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25-03-2014, 22:15
Some substances irritate your sinuses more than other and it varies from one person to another, you won't have done any permanent damage but it may take a while for it to settle down.

Persistent and sustained snorting will almost certainly lead to some consequences, commonly sinus infection or with some substances erosion of the tissues in the nose often experienced by heavy Cocaine users.

Like anything you tried it didnt like it so best not to do the same thing again:D

mario carrillo
27-03-2014, 03:23
:D thanks and i ain't gonna do that again that's for sure that wierd feeling on my right side of my head bothered me that week when i did it and the next it felt like it was num or something its been a month and the feeling is still there but i dont feel it as much as i did two weeks ago.

28-03-2014, 07:34
Drink lots of water, brush your teeth, get comfortable and try to eat something. I am glad in a way you are not enjoying this, as I have been plagued by this demon for many many years. You will be better off remembering how shit it really is, how it does make you paranoid and antisocial, and no it is in no way like cocaine (the comedowns are noxious compared to coke).

As for the xanax, I used that to come down off meth, its alright to do that IMO, only a small amount with no alcohol though. I think the problem is with having xanax around, it makes the comedowns go away, making living on meth easy.

So just this once, then no no to meth alright?

Im coming down like a cunt right now and have the aches and pains. Have some ibuprofen for that, if you are sore.

Almost 2 months clean then back to this fucking shit.

5 years clean then back on the shit for the past 2 months. Sigh. All because of a girl. I feel your pain.

11-06-2014, 18:05
5 years clean then back on the shit for the past 2 months. Sigh. All because of a girl. I feel your pain.
Ya, I know what's that like as well. 5 years is amazing though, you can do it again.

21-07-2014, 15:49
dear sweet mother of jesus, your first meth experience sounded exactly like mine pretty much piece by piece. I thought I was taking a pure ecstasy pill from my idiot friend and it ended up being a Meth bomb. worst fucking experience of my life, not only physically and psychologically, but also because the things i said to people that know me and the way i ended up acting that night was embarrassing as fucking hell. oh, and ended up in the ER too btw. not cool.

ccan we talk about it? http://www.bluelight.org/i/s/frown.gif or actually, is anyone open to talking? I feel like i need to talk to someone thats been through this just to make me feel better about this whole shit situation that went down the drain. nobody to talk to about it and i feel like i have no support to get out of this shit mental state whenever i think back on it, its always in the back of my mind since then (few weeks ago).

thanks for sharing too btw

I had a similar experience last Friday night / Saturday morning. I thought I was doing ecstasy, but it ended up being meth. It's been around 53 hours now, not sure if it is anxiety but feel like my heart rate is a little high. I heard depending on how much it was it will take me a few days before I feel normal again. Is this true?

This was taken at a party where I didn't know many people and felt like I many a total fool out of myself, it gave me anxiety and paranoia.

06-09-2014, 01:39
I'm not sure but I think I'm still comin down...its been about 30 something hours. Yesterday I had the worst migraine ever and puked.unaunable to eat.anxianxiety I took haldol, Iderall, vicvicodin, xanax, doxepin n I slept about 9 hours or less I woke up n this morning I felt pretty n confident n on top of world I want more but am not its so addictive plz help

06-09-2014, 22:40
I'd really slow down on the mountain of tablets, I would have thought the Xanax alone would have been sufficient mixing all that lot is potentially more damaging than a dose of meth.

Its not clear if you're having a problem with meth, if it's been that long since you took it and you've had some sleep and feel OK then don;t panic. Fluids, food, fresh air and rest are great healers.

If this is becoming a regular habit and you'r concerned feel free to share those worries here :)

26-10-2014, 05:06
Did meth for the first time 12 years ago, was told I was doing a line of coke: as many have said, worst drug experience ever. After multiple hour-long failed attempts at sleeping over about a 36 hour period, I finally scored a gram of pot, then went & got 2 40oz of Corona, blunted the weed & downed the beers with a Tylenol pm. Slept for 12 hours. Jitters, no hunger, paranoia, all that stuff.

Low & behold, 13 years later (last night) I get a booty call & already fuckd on Xan n alcohol, I answer the call. Chick hands me a pipe, I hit it, we fuck. Then reality sets in: "what in gods name did I just do. Here we go". Had to work in the morn with a 2 hour break later, still no sleep. Got off work for good and although still high, fell asleep for 2 hours & feeling a lot better now (normal).

The best things I found to take the edge of is alcohol. I blew a bit of xan & that helped as well, but really watched it cause of OD paranoia

I honestly can't understand how people get addicted to this. "...feel like you can do anything, incredibly good about yourself, productive,..." Uh, not at all. That sounds like the feeling I get from blowing oxy, but instead of paranoid sleepless jitters, my body feels like it's surrounded by pillows and I can stay awake or sleep whichever I choose; only hardcore drug I'm doing ever again.

Lucien Carr
05-03-2015, 08:27
So glad I found this thread. It was a super slow day at work and when I got off my idiot friend/coworker (seems to be a trend) offered me a bit of what I assumed was ecstasy before I left to go home. I just took a tiny bit, didn't want to be awake all night. On the bus, started to feel super energetic and good, but also incredibly scattered. I tried to talk to a friend when I get off the bus, but just take the conversation in circles and can't keep a train of thought. I'd planned to just take a little ecstasy and have some great sex with the girlfriend after a boring day and I couldn't tell her I was on meth (lol) so I just pushed through it. Had a lot of trouble sustaining an erection, it took a looooong time to finish (I usually have trouble lasting very long tbh) and I had very little sensitivity. Although it was fun to go forever, it was a bit lackluster all things considered. Then just uneasiness, anxiety, nerve tension, chills, jaw grinding, and trying to sit still during a movie; all of which we're subtle at first, but intensified with absolutely no high after an hour or two.

Cooked dinner and the girlfriend decided to crash early, which is probably for the best in my case. I had a beer with dinner and the alcohol seemed to ease the symptoms a little bit, but I don't really want to be drunk...or stimmed up. I've been vaporizing a bit of pot to try to relax my nerves some as it's been about 9-10 hours since I took it and I've just been laying in bed for 2 hours, light years from sleep with a migraine. I've been catching myself clenching and grinding my jaw every few minutes, anxiety is pretty bad, and a bit nauseous. That was all off just a little dose orally; I'd guess about 8-10mg from previous experience weighing crystalline substances...

Definitely can see why one would get dependent on it as the comedown sucks at what seems like most any threshold dose, but I can't imagine how anyone would /want/ to feel that scattered, anxious, trashy stim feeling. I imagine it must effect people differently, but I can't wait to be able to sleep again and put this drug behind me.

Appreciate the shared experiences. I'm definitely a bit of an addict in my actions, but stick to only some weed and the occasional drink these days. I really want to re-dose to get rid of this comedown, but know that'll just send me down the rabbit hole.

There I go clenching my jaw again. And leaving rambling posts online. :/

Edit: still can't sleep ~4 hours later. Sorry if bumping this thread is looked down upon; I just figured it helped me and could help someone else again.

04-06-2015, 11:55
What if swim hadn't done it in a week. And they had smoked a little for a couple hours then shot some 6 hrs ago, is it safe to take xanax?

04-06-2015, 12:01
Just so unknown ice frequented this site and never felt the need to join till now. Swim has done all drugs under the son, her fave being bentos and heroin combined, deadly I know but when you get that right mixture I'm told it's heaven on earth. Anyway, swim moved out to Cali a year ago and tried meth for the first time 3 weeks ago, goofballs to be exact, and enjoyed the beginning rush but the comedown isn't something she did without opioids and Xanax. For some reason, the opioids make everything chill, I guess . Anyway swim decided that she didn't want to kick heroin again so she went straight to meth and got some bars for the come comedown. When can she take them and how much can should she take?

04-06-2015, 12:36
Mario, I know this post is too late but when doin these kinds of drugs its best tondo them with supportive friends. I actually wouldn't call anyone who said that to me a friend. First of all, everyone's body chemistry is different so nobody can tell u what undid was too much, in fact .25 isn't that great big a deal, u just need to relax and most importantly surround yourself with people that will encourage u to take it easy. There's always a solution, if u over amp, lie down and drink water breathing at a slow leseriierly pace. That's work for people I know. But try and surround yourself with better friends when experimenting with these kinds of drugs

09-06-2015, 19:14
I see a lot of first time users mentioning that they feel so shitty from their comedown and that they'll never do it again. I hope they stick to that. But i remember my first time I said I would never do it again because of the comedown. The scary thing is that Meth really hijacks your brain. I quickly forgot and how terrible the comedown was and just remembered the euphoria.

I've been battling this addiction for 9-10 months now. I have about 2 and a half months sober now. I didn't notice how much I was changing as a person or how quickly my life was falling apart. Completely oblivious to it. Meth put me on auto pilot. i wasn't a daily user at first. At first it was once a month. But then my time inbetween using kept getting shorter and shorter I just randomly woke up one day in a panic and realized that nothing was as it should be, 7 months passed by in a blink of an eye, I had been in auto pilot the entire time, and I need to get sober.

21-08-2015, 09:48
My first time with meth was earlier today, or yesterday since its 3:47 in the morning. Personally I had none of the problems you guys did. I enjoyed it so much and I'm definitely doing it again.

22-08-2015, 04:08
I've tried Meth once, three pipes. First time I took a draw I impulsively stripped naked - I was with my SO though so that was ok! But I can only imagine I would have made a complete dick of myself if I was with people I don't feel comfortable around sober - because I would have regretted it more and that would have made the comedown worse and the comedown was pretty evil for me anyway!

25-10-2015, 02:29
I made the dumbest mistake of trying meth for the first time Wednesday evening. Took maybe 10-12 hits off of one of those complex looking pipes similar to a bong (I don't know what they're called). I thought I could suppress the come down but I threw up at work the next day and they sent me home. I went to the ER Thursday evening because I thought I was having a heart attack. I just left the hospital today (Saturday afternoon) and still feel like shit. The worst part is the nausea. I feel like just moving will make me throw up. Being in cars makes me throw up, it's the worst motion sickness ever. I have a friend who is going to get my Benadryl so I can sleep but are there any recommendations for reducing motion sickness/nausea? Pepto doesn't seem to be working and I'm allergic to Dramamine. I have a Valium but technically it expired six months ago so I don't know if I should take it. I can't even walk two blocks to the pharmacy without feeling like I'm going to throw up. I don't want anyone saying "oh you just didn't do it right" or "oh you just had a bad batch." I never want to experiment with this ever again. I have way too much on the line as a PhD student. All I could use now are suggestions for easing this come down and support, whatever that may look like.

25-10-2015, 18:37
I would take the Valium and drink some water. Try to eat something and close your eyes. The Valium will help. Also melatonin for sleep.

Sorry you are going through this. Hope you're feeling better soon.

29-10-2015, 20:09
So, I have done meth a total of 5 times. The first four times, the only crash I had was being awake and not being hungry. This last time, I only did two lines and the high wore off a few hours later (like normal), but the crash is AWFUL (it is happening as I type). My arm started getting cold. Not really numb, but you know when your arm is waking up from falling asleep and it gets past the stinging stage? That is what it felt like from my fingertips to my elbow. And of course my heart was racing (of course!). I have some pains in my left arm and my left shoulder is sore. I found out from a therapist that this is because the blood was thinning and it is causing pain. This was/is the crash I needed to decide that I don't actually want to do this drug. I wish this would have happened the first time I did it. I did find this site as a result though, so something good came out of it. :)

That sounds like some bad vasoconstriction: not good. Welcome to Bluelight

Burnt Offerings
30-10-2015, 09:17
Well of course you're gonna get spun as fuck taking 10-12 hits BONG HITS of METH with NO TOLERANCE. I've got a big amphetamine tolerance and sometimes only a few good rolled rips out of a meth bong will leave me high as a kite, if it's good stuff.

01-11-2015, 17:36
I just googled "meth comedown" (for the expected reasons) and I ended up here. I read the experiences of others, so I thought I'd share my recent and only experiences with crystal meth.
I have dabbled in most substances over the years, the only exception being crack cocaine, never had access to it.
Recently, I managed to get my hands on about half a gram (which I'm told is a sizable amount and also worth a lot in the UK). A good friend from the other side of the world (sounds odd, but we used to live in Thailand and did a lot of yaa baa there), assured me it was top grade stuff and encouraged me to obtain the Sweet Puff pipe.
While I was waiting for the pipes to arrive, I couldn't resist taking some crystal orally. I work twelve hour shifts, so before work I took what would be considered less than a "key blast" from the blade of a very small swiss army knife (to give you an idea of the amount). I just licked it. Horrible, but easily washed away.
Now, that shift at work was a blast. The first thing that struck me was that nobody seemed to notice I was wired. It felt like a very clean speed high. I occasionally would stutter or trip over a word, but other than that, I just felt amazing. I had the bag out in my car, but knowing this shit is strong, I avoided taking more.
I then went home and slept fine! In a weird way, this worried me as I could easily imagine myself using it everyday, if I had easy access to it.
The second day, I did the same but overdid the dosage out of greed a bit. The work experience was the same, but that night wasn't much fun. Nothing like what I've read here, but a little crazy, to be sure.
The point, so far, is there was little comedown at all. I asked my friend and he said again that this was really good stuff. The type of line you here all the time, but it seemed to ring true.
So, to the weekend.................
The pipe arrived in the post. Beer was bought. A friend invited round. I researched the tricky art of smoking the meth bong.
To cut a long rambling post (coincidence?) shorter, we have a great evening/morning. I read some people reporting that they didn't get high. I can relate to that as i FELT somewhat sober and clear-headed. I knew I wasn't however.
Here's the bit that freaked me out. I could not leave that pipe alone for a good twenty four hours. I know I made the choice to pick it up, but I was concerned about just how appealing that ritual of smoking the meth was and how it just seemed to click with me. My friend took a nap, I continued to smoke, drink beers (and not the feel the effect) and watch youtube.
My friend went home. Did I stop? Did I fuck. I sat there and hit that pipe until I ran out of meth.
It was a kind of relief when it was finished. I found myself thinking about how easily addictive this stuff is.
I was worried that I would be high as a kite for the next few days, but after a long, cold walk to the shops, a bottle of red wine and the effects of all that beer finally kicked in and I was in bed for about 1am on Sunday. I had started about 7pm on Friday.
It's now 4.30pm on Sunday and although I don't feel like running a marathon, I feel pretty....okay.
I felt dirty and was brushing my teeth early on Saturday morning while still high. I remember changing a t-shirt last night and ripping the stitching while taking it off!
What concerns me, is how appealing I found the experience. Oh yeah, there was usual hours and hours of porn after my friend left. An old habit from my yaa baa days.
I am NOT here to gloat (for all I know there is worse to come), I am just glad I do not have easy access to this stuff here in the UK. There was no end of the world comedown. My appetite is back. My jaw doesn't hurt too badly. I just don't feel great, but I reckon I've come out the other end okay.
The fact that this post is over-long has not escaped me, however.
So, while I am not trivialising this drug, I see easily how it could get its claws into me, I just thought I'd add my recent experience. I do not plan on repeating it anytime soon, but regular amphetamine would seem like a cup of coffee to me now...

12-11-2015, 12:35
I have to work in 5 hours and I didn't sleep all
Night. I have to get up in 2 hours to take my
son to school. Needless to say I've been up 17 hours. Looks like il
gonna have to smoke some more to get me to work. Luckily it's only a 2-3 hour shift!

27-11-2015, 05:13
So. I smoked Crystal from 10pm on Saturday night until 2pm on Sunday. Drinking GBL also in between. And then to finish up I've deluded a little bit of meth powder in hot water and put it up my ass. Lol. Was the best high ever. And I didn't embarrass myself, cause I did everything at home. + apparently the meth powder eliminated the crystal comedown. So I was in bed by 9pm and slept like an angel. Next day at work I was fine, feeling a bit tired, but productive.

28-11-2015, 06:52
Meth is a monstrous drug. I lost my life to it for a long time, so did many others. What's horrifying is even though you said you "hated it", I wouldn't be surprised if you try it again or if you even crave it. Meth has this strange way for many to be super addicting. Causing fiending not only while on it but even months after the last use. My biggest advice is to drink lots of water, take the xanax, eat some food, brush your teeth and put on one of your favorite television shows, etc.

28-11-2015, 09:26
Had this as a one timer. Gotta also told it is coke. I took only a very little amount. Because the colour was suspicious. After that heart beating, wired thoughts and a nearly 3 day run it was over. Drank so much I could, popped a lot vitamins and the after the WE and the new week began. I felt like a piece of crap.
If you have pure, clean Meth (Pharma) and absolutely correct scale - it think it is possible to handle it some times. But not for fun. Just to have to stay awake, put the body needs away (hunger, thirst) and a have a "fairly" clear focus - like in war situations. But only as one timer in long period of time.
If not will to get f***ed - really hard and loosing everything.

Main problem what makes it so uncomfortable is the synthesis I think. Underground labs do not have the equipment and willpower to make a good product - even their name is Walter White ;)

30-11-2015, 04:46
I honestly know, personally, that setting and cool people make or break a meth buzz. Couple the uneducated vibe apparent from my reading (by douchetards not even knowing, or knowing and not caring, about what substance they were giving a first freaking timer) with the unpredictable reaction to streotypy while under its influence could, most certainly, in my opinion turn terrible. Unfortunately as is the case with meth for me, one bad experience can sour the whole collective experience overall. Point is, don't allow one negative experience blur the line between good and bad until you've given it another chance under your conditions that would make it become the magic it can be, and not the demon it can also become ... But hell, I'm just an old meth head with many experiences. I hope this helped a little lol

30-11-2015, 04:54
Yes. Agreed. "Good meth" dosed as to the best scale feasible (many times may not be anything else but how many crystals line up) but, point is, that good meth has rendered my life a pitiful excuse for what it was prior the use regularly. It did literally cause me to p*** everything away, and it can you too

30-11-2015, 05:09
I used drugs for years. I had some problems with some and was still able to keep a job, function somewhat... Etc. Until I found crystal meth. Within no time I lost most of my friends, gave myself I believe permanent psychosis... (Since I've been sober for 4 months now and still see shit that isn't there) and ended up losing my car, my phone, my home and ended up in a Scientology rehab. Where I was essentially tortured for 3 months. This all happened within 8 months of using it. I could maybe stay sober for a week or so after a binge but the call to meth was stronger than anything I'd ever felt previously. The only good advice I can ever give anyone... Is stay the fuck away from meth.

T. Calderone
30-11-2015, 23:45
Moving to Basic Drug Discussion

06-06-2016, 05:52
I finally got a chance to try it out to see what is was all about. It was an absolute horrible experience for me and I never plan on repeating. I took about 6 good hits off a pipe and was feeling ok and then I just wanted to smoke cigs and lay back.

Never really had much of a chance to enjoy the high and it made me sort of antisocial. It was very different than a coke high-- guess I shouldn't have expected a similar high to begin with.

A few questions---How long is a usual comedown with no tolerance?

-It's been about 7 hours, What can I do to help the comedown? ok to take xanax?

When is it safe to take opiates so I don't have an interaction?

Such an old post but the reason you never felt high you just wanted to sit back and smoke cigs and chill isn't because you were being antisocial but because you were focused on one thing. I'd be willing to bet you have ADD/ADHD or similar brain chemistry actions. When I smoke dope I want to crawl into bed, smoke cigarettes and watch TV.

I absolutely hate the dehydrating part, it really got me tonight with this humongous migraine which I'm counteracting with some top shelf Alaskan Thunder Kush.

21-06-2016, 11:12
I tried meth for the first time today, about 11 hours ago to be exact. It was good crystal, it was little clear shards it looks like glass. I did just a tad bit more then 1/10th and I've been pretty high the whole time. I had one hell of a euphoric rush and since then I've just been really focused on whatever I want to focus on. My question is "when should I be able to go to sleep"? "Why haven't I been experiencing all these horrible comedown affects that everyone talks about"? I'm definitely not gonna become a regular user because I like it to much and I want to keep my health and my good looks but I think I will do it every now and then when I have a whole lot of stuff to do in very little time.

Can someone please answer my questions for me?

Curious z
21-06-2016, 15:22
That's strange. I tried to edit my post but some how I deleted it by accident. My kid is 24. Like I was saying. He had thought he was getting molly to try out and experiment with some girls. But he was sold 4 grams of glass. Which had also never seen before. He was wanting to try molly because he was told it was like ecstasy. He was fooled into glass. Anyways now I'm watching him. I'm glad he feels comfortable enough to tell me. He doesn't even know how much he spent on it since he was also buying shots and beers for the new no longer friends. He got 4 grams of glass that is from descriptions I have read is real good (or bad) bad depending on the reader. Does anyone know about how much he spent on it? Only asking so I can tell him how expensive it cost him to feel like crap when he is coming down. Just in case he decides he wants to try it again. I have read how addictive it is. Also should I be worried about him overdosing? He took 2 lines about 2 1/2 inches long. It has been 11 hrs since he took it. He is Amped up still. No really bad symptoms as of yet. Just very talkative. Dry mouth and heart is racing. Don't want to eat but not feeling he needs to vomit. Just very pissed that he didn't get what he was told he was getting. Is his anger, border line rage a side effect of glass?

Curious z
21-06-2016, 15:30
Jamieboy. I can't answer your question but I can tell you this much. I'm going through it for the first time with my son. Or rather he is going through it and I'm monitoring him. He did about 2 lines about 2 1/2 inches long. He didn't know it was glass though. He thought it was molly. He was told it was like ecstasy only better. But so far I see no sign of him coming down yet.

Felonious Monk
22-06-2016, 05:09
What country are you in Curious? We don't discuss prices here but that is several hundred dollars worth of drugs.

That sounds like a whole lot to have done. Have him eat something, or drink a smoothie or something. The anger is the drug. If he's too agitated give him some Valium or similar (just a little).

14-07-2016, 04:05
I realize this comment was from six years ago, so I apologize if this bumps an old thread, but as someone who has dabbled very rarely, only recreationally, USUALLY responsibly (and ONLY thanks to the harm-reduction information that I sought out, both preventatively and after-the-fact, in this wonderful forum) - yet who has also experienced a handful of brief but effective wake-up calls and harsh learning curves - I just wanted to put it out there that if anyone is simply wanting a friendly ear or outside perspective/input, whether you've had a hellish first-time experience or just want to talk (yes, this is a fucking long run-on sentence, but hopefully coherent 😜)...

Just wanted to offer that to anyone who might be needing it. I myself have decided to kick back with a very nice new friend since yesterday night and indulge in a laid-back party-for-two for the first time since my own hellish experience a few months ago, which was my own fault, and a perfect example of a great point made by another member: tweakers love company, and you never want to surround yourself with people of a certain, blindly self-destructive mentality, when it ESPECIALLY comes to crystal.

I've made certain rules for myself that must be met before I even consider indulging so as to minimize physical, mental, and emotional risks/long-term consequences. The question I have to ask at every point is: Does the "reward" justify the risk? Nine times out of ten, fuck no.

Party Rule Number One:
Gotta have the right frame of mind, yourself. If I had been honest that last time, and acknowledged that I was still emotionally vulnerable after enduring a gut-wrenching breakup, and was seeking an ESCAPE, rather than a positive, recreational experience, I would have recognized that I was in a very reckless, negative mindset, and therefore much more likely to, what I like to call, "add stupid ON TOP of stupid". Sure enough, disaster happened, and while I sadly cannot change that, I can be overwhelmingly thankful that I at least LEARNED from it, and have little more than the ugly memory of a rough month, which is burden enough, for me.

The fact is, I'm no better than anyone. I am just as capable of making stupid, boneheaded decisions despite every advantage in life; my areas of weakness may not be as "mild" or "awful" as another's, but those are relative concepts. I'm flawed, like anyone else. Our pattern of thinking is the root of all our decisions in life, and of many problems, but also how/if we choose to solve them. Go easy on yourself when you fuck up, all of us. But make sure you dredge up some humility to take a cold look in the mirror once in a while, acknowledge your failures or shortcomings, specifically the pattern of THINKING (self-justification, rationalization, emoting instead of thinking, what-the-fuck-ever, we're all susceptible to it) that LED to those choices. And, have enough humility to acknowledge that you don't always know what's best, you don't know everything, and if one or ten people are telling you that something is a bad idea or are trying to help, listen. They care. You matter. Objectivity in this life is the only way any of us can hope to maintain sanity and truly be happy, regardless of our pasts.

Hope this offers some encouragement. Haven't posted in a while, fixing to rack out for a VERY good night's sleep, then reporting back to work in the morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Because COFFEE.

Love you all, enjoy in moderation and remember that tomorrow's a brand-fucking new day :-)

14-07-2016, 08:13
Ugh, honestly, there's only one real discomfort that I experience, every time, that I could really do without: the damn bruxitis and subsequent canker sores/abraded tongue within the first twenty-four-hour period of any moderate binge. I hydrate generously, eat, brush my teeth as usual, suck on mints/chew gum, but inevitably, my only relief is the dwindling remainder of a 2% prescription lidocaine solution that tastes like ass.

Because, as someone with the SUPER-FUN complication of an as-yet-unspecified, congenital, immunological disorder... I get to enjoy what are known as "COMPLEX canker sores". Yeah. I couldn't tell you the last time in my life that I had a simple cold or flu. But, even something as innocuous as the occasional canker sore - that which "normal" people can shrug off as "OW, but, meh" - has its own special classification of "exponentially, painfully, multiplied suck-fest". Just for me, or so it can feel... I've yet to meet anyone else with my particular immunological "quirks".

So, I'm still up, though freshly showered and snuggled in bed next to a cute, snoring, half-naked male, whose company I have very much enjoyed. I'm eyeballing the clock to make sure I don't stay up more than another hour (not worth starting the work day with a shit night's sleep); fixing to take a second 750mg tablet of methocarbamol, about 2-3 hours after the first, given to me by the afore-mentioned nekkid man-beast. Sadly, no Xanax/somas/similarly "choice" options available, but he freely gave of his own method advance and Lyrica, plus a few hydros, without being asked...

Then "vigorously" insisted on turning me into a sweat-glistened, panting heap of quivering muscles with a thorough lovin' that went from soft-n'-sweet, to me forgetting all words in the English language other than "yes please", and his name. Pretty sure he got a standing ovation in my head. Not complaining. About anything. Ever. I don't know about y'all, but giving my body a GOOD reason to be tired, other than just being awake longer than usual, turned a potentially icky "comedown" into a damn satisfying "bedding down". Rehydration still a must, of course.

Funny. Started my rant with the pain of dry mouth and complex canker sores, and ended up distracting myself from the discomfort in my "second-wind" - a combination of mellow, bodily relaxation-bordering-on-rictus, the incessant, mental "hum" of myopic, mental focus, and the condensed expression of ideas in a flurry of thumbs screen-tapping a flood of pointlessly introspective, self-important ramblings ("deep thoughts"), and verbosely wry humorings, into existence. Admit it. We all love laughing at our own humor and sharing somewhat-tweaked-but-utterly-valid nuggets of wisdom in a supportive and indulging Internet sphere. More than canker sores, anyway.


Okay, I'm now throwing out Parks & Recreation TV-character quotes like wisdom nuggets.

I'm going to bed. Night, y'all. LOL

06-09-2016, 08:49
Such an old post but the reason you never felt high you just wanted to sit back and smoke cigs and chill isn't because you were being antisocial but because you were focused on one thing. I'd be willing to bet you have ADD/ADHD or similar brain chemistry actions. When I smoke dope I want to crawl into bed, smoke cigarettes and watch TV.

I absolutely hate the dehydrating part, it really got me tonight with this humongous migraine which I'm counteracting with some top shelf Alaskan Thunder Kush.

My sister has been addicted to this stuff for the past year since her boyfriend got her on it.....it the most horrible thing.
She be gone be a really long time then comes home just to dry out for a week or two. Claims she done with it. Then gets right back on it. After that we don't see her for a while. Then we start the process over again.
I think she wants to get off of it but she can't get off of it. . .
And I just want to know can I get high if they do it in a room next to mine. I think my sister might have put the stuff in my drink or something. Because sometimes I feel really amped up and can't go to sleep at all.
But I wouldnt use this drug for recreation purposes becuz this stuff makes u evil. She stole my phone becuz she thought I stole her flash drive. ( which is just ridiculous since I have a job and can buy my own flash drive) she says that she found it in my jewelry box. But I vaguely remember her giving it to me. I just took it out of politeness cuz I have never used it. Point being why was she even going through my jewelry box? Here recently lost my phone....didn't know if it got lost on my accout of just being tired or just if it got stolen. Been gone for about two months. Never would have thought my sister would have taken it but some how my sister justify taking since she thought I stole her flash drive. So how I came to found out it was her that has my phone was becuz her boyfriend took pictures of his dick with my phone. And she believe that lie that I would want her boyfriend. And FYI he is a methhead and looks like one. By that I mean his looks are gone now. He looks just awful. So how good she even fall for something like that makes no since to me. Right now I can tell u that she is high and has been yelling constantly since 6pm....it 10mins till 2 AM now :( I don't know when they are going to stop yelling. I've prayed but it doesn't feel like it is working.

06-09-2016, 11:24
dang, that sounds like a rough time!! hang in their.

Burnt Offerings
06-09-2016, 11:56
a flood of pointlessly introspective, self-important ramblings ("deep thoughts"), and verbosely wry humorings, into existence.

That sums up tweaker posting perfectly! You nailed it!

I'm sorry to hear about your sores...meth vapor always seemed to irritate my tongue, too, although not all that bad really. But hey, at least it sounds like you were well-serviced by some sexy slice o' beefcake, so at least there's that! ;)

06-09-2016, 12:06
My sister has been addicted to this stuff for the past year since her boyfriend got her on it.....it the most horrible thing.
She be gone be a really long time then comes home just to dry out for a week or two. Claims she done with it. Then gets right back on it. After that we don't see her for a while. Then we start the process over again.
I think she wants to get off of it but she can't get off of it. . .
And I just want to know can I get high if they do it in a room next to mine. I think my sister might have put the stuff in my drink or something. Because sometimes I feel really amped up and can't go to sleep at all. You can't get high from someone using in the next room. I would definitely not leave any of your open beverages unattended anymore if you think she may be spiking your drink.

06-09-2016, 18:44
Dammmm. That sounds shitty danyellica. I would highly doubt your getting a contact high from it, if she is spiking your drinks with it that is fucked though! Putting something like meth in someone who has never tried or even wanted to try it in the slightest would just be evil! Although if she is a tweaker like you say she is, I highly doubt she would waste any of her meth like that. just to put it in your drink, but I don't know you or your sister so who knows maybe she did. like RPD89 said if you suspect she is spiking your drinks make sure she cant do it, keep your drink with you at all times.. Also her boyfriend sounds like a real winner! and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible8) Hope shit gets better for you.

07-09-2016, 15:07
I did meth my first time tonight also. Just to try it. I had a different experience . It was wonderful. I started smoking out of a little glass pipe around 10 or 11pm and it is now 7am . I feel great. I felt super happy and very talkative which I like because normally I am a very shy quite girl so I like when I feel this way . I started getting really hot and sweaty but I didn't mind that either because I'm so cold all the time and I hate it lol but anyway I feel happy, energetic but not crazy hyper enough to make me not feel blah.... And I just have an over happy peaceful feeling to myself . My skin isn't itchy at all like I thought it would. Thinking of doing this once in awhile when I'm feeling down but not enough to get addicted. All in all I love this experience :D

Burnt Offerings
07-09-2016, 18:39
^ Tread carefully. I don't tell anyone how to live their life or give overly dire warnings about addiction, but stimulants haven't been so great for my life generally-speaking & I'd urge caution to newcomers just starting out with this drug (methamphetamine).

07-09-2016, 18:59
Thinking of doing this once in awhile when I'm feeling down but not enough to get addicted. All in all I love this experience :D

Famous last words! Meth often starts out that way but as the feeling diminishes on repeated use, it takes on a life of its own. Be careful and cautious.

05-10-2016, 15:41
I'm glad this thread exists. I've done molly, coke, opiates -- never meth. I never liked coke cos it gave me the speed that Molly did without the enhancement of physical stimula.

Yesterday I did meth for the first time with a hookup from a pipe. I've never experienced a comedown like this before. It's awful. My bones hurt. I can't rest. I took it about 17 hours ago. I didn't sleep but did close my eyes and sort of meditate for an hour. I'm glad I found this forum cos I took a benzo, and I take a beta blocker for my chronic migraines. My heart isn't racing as badly as before. I also took ibuprofen for the soreness -- hopefully that kicks in soon. I also ate a can of unsweetened apple sauce but that was torture. It was like being a little kid forced to take nasty cough syrup.

My jaw still wants to clench but I'm trying to avoid it. I'm wondering if I should chew gum? Lower the impact on my jaw and give it something to do? I hope I avoid any migraine but if it gets particularly bad I have rizatriptan and that'll definitely help with sleeping and the migraine. I never want to do this drug again. The high isn't worth this at all.

Oh and that cold tingling like right after blood goes to a limb that's fallen asleep, this feeling is the creepiest. I can't wait to feel normal again.

Thanks for letting us vent.

16-10-2016, 21:06
I found this thread interesting and useful. My friend tried crystal for the first time today, alone. He's definitely no novice when it comes to drugs. Experience with all the big ones (except H and crack).

Not that he would know, but it seems to be good stuff based on several different factors. He read up on it a lot beforehand. This has always been a big part of any substance usage. Recreational or legit prescription, for that matter. It's important. More knowledge about any subject will usually help and rarely (never?) hurt.

He swallowed about a grain of rice sized piece. Kicked in pretty fast. Nothing too intense. Mostly mental effects. Definite uplift. No euphoria. Got some good work done on a project, went to wal-mart for veggies to juice. Went to another place with someone for an hour or so. Just sat and went on his phone while his friend did what they had to do. Apparently it was a nice 3 hours or so.

This is where he says it went "bad". It was like a switch flipped and he started feeling edgy and worried. A light sense of dread, perhaps. Now, like I said, it was a very small amount to begin with, and he has a lot of experience and knowledge. Not just with substances, but with generally having a good mind-body connection. Things like meditation, exercise, healthy eating, years of therapy, etc.

So it was pretty easy to weather this "bad" time, so he says. If he didn't have as much "wisdom" (hah), it could've been much worse. He might not have stayed cool and remained positive. It was a lot like the feeling he gets when he does E. Not pure mdma, but cut with something. Most likely amphetamines, he always suspected, and now is more convinced of. For a few seconds or a minute, it will turn "bad". Like he's starting to come down. But he just relaxes and lets it pass. This however, stayed. About 2 hours now.

Anyway, by this time he's home, and still has energy to burn. So he goes to back to work more on that project, which was a good way to focus on something else and get some work done at the same time. Then he decides to search for info on the "crash" and ends up at this thread. After reading it, he thought he'd write something of his own to maybe feel a bit better. He's over at the table writing with a pen and paper, but he says it's helping.

So basically what he's wondering is, "Is this seriously the comedown? Even with that small amount, maybe 20mg, is this really what it's like? Is this what heavy users feel every time?" It's not good, and with a higher dose he thinks it would be much worse. He says it's very much like coming down from E, which sucks hard. But one thing he found strange was that a lot of people here said that it's way worse than a coke comedown. I mean, it kind of is. But it's not as frantic. Like, when the coke's gone he would do anything to get more. A line would keep him going for 30-40 mins, then he would start to crash hard and take another. As for the crystal, I think he might take a bit more. But he could likely just not, in contrast to coke. Different strokes and such, he figures.

Anyway, he'll probably experiment with the rest of it since it's only a gram, and it's there. Haha. Waste not want not! He'll definitely get a lot done. But he's pretty damn sure that'll be the end of that experiment. Good God. If that's what it's like for people who are seriously hooked, he now totally understands why it's considered such an awful drug. Going into this, he had a pretty good idea of what the dosages were in mg. But he didn't know what a gram looked like in real life. Now he sees that a gram is quite a bit, relative to dosage. Obviously dosages are going to go up and become more frequent the deeper into it one gets. But it's still relatively cheap. So he feels like he now has a more complete picture of the issue. He can better understand the stereotype of an addict in a shack in the mid-west. But also the image of a well to do person in the city going to a club.

Well, this took about an hour to write. Been about 6 hours since consumption. My friend says he feels better, but still pretty sketchy. Like I said, it was his first time. But he thinks his advice would remain the same, should anyone happen to ask. Stay away. Don't start doing it because "friends" are doing it. If like my friend, you just can't help it and you need to satisfy your curiosity, be smart. Learn, start small, know yourself, be super vigilant. That is all. Thanks.

02-11-2016, 05:11
So. I smoked Crystal from 10pm on Saturday night until 2pm on Sunday. Drinking GBL also in between. And then to finish up I've deluded a little bit of meth powder in hot water and put it up my ass. Lol. Was the best high ever. And I didn't embarrass myself, cause I did everything at home. + apparently the meth powder eliminated the crystal comedown. So I was in bed by 9pm and slept like an angel. Next day at work I was fine, feeling a bit tired, but productive.

Hmmm. You do realize that crystal and meth are the same thing, right? Hence the name "crystal meth." So what you're saying is, meth eliminated the meth comedown? Of course it did! That's called "binging." Be careful not to make that a habit. It's a bad routine to be stuck in.

02-11-2016, 05:25
Jamieboy. I can't answer your question but I can tell you this much. I'm going through it for the first time with my son. Or rather he is going through it and I'm monitoring him. He did about 2 lines about 2 1/2 inches long. He didn't know it was glass though. He thought it was molly. He was told it was like ecstasy only better. But so far I see no sign of him coming down yet.

Why does it awkwardly feel like you're perfectly fine with your son doing MDMA, but genuinely concerned over meth? Evidently, you haven't done as much research on MDMA as you've recently done on glass? Granted, they are two entirely different things, and meth could probably be considered "worse" than MDMA. However, MDMA is an extremely powerful substance as well, and can be just as dangerous, if not more, when it isn't dosed properly.