View Full Version : smoking crystal with weed?

09-08-2002, 03:23
is smoking crytal with weed or hash good? do yah think its a waste? what if its speed, like powder almost?

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09-08-2002, 04:27
You should be fine!
Why do it? I have no idea. weed takes away from all other drugs and makes me feel like shit!

09-08-2002, 05:05
I'm not very experienced or schooled on cannabis in any of it's forms, but when smoking meth one's yield is greatest when they hold the greatest amount of methamphetamine vapor in their lungs. Smoke isn't a very good indicator of the high that will be achieved.
Marijuana's high rests more in it's smoke. You can be in a small room filled with stoners and catch a second hand high. Now, if you stumble upon a room (in this theoretical house of drug users) where people are smoking meth out of a lightbulb, there's probably little chance that you would achieve anything more than a different outlook on life...or a hit yourself.
What does this mean?
Marijuana and methampetamine are smoked in different ways for a reason. Maybe a different burning point, if one wants to get technical. But there is a descrepancy...which means, if you want to experinence a synergy of the two drugs, you might want to...partake in both separately, but one after the other.
...instead of smoking a meth-laced weed joint.

09-08-2002, 15:07
this is how you do it - roll you a blunt put your your speed or coke in there . lite it . don;t flick the ashes , take a lighter light the ashes (this will burn of any speed or coke that didn;t get burnt by the cherry)

09-08-2002, 20:41
[quote]Originally posted by sparklr:
Marijuana's high rests more in it's smoke. You can be in a small room filled with stoners and catch a second hand high. ... (in this theoretical house of drug users)
Sounds like my house :)

09-08-2002, 23:49
Don't smoke the weed and meth together. Smoke one first (it doesn't matter which) and then smoke the other. Use your bong/pipe/bubbler for the weed and a meth pipe for the meth.
I personally hate weed but my bf is a pothead and meth-lover and he smokes meth while high on weed often...he says it's great.

10-08-2002, 21:33
I like weed. I like meth. I am not a big fan of the combo. Some weed on the comedown with plenty of depressants can be fun...it feels much stronger...but it is no good before then. The bad effects stack (paranoia etc) while the good effects really don't compliment each other.
If you do like combining them follow the advice above and don't mix it together. You want to actually burn the weed while only applying vaporizing heat to the meth.

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10-08-2002, 22:47
I normally do not like to smoke weed; after 2 years of excessive dank smoking, the extreme anxiety, uneasiness, depression, and paranoia made the high undesirable. But I find that smoking weed after smoking meth (not directly after, but settling in with the meth effects) was pretty good and took some of the negative effects that weed normally gives me.
If you're thinking of smoking some meth with weed together (like putting meth on top of some weed) that's just plain stupid. You're wasting the meth. There's a reason people use clear, pyrex pipes, glass bulbs, tin foil, etc.
God, I hate the people who burn the shit (meth).

10-08-2002, 23:04
As several have said - you DO NOT apply a DIRECT FLAME to the methamphetamine, instead you vaporize it by applying a flame to a glass powder pipe/lightbulb/foil... while you can certinly get high smoking meth with a direct flame, you're wasting a huge amount...
I have no comment on the marijuana... personally it would make me far too paranoid combined with the meth, especially if I was one day 3 or 4 of my speed binge (though it's been several years since I have used either)...

11-08-2002, 23:23
IMO, smoking weed about 10mins after smoking or 25mins after snorting meth is great... you get all the speedyness of the meth (and enjoy the initial rush) without the edgyness that comes on a little while afterwards... once youre not high anymore on the weed, (if you snorted it) you'll still be feeling great from the meth or (if you smoked it) you may need to repeat the process...
I know a lot of non-potsmokers that enjoy smoking up while tweaking out but I know a lot of major potheads that loathe smoking when they're wired...its all just personal preference, but try it out, you may really like it.

12-08-2002, 07:33
Everything is better with weed. It will intensify your high & poses no danger to you...

12-08-2002, 12:27

12-08-2002, 12:47
[quote]Originally posted by NoriegA:
Everything is better with weed. It will intensify your high & poses no danger to you...
I wouldn't say NO danger, but certainly a hell of a lot less danger than methamphetamine.
When I do "drugs" (by which I mean recreational drugs other than pot itself or alcohol) I find marijuana helps potentiate the effects of the other drug, yet also tends to introduce a certain fuzzy or cloudy nature into the experience. However, meth may just counteract this, I don't know.

12-08-2002, 20:32
my bf rolled a "super blunt" and i didn't know it...i totally enjoyed myself and wondered why the hell the high was so different and good at the same time..his cousin let me in on the secret and then i was like omg..i smoked crystal omg...but all was well and i'd say it was a good experience...peace

13-08-2002, 02:30
well that was a waste of some perfectly good meth
next time use a glass pipe! ;)