View Full Version : Smoking meth make you sick?

12-05-2009, 09:29
aite quick question, so after i smoke meth i always seem to get a stomach ache , like right after. It usually last for like 10 hours or until i sober up completely. Im just curious, Is this normal?


Mr Blonde
12-05-2009, 09:31
Nausea is a listed side-effect of methamphetamine.


12-05-2009, 09:43
that happens to me with adderall sometimes if i take a lot.

12-05-2009, 12:55
that happens to me with adderall sometimes if i take a lot.

yea i 2nd that one.. meth is very powerful im not sure if u can do much about it. but with adderall i just eat ALOT before taking it so i avoid the tummy ache

12-05-2009, 13:27
my stomach gets anxious on amphetamines. it rumbles and sweats and cries and pouts and hyperventilates and is just a party poop on amps. in fact my whole digestive tract has a bad trip, at least for the first hour.

12-05-2009, 17:13
Doesn't really happen to me.

13-05-2009, 21:19
If it's dirty dope, or generally any type of anhydrous dope that you're smoking, it can make you sick. Trust me, nothing makes me gag worse than taking a hit of some fire anhydrous that hasn't been prepared by a pro...bleccch!! Just thinking about it makes me nauseous. So yeah, smoked methamphetamine can make you feel that way...not just because of the smell, taste, poor quality or whatever, but as mentioned above nausea is a common side effect with methamp / amps.

13-05-2009, 21:49
^ +1

This man speaks the truth.

14-05-2009, 14:19
obv meth can give you a stomache ache, have you even seen or heard how it is produced and what it does to your body?

14-05-2009, 23:23
All the more reason not to do it.

16-05-2009, 00:13
When I smoked speed I got the same thing.
What method did you use to smoke it with?

18-05-2009, 04:20
Been doing it for a year now and haven't had that happen much, if at all. I'm not sure if it's related to the quality of your dope or just the way your body reacts.

28-05-2009, 15:18
Depends on the quality usually. If it has alot of cut or is old (ICE) it'll have a bad taste and soon leads to nasua

27-03-2010, 10:02
i've found this has started to happen recently, but its a different kind of nausea than what you get from puffing cutters and the gear has been better than ever lately so i'm putting it down as another undesirable side effect of meth.
i've found a glass of eno every few hours settles it down but i still get that gross hollow feeling deep in my stomach and back of my throat

27-03-2010, 10:22
I noticed that whenever I feel nauseous from smoking crystal... it's mainly caused from the lack of food/hydration. If you eat a little and drink lots of water, it pretty much dissipates immediately.