009, 10:43
Your weight gain is still all about what you put in your mouth. Having an extended addiction such as yours has a definite effect on neurotransmitters and on the reward centers of the brain. This may be causing you to eat more frequently or eat less healthy foods.

Gaining weight is still all about what you put in your mouth, so be careful to watch your diet. Eat a certain about of calories a day (check this site to find your basal metabolic rate - essentially how many calories your body would use if you did nothing all day.) If you continue to gain weight, drop your caloric intake by 200 calories and then monitor it more. You will soon find the proper amount for weight loss for you.

25-06-2009, 11:59
I was never overweight. But I find that opiates/opioids decrease my appetite, and I lose some fat and gain some muscle after taking them frequently for a long time. In withdrawals I get the exact opposite, though nothing worth worrying about.

Just avoid trans fat and too much saturated fat and carbs. Have a diet high in protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, good cholesterol, and make sure your getting all your vitamins and minerals. Do some cardio along with that and your good. Spice up your food with hot peppers (hot foods released endorphins), cracked black pepper, a little iodized salt, and curry to make health food taste better and for the numerous health benefits, To help out I reccomend a multivitamin/mineral, mucuna pruriens extract, green tea extract, and omega-3(6-9)fatty acid supplements. They will all synergize quite well for helping you lose fat and gain muscle - speed up metabolism, decreasing stress (less cortisol), increase HGH levels, and increase activity of various neurotransmitters including but not limited to: like DA, PEA, NE, GABA, 5-HT and acetylcholine.

Theirs more things you can do. PM me if you want more info. I just got back from an all nighter party...

25-06-2009, 16:04
i gained 20 kilos on mirtazepine in 3 months... which sucked, now i weight just over 100kg for 1meter 85cm about which nearly classes me as obese i think even though i work out, it just makes me heavier cause the fat turns into muscle which is heavier... and i'm on MMT now

are you on MMT? what dose? how fast is ur taper?

25-06-2009, 20:22
Yes opiates/opiods kill your appetite, i quit heroin, oxys and coke all at the same time.. back then i stayed around 180lbs and my healthy weight is around 190ish..but now that im not using anymore i hav just moved over to drinking everyday liquor and beer...so with that and a HUGE increase in appetite im now sitting at 210lbs but im tall so its not to bad...

But i definately noticed the increase in appetite my girl tried telling me that it effects the way you eat all the time when your constantly using i didnt believe her i thought it was like coke where it kills it when your high but i noticed that if your using on a regular basis even if its not an everyday thing as long as your doin it every couple days it controls your appetite and makes it small...

And if your worried about weight dont touch methadone i have several friends on it and if your a lax person that doesnt watch your meals you'll pack it on.

Lost and Confused
25-06-2009, 22:07
Yes, I quit an IV heroin and dilaudid addiction and have put on probably 15lbs in 4 months...it sucks.

Opiate 420
25-06-2009, 23:33
yea when i'm doin opiates everday Im cool off like a meal a day, it's weird, a lot of people I know once they get into their addiction they get hella skinny, as soon as I stop though I want like 3 meals a day fer sure it's weird

26-06-2009, 01:50
I've been skinny all my life, until MMT. I've put on 50lbs since starting MMT (walked in a dopesick 130lbs, 2 years later I'm a 180lbs skinny white guy with a gut).

I likes the Oreos a little too much. Methadone maintenance ends in a terminal addiction to sugar. Eh, who has the energy for excersize. Sex drive is kaput anyway. I'd rather nod off and eat candy. I wish I knew the lyrics from 'I need candy' from that episode of ATHF. Story of my life.

26-06-2009, 02:15
I gained about 25lbs when started using heroin regularly and when I quit and got on sub I lost it all w/i a few months. 10 months after quitting heroin, I'm back to my old skinny self.

26-06-2009, 04:26
as far as your dose goes...idk how much bupe u (might) be on. I had a 15-60mg fentanyl habbit a day and im on 24mg of bupe/day. Im not sure where u live..but if its USA then u have to go to a doctor who has taking the classes to prescribe bupe and has a licence (or whatever) to do it. Not every doctor can prescribe it, only certain ones. You might start at 8-16mg a day and see where it goes from there.

I have lost 50Lbs since i started opiates, and i continue to lose weight on suboxone. I am 6foot and weigh 134Lbs.

My doctor was already setup to script bupe, and he knew i was a chronic pain patient, so he had no problem scripting it to me for as long as i want. If you arent in the USA, i have no idea how bupe would go..

26-06-2009, 16:33
Since I've been off opiates I have been eating more. My grandparents noticed more meat on my bones. I'm still skinny, but now i dont look like i need to eat something.

When I was on bupe I was eating more, but when I start. when I coming off the junk my stomach and appetite was still screwed up. Later on I started feeling good physically and mentally to be finally over this bullshit. Depending on my mood I'll eat tons or nibbles.

26-06-2009, 21:09
I usually am good off one meal a day. I sometimes try too force myself too eat another meal and swallow a multi vite for basic nutrition. It's weird though, I dont IV my H I usually snort with the ocasional dragon chasing (although this has been hell on my lungs, so im trying too quit the chasin) and I wont be hungry all day, then when I nod off for good at night, I wake up at 3 am with the ill munchies.

But then again, no two bodies are the same..

26-06-2009, 22:34
Weird. If there's one thing that's not come back since taking OCs it's my appetite. I'm still not eating much of anything and still have some IBS like symptoms 2 weeks clean.

The only thing I can say is if you feel you're eating food out of boredom to stop and keep working out instead. Working out is always a good "constructive" habit to pick up.