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18-04-2009, 08:52
Do you know anyone that has died because of their meth addiction? I've never heard of anyone that has been doing it for 10+ years. Is this because they quit? Get busted? Die? All the people I know are between 1 - 5 years of use. My ex-girlfriend is a daily smoker (about a gram) for 5 years now and I can't say I've seen many ill effects from her use yet, physically or mentally.

18-04-2009, 09:16
From my experience all addicts either end up in jail, dead, or go insane from their addiction. I myself haven't had anyone close to me die from meth but I know of people who have overdosed and died.

When I used to use meth daily I only did it for maybe a month and it surprises me you say your ex hasn't been affected physically or mentally because when I used it I noticed a change in my weight and appearance within staying up for a week. Not to mention I got real paranoid and delusional. Does she sleep?

18-04-2009, 09:32
I've never heard of a fatal overdose of meth . . I'm interested in how muh you would have to smoke before a life threatening o.d.

18-04-2009, 09:37
The person I know of was a friend of a friend and I know he did his speed IV, not smoking...not quite sure if you can die from smoking it.

Here is another thread I found through to help answer your question.


18-04-2009, 11:13
That's what I was wondering. I'm sure most of the deaths are injection related.

My girl actually had trouble losing weight, even with the meth, but she's in her late 30s. She obviously doesn't get high from it anymore. I guess she uses it to get to baseline...I really don't understand.

On occassion she will stay up for 2 days in a given week, but other than that she sleeps every night. Another funny thing is that she is the most beautiful pearly white teeth I have ever seen.

18-04-2009, 11:29
It is entirely possible. Not just an overdose, but multiple organ failure after the poison starts to attack your whole body, causing your liver to fail. If she's a smoker - her lungs will not be a pretty sight. Constant infections - UTI's from your poisoned bladder.

I know someone that OD'd on meth. I know a few people that died from organ failure. I have OD'd on meth and had a seizure myself.

It is IMPOSSIBLE - literally impossible - to go 5 years straight smoking a gram a day without any ill effects. Absolutely impossible.

I don't look like your average meth head either. My teeth are still perfectly aligned apart from 2 I pulled out (which I had fake teeth planted into), my hair is shiny, my skin is not covered in sores and I am no longer deathly skinny. Appearance means nothing, not all meth addicts look like those stupid 'Faces Of Meth' exaggerated homeless people.

It's what is going on INSIDE that matters. I am in constant pain from infections in every place you can imagine. My kidneys hurt 24/7.

18-04-2009, 11:31
That is rather odd..I guess some people just aren't affected like others, I myself only weigh 120 when I'm healthy so it was very obvious when I was using, my face started to sink in and all that. However I never did pick at my face or anything like that though, other then my weight, you couldn't really tell...but I also was only a heavy user for a month and then recreationally since then. Uppers were never really my drug of choice.

18-04-2009, 14:40
It's what is going on INSIDE that matters. I am in constant pain from infections in every place you can imagine. My kidneys hurt 24/7.

Uhhhhh I know. I have the worst UTI/bladder/kidney infections. I drink ural like water... :\

Anyway, one of my friends sister's died of a meth overdose though i don't know too many details. She used for 17 years.

Also, I always hear the recovery rate from meth addiction is like 7%. But I call bullshit on that. I actually think the majority of people recover from their addiction, it's just that the majority of people don't get treatment, so they're not recorded.

20-04-2009, 18:36
^^ALL of my friends who used to use (pretty much addicted) stopped using. However, I don't hang out with the people who kept using so I guess this info is useless.

21-04-2009, 16:46
It's what is going on INSIDE that matters. I am in constant pain from infections in every place you can imagine. My kidneys hurt 24/7.

I have never used Meth, but I have researched it quite a bit. claire22 is right, its hard to see the inside of your lungs...:\

Lady Codone
21-04-2009, 23:54
I've heard that coke is actually worse for the heart than meth, despite meth being the more potent stimulant. Something to do with coke's anesthetic properties.

Anyway, the worst meth-health story I've witnessed is a lady who got a horrid lung infection that somehow ended in ovarian gangrene (or something similar) that required an inpatient stay at a hospital, where she vowed to never do the drug again. Needless to say, she went right back to it once on the street again...and she was on her death bed.

Haven't heard of anyone dying from a meth OD, but have read about deaths from longterm injection of "methedrine" in the '60s. And some gnarly psychotic tales of jumping from buildings on a mix of speed/LSD and other suicide stories.

Not everyone shows the telltale physical signs of bodily destruction a la "Faces of Meth", but that doesn't mean it's not severely damaging one's insides. Nutrient deficiencies, sleep deprivation, dehydration, stress on the heart and lungs, and countless other problems can arise from smoking meth. Seems a lot of these could be decreased greatly by just swallowing it instead, which is both less addictive and easier on the body (less "rush" and such).

22-04-2009, 00:31
It's what is going on INSIDE that matters. I am in constant pain from infections in every place you can imagine. My kidneys hurt 24/7.

This makes me sad.

22-04-2009, 00:58
One of my friends has cardiac fibrosis from doing it for 8 years straight. It will kill you in the end. I recall a drug rehabilitation admission statistic, there was barely anyone admitted for meth abuse over the age of 45 despite lots of heroin users being admitted. FOAF died after getting shot over meth. Body was found in a barn. Nasty drug.

22-04-2009, 02:18
wow, you gotta think though, doing ANY drug everyday for 8 years straight (besides pot or MAYBE mushrooms) will probably kill you...

23-04-2009, 12:12
"Crystal Meth intensely amplifies the nervous system, zapping feelings of hunger and fatigue. The result is the same physical stress that follows any extreme exertion like skydiving. But instead of giving themselves a chance to rest between jumps, crystal meth users extend their runs for days and even weeks on end, without stopping for food or rest. The result of such negative actions is the placing of impossible demands on their bodies, resulting in irreversible damage. Ever wonder why you don’t bump into older speed freaks at meetings? The simple truth is that they don’t live long enough to grow old."

(wonderland treatment center website)

27-04-2009, 11:15
Most meth addicts quit on their own after tweaking hard for somewhere between 2 and 10 years straight. After a while, to be quite honest, it's very hard work and tends to become more trouble than its worth for almost every addict by then.

But yeah, those who don't quit in time face kidney problems and sometimes hearing loss.

28-04-2009, 00:24
^Or, you know, they just die.

I don't know many addicts that died due to OD from meth, but I've known several who died from conditions relating to their meth use, cardiac arrest, or most commonly, suicide.

28-04-2009, 01:47
I've seen a few old meth addicts, it amazes me they are even still alive with how long they have been using.