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03-01-2009, 10:03
So I "thought" I had done DMX before... taking maybe 3 or 4 pills or half a bottle of Tussin... but tonight... whoa... I took about 200mg of DMX, which from what I've read shouldn't send me on too far a trip because I'm 6'1 and over 200 lbs... but holy shit, I am tripping HARD.

Took it at 9:30pm, started coming on around 11, and I think it began hitting me hard about an hour ago, it's now 1am.

I'm having a hard time finding words to describe it... there is definitely an out-of-body quality to it. I feel a knot in my stomach, more like chest, and a very strong anxious feeling. Actually maybe that captures what I'm feeling, "anxious." It feels VERY weird when I walk, but when I walk I want to be on my tip-toes. And My eyes want to be open wide, and my posture very straight - it's like my body wants to be "high."

As I type this my fingers hover much higer off the keyboard than they normally do, and I'm rocking back and forth a little. Sounds are a little echoey and distorted. The music sounds a little louder than it probably is. And either I am hitting the keys on the keyboard much harder than I usually do or it just FEELS like it or maybe it just SOUNDS like it, I don't know, but that is the sensation I have.

My Eyes are wide open, I feel a bit on edge. not so relaxed as I thought a DMX trip would be. I was talking to someone on the phone a little while ago, and thank god she was a talker because if I spoke more than a few sentances speech became difficult. For some strange reason, while not easy, typing this is easier than talking.

I haven't eaten all day, and while opiates made me look forward to sitting down and having a snack while watching a movie (not gave me the munchies, just made me look forward to it), DMX doesn't even make me want to think about food. I ate a few bits of crackers since it was coming on so strong and I didn't think having a totally empty stomach was a such a good idea.

OK I know this must be pretty rambling, but man, I am tripping BALLS right now. I'm not sure yet how much I like it, but I do appreciate that everthing feels really DIFFERENT right now. A little shortness of breath, I notice.

Damn, this is strong.

UPDATE 1:30am - OK the effect is softening a little, but I still feel like i'm in someone else's body. I just closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair while listening to music. AT first I thought "ok I feel nothing differenty" but then the only "visual" I noticed was, with my eyes closed, the texture I saw was a little bit like a concrete ceiling a few inches above my nose. Then it felt like it was getting closer. I knew it wasn't, but it almost felt as if my face was trying to smear down and get out of it's way. Interesting. Ok let me try that again. Ok, nothing very different, but still a trippy experience. Being able to detect the light from the monitor through my closed eyelids definitely affected what I was seeing. Time to walk downstairs and see what happens. More later.


03-01-2009, 10:53
I still wish dxm would affect me the way it does in your description! How amazing are the CEV's, robo walk and OBE effects! I used to also get INTENSE euphoria. I have still yet to find the right combination of drugs that will give me that dxm effect! enjoy your trip, and the afterglow that follows!

03-01-2009, 11:16
Thanks for the reply.. I can't say I'm 100% enjoying this trip, but I do appreciate the altered reality I'm experiencing. That feeling of being anxious is something I'd like to avoid, but then again THAT could be some opiate withdrawls kicking in (see my other trip-report thread for more info).

Also, even though I have the heat on, my feet are cold, and I've gone in and out of feeling a little chilly, not something I experienced before downing the DMX. But that's a minor thing.

It's 2:10am now and I'm definitely either coming down or leveling off. Robo-walk, is that what you call it? Yeah, I got that for sure. What I don't understand is why such a "low" dose has hit me so hard. It usually takes almost double the recommended dosage of anything to work on me. It seems like most people around here take at least 300mg of DXM before anything happens to them, and I'm on 200mg tops.

IF this is 1st plateau, I can't even imagine what 4th would be like. I think it would be scary!

03-01-2009, 11:43
I know that anxious feeling you're talking about, it's as if you need to be somewhere or there's someone out there you want to see? I think smoking pot helps alot (im not a stoner btw).
The low dosage doesn't mean much, its about set and setting, and how many times you have dosed before, I used to drink a whole large bottle and never really felt the need to go higher, did this about maybe 20 times spread out through 2 years and finally realised my tolerance has caught up with the drug.
I also came to realise that this is not a party drug, this is a drug for pure psychonautical adventures, and you will gain more treating it that way.
The way you describe your feelings, I'm sure you're boarderline 1st & 2nd plat, go deeper next time, before tolerance catches up with you too ;)

Propyl Power
03-01-2009, 14:18
It's D X M. DXM. DeXtroMethorphan. DXM. Not DMX.

DXM = magickal tool of godlike power
DMX = shitty gangsta rap artist

The difference is vast, John.

Everybody responds to it differently - it's not just a question of body weight, but also of enzymes and metabolism.

And as D3RG0AT suggested, DXM is not meant for fun and recreation, but rather focused, respectful, spiritual exploration. It is very serious.

If you want to try it again in the future, make sure you have some cannabis on hand. The two blend exceptionally well. They love each other.

04-01-2009, 10:37
Thanks for the tips, guys. I have to say, when all was said and done, I wasn't in love with the experience. I stayed in most of today, the "afterglow" left me feeling kinda crappy.

I'm a little surprised, since the few times I have experimented with DXM before, I quite enjoyed it. However, the dosage was MUCH lower, either drinking half to 3/4 of a Tussin bottle, or 4 gelcaps. Those times, I had a nice, mellow, disconnected feeling. It made me want to try more.

But last night, I took 10 15mg gelcaps and boy, it was not entirely pleasant. It WAS an interesting experiment, and it sure was a whole lot about altered reality. That part I did enjoy, but the way it made me feel physically left much to be desired.

I appreciate the recommendation of mixing it up with some pot, but I don't partake of the leaf, so that wouldn't work for me.

I have to say, based on my experiece with only 10 gelcaps, I can't even imagine what it would be like on double or triple that dosage, which it seems is pretty normal for a lot of people! My guess is it would not be fun for me.

Still, I'm up for more research. Maybe 4 or 5 gelcaps is all I need to get what I want out of it.

05-01-2009, 03:45
You definitely seem a little more sensitive to the dex. Most people 10 gelcaps wouldnt do a whole lot. There is some 8-10% of people who dont need much.

You should give a smaller dose ago. Consider yourself lucky cause to me less is better. Saves money/time.

For me, i take 10 caps just to kinda let loose socially. It loosens me up and allows me to have more fun. I have a lot of dexperiences posted here so check em out.