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white buddha
17-08-2002, 10:27
Hey peoples.
I play percussion, and I wanted to know if there are any drugs in particular that some of you have found to be stimulating to the musical part of your brain. I know that my friend (guitarest) has gotten alot of creative and out of this world ideas for his songs with acid and ketamine.
We usually play the songs sober, and most of the music I have made was when I was completely sober.. and it sounds great, but I just wondered if any of you would suggest any certain drugs to try for some interesting results in the art of music making. I think my favorite drug when it comes to listening to music, is probably MDMA.
I haven't done any drugs in about 11 months, even ciggarettes or alcohol.. because I never got addicted to anything and I have plenty of fun without them. Although I feel I should do some more experimenting and have some more fun with new drugs on occasion. Anyway, please share your thoughts on this if you are a musician. Thanks.

17-08-2002, 11:58
The only time I can keep rhythm on drums is on smack.

17-08-2002, 14:39
I've been playing guitar forever and definitely get more into it after rolling. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm actually playing better, but I definitely play longer and enjoy it more.

17-08-2002, 21:36
this might belong in the lounge or drugs for beginners, as it has no relevance to this forum.

17-08-2002, 22:13
creativity, you should try some lsd...for the right mind, it will take your creative to new heights, but not for everyone...

17-08-2002, 23:56
good ol' marijuana :)

18-08-2002, 10:32
i've had some cool things happen with acid , yeah, but it all depends man..... you could take some opiates and find that the relaxed feeeling might open something up for you.........
what you will find though , is that you dont really need drugs to be creative man :) yeah it can help .... but once you get the vibe going , you dont need it anymore after you've found that special place within your soul ...... :)

18-08-2002, 10:39
One of my friends is a really good DJ and i think he benefits from ketamine musicly. Can also play the chello extremely well.

18-08-2002, 13:24
Acid, a big whack of meth and hours of thrashy guitar.

Technical User
18-08-2002, 18:02
I agree with SC on this one. Some good smack always does the trick for me. Fuck I went as far as quit getting drunk when I'm spinning and just doing a little dope.

19-08-2002, 00:55
Meth is gonna give you all the energy you need to play percussion. You'll see how fast you can be...

19-08-2002, 03:31
definetly acid. You will become one with the drum! ganga also is really good.

19-08-2002, 05:30
hmm, i play guitar.
marijuana - enhances audio (ever try a phaser on weed?) makes you creative at the time, but youll either forget it sober or you realise it sux.
now speed - very good, increases creativity, gives you stamina to not give up when soomthins too hard, gives you more accuracy fretting, and eliminates stage fright.

19-08-2002, 06:40
I've played bass guitar for awhile now. I've played in a band or two and I'm going to be playing my first live gig this saturday (just a sidenote). Anyways, here's my take on drugs and musical creativity
Pot - Makes the music sound better but doesn't seem to unlock any hidden doors of creativity. The negatives to pot that I've noticed are a lack of motivation (yes, we all know Amotivational Syndrome is most likely bullshit, but if you've known a real pothead you've probably known a lazy person) and a weird thing that happens when I'm tuning by ear. It takes me forever sometimes as I try to get my tuning "too perfect". It's as if I can hear every little nuance of the sound and the small difference that always exists between the same notes on different strings is always too big for me. But, hey, maybe I'm just fucked up in the head.
Opiates - They relax me, make me feel "right", and make me want to just pick up my bass and play. But then again, doing most anything feels right to me on opiates. No new creativity.
Meth - Rancid bass solo time! (Listen to the end of "Maxwell Murder") This can help my creativity as the boost of speed and accuracy is helpful in widening the options of what you can play. When I play on speed I'll make up things to play that I normally wouldn't think of as I normally think of them as beyond my ability (why make up something you can't play?). It's not a big boost, but it can help sometimes
And that's all I'm typing for now, my fingers hurt. Nice new topic though...

19-08-2002, 10:50
Im a guitarist and I found pot is great. You seem to get lost in your own world. But then you have that problem of not remembering it when your sober and it not sounding as good.
ACID. fuck yeah!!!!!! This is the shit for guitar!!!! Had a great time on it and creativity is amazing on it.

19-08-2002, 12:17
Amphetamines, you'll be playing for days, and the extra (perceived) speed and precision would be good for a percussionist! You even feel sooo enthusiastic about music just having late night meth fuelled music discussions. But be careful if you're playing in public, it may sound a whole lot better to you than it does to everyone else!

19-08-2002, 13:47
[quote]Originally posted by Ayrios:
I've been playing guitar forever and definitely get more into it after rolling. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm actually playing better, but I definitely play longer and enjoy it more.
Yeh same! the day after I feel shocking, often sick, yet I get lost while playing the guitar on a comedown. I will improvise for hours, and enjoy it. But I doubt I sound any better either.

19-08-2002, 14:17
Apart from all that has been said so far, Try some 2C-I, I have found this compound to be very muscial in its nature, allowing for deeper harmonic and melodic enhancement.If you are writing songs or just jamming with a band, this will put you in a very smooth, inside-the-note kind of feel. I would be curious as to what effect 2c-i would have on percussion and drums.
Other than that, for the instruments you play, I'd say opiates and mdma are the best bets for keeping solid time while exploring new tangents...

19-08-2002, 16:01
oke its a bit tricky in dosage and such but presuming you could take the correct dose. its a wonder for the ears.
at first the audio hallucinations, like sounds going up or down a notch in tone, are a bit overwhelming but after the first suprise i was able to get into music making a lot more. normal i more of a listener but on 5-meo-dipt my hands just kept hitting that bongo while my companion played guitar and sang.
amazing how good this 2 ears on my head could work together with these 2 hands stickin outta my arms. this kinda sums it up. strange nobody else came up with this. psychedelics and music go great together.

19-08-2002, 19:48
Usually, I only find marijuana useful for musical reasons. Playing both bass guitar and drums, I find that I can "lock in" better with the feeling of the song, and alter my playing style to compensate for the other people in the band.
Unfortunately, we can't do this any mroe in my band, because OTHER people can't handle their drugs while playing. And nothing irritates me more. So, we just save it for writing sessions and jam days.

19-08-2002, 20:07
acid improves your kazoo playing skills 100x. I'm serious, I've wandered around on acid playing the kazoo many-a-time.

20-08-2002, 14:10
I think all drugs just fuck up your playing. Ok you might THINK you are playing better but record the gig listen to it back and you'll realise how wankered you really are.
EXCEPT!! Do half a pill or a little bit of speed. I find this helps as I play drums in a thrash/death metal band and I just dont get tired!!
The best drug for musiciands though is DXM. Whenever you record something you always listen to it so closely during the mixdown that you just think its shite after a while cos you know where every mistake is. But, if you have a little DXM you stop noticing the mistakes / phase problems etc. and listen to it like a person who's not in the band would. I did this just this weekend and it was amazing!! I really REALLY recommend it!!

20-08-2002, 14:30
first of all how can you people call yourselves musicians...
i mean i FEEL the music on a daily basis no drugs involved...
so when im 1 rolling, my friends can attest to this, i play a MEAN geetar, like i dont go all soft and jes start playin lovly melodies, i can come up with some funky as shit nasty rythyms that ARE completly in time, that i normally couldnt do on a regular day...i mean my mind processes so fast on ecstasy i can change times mid song, and no one even notices heh...but hey im jes havin fun i guess
and on the opiates spectrum, it's creativness in an alter ego sort of dark and gloomy, but yet happy at the same time...
you feel one with yourself, and music, and you can really get a handle on your thoughts as a writer under the influence of opiates(IMHO)
and opiates ALWAYS make me pull out shit from my ass and make it sound good, thinkin ooh if i add the 6th on this it'll bring a nice breeze to the song or i jes make a song full of silent words by using some very nice melodic chord progressions...an actually makin a stopry with the chords...great musicians are known to do this before any words are written...the words are later felt thru the music...
and OMG amphetamines, dont try and play ur own stuff cuz likely you will do twice the ammount of stuff your supposed to do in one measure it is TOUGH as hell to play a slow song on meth..hahahahah it's the god damned truth, therefore im gonna have to say it only works for me, for binging on learning tough songs and such, otherwise if your a death metal guitarist meth is prolly perfect, and i dont mean that in a bad way, that's ur thing, and i would IMAGINE it would let out all your pent up aggresions on life lol and ya could blow up some pretty ill nasty riffs...
yeh BTW, no girls aloud, yeh that's right come see us....were not gay, were just emo...
minus all the distortion... -=)

20-08-2002, 15:08

20-08-2002, 15:34
revhead, the fact of the matter is, is metal just doesnt bring you anywehre close the money in music....and it just so happens that the style of music i like, is POP..
whether people like to think so or not, emo is becoming a big part of music culture....
saves the day, dashboard confessional, and even john mayer whether ya think so or not...
anyways, the point is you make nice melodies with good vocals, and it jes dont matter what u have to say...as long as your a lil cute...you will have the 12 year old girls all over america buying your cd's...
and call me a sellout, but i'll take money to be a pussy ass musician...woot...

20-08-2002, 17:25
[quote]Originally posted by nogirlsaloud:
first of all how can you people call yourselves musicians...
i mean i FEEL the music on a daily basis no drugs involved...
Did anyone say they don't? You probably suck at your instrument anyway. Why would you need technical ability in an emo band?

Capt. ChickenBone
20-08-2002, 17:49
I find psychedelics (acid, shrooms..) help me to see connections between things that are not obviously connected. They're also good for 'layering' rhythms and melodies.
I know lots of people will find this odd but when I'm all doped up I don't like listening to music in general (maybe some dub and DM or Cure, but that's it). In fact I don't like any kind of distraction - no tv no music nothing.
In any case your best bet is to experiment yourself and find out which drugs stimulate your creativity and which enhance your performance.

21-08-2002, 20:17
i never understood how people could play ANYTHING while on H?i thought you "didnt want to/didnt care to move"
(i have never tried it)

22-08-2002, 04:55
wow wow wow..
Q: why would you need technical ability for emo
A: well for one, i "choose" to not settle for the whole fuckin chump ass 5th chords with illed out distortion dogg, Bah you think that's fuckin music? you are shurely mistaken..
ANYWAYS, i chose to actually learn the instrument yep that means all the shit behind music not jes your average fuckin chump who picks up a tab someday learns a whole song and doesnt know the god damned timing...which is more than i can say for every new age so-called "rock band" on the market today...
Okay, so now back to why you need technicality for emo...i notice it in very seldum of people, but some people on this earth, they begin to learn something, and immidiatly realize that by learning A, it opens up A,B,C now you got A,B,C down and u again realize what else there is to learn...but see most people have the one track mind syndrome, they start with one goal in mind "im gonna be a rockstar haha"...yeh well it takes fuckin time and effort...and there is no god damned way you are gonna learn that form a tab...
and take a look at some classic artists before you diss emotional music... cuz it's cool to do so...
Bob dylan, Pink floyd, Tesla..
alright i give up i mean your gonna be a fool whether or not i get my point across so it just doesnt matter...
dont be so close minded..
and by me saying how can you people call yourselves musicians, i was really being sarcastic, i was just upset people said they didnt like playing on smack, when the turth of the matter is, MOST of my favorite musicians have been completly influenced by the dope...
TOOL, Red hot chili peppers, STP , grateful dead
side note:
emo = emotion = emotional music = any kind of fuckin emotion, and that doesnt mean my girlfriend left me and now im sad... that is a common misconception, but i still dont forgive your ignorence as a person

white buddha
22-08-2002, 09:22
It could be in a year, it could be in 5-10 years... but we are on the verge of experiencing the explosion of a whole new style of music. I can't wait either, I feel mainstream music is at an all time low. The 0's so far compared to the 90's are like the 80's compared to the 70's.

22-08-2002, 12:48
[quote] is metal just doesnt bring you anywehre close the money in music
and that is why I sigh.
Since when was music all about the money kid. Oh, that's right, when the record company makes you sign a contract where they get 50% and you get told what to do - how to dress, what to say and more pathetically, what to sing and play and when.
Of course emo is becoming part of mainstream culture, it's because it's fucking shallow and it doesn't matter about ideals anymore, just as long as you're a pretty boy with a melody.
Fuck man, real 'emo' was Screeching Weasel, Descendents and Pulley.
As NOFX wrote - Dinosaurs will die.
And so will you when the only people you rely on for fame are fans that will ditch you as soon as something catchier comes along.
I'd rather be a musician with dignity, than one who sold his for money.

22-08-2002, 12:54
Oh, and all music (if it's any good) is based on emotion, whatever the topic may be.
It's because music comes from the fucking heart.
And emo sucks, because most of them are one-hit-wonders being used by record companies attempting to tap a new economical niche for profit. They failed with ska, now it's you guys. Profit, profit, profit. Yeah, real meaningful.

22-08-2002, 14:06
[quote]Originally posted by nogirlsaloud:
wow wow wow..

Too many assumptions for me to even address :/

22-08-2002, 23:33
I am not a musician, but I am a writer and I recently came across a very creative drug combo. It isn't too pleasant, but the serge of creativity I got was immense.
I snorted about 3/4 of a standard blue adderall pill and did several hits of nitrous when the adderall kicked in. My mind went in a million different directions and then it all came together and I was able to translate my thoughts.

23-08-2002, 01:14
revhead - okay im prolly gonna get flamed fer this comment
but seriously now NOFX is a band, and yeh i guess some of their songs SOUND good, but let's "pick" apart the problems with this band...their sloppy beer drinking fools who never actually learned how to play music until they were in their 30's...because how anyone can think that good music, is turning you marshall's level all the way DOWN and the the gain all the way UP, and hitting powerchords when your drummer hits the 1 is not music, and to top it off throwing bullshit, out of my ass, no depth, not in time nor in key, shitty ass lyrics...
what they really are is a bunch of clowns that think that they are deep.
my reasoning behind this, go back in time 20 years throw an acoustic in their guitarists hand and see what he can come up with, or see if he can actually play it...
and you are right, it should be about the music not about the money, but for that to be true dont you need to actually know how to play music...
okay my rants are pointless, and i know i definitly have also said some close minded things prolly jes my nature as a person and im sorry
but seriously....dont hate on emo, that's all im tryin to say...i play emo because it's what i want to play and it's the music i like i just "happen" to realize that the music i like is pop and musicians will hate on me forever because of this, but my music is no less valid than yours.

23-08-2002, 10:30
[quote] turning you marshall's level all the way DOWN and the the gain all the way UP, and hitting powerchords
The only way.
NOFX were doing that shit before you were sucking on your mums breasts and before I was doing the same. Too many releases to count on one hand, Punk In Drublic went gold, countless tours worldwide and all while saying 'fuck you' to the media. Over the years they have refined but retained that punk sound that defines NOFX, never losing sight of thier motto 'if it's fun, keep doin' it'. They have never faltered to maintain and preach the 'punk ethos', and all with some very good humour. Legends.
Emo was okay, ie. ten years ago, before it sold out and became softcock mainstream rubbish that 12 year old girls listen to while they play with dolls.
I'm not knocking the 'emo guitar talent', the music just lacks 'soul' and most (okay there are perhaps a small number of emo bands that warrant credibility) fail to reach any 'soul searching' or 'deeply inspired' parts of one.

white buddha
23-08-2002, 14:19
No matter what style of music anyone will refer to, the real musicians are the ones that people still listen to 30 years down the road.

23-08-2002, 14:45
ie. NOFX.
okay, 25 yrs, but close enough.
Look, I see music not as an avenue to fame and fortune, but an avenue to teach and preach. To help people who may be in the same situation you were in when you wrote that song.
Music has rescued, inspired and educated me. Hence, the only reason I want to be a musician, to do the same.
I'm sure music has touched you all as well and I think you know what I mean.
It's not about recognition. That's for the self-conscious. Music is about it's power. It's power to heal the inside being and uplift it at the same time.
Music was, at one stage, an escape from the shit I had to wade through when I was young, and I'd be happy if my music gave one person that metaphoric paddle.
Okay, I'm too drunk to fuck, so if sounds a little soppy, then forgive me during this moment of inebriation.
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23-08-2002, 14:49
[quote] No matter what style of music anyone will refer to, the real musicians are the ones that people still listen to 30 years down the road.
No the real musicians are the ones that people are still listening to 100, 200, 300 years down the line.

23-08-2002, 19:13
Some good bands have smack to thank for thier music (Deftones, Staind, and who could forget... the infamous Kurt Cobain.)