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27-07-2002, 20:44
Could anybody please tell me how to extract pure amphetamine from adderall or dexedrine? I did a seach but couldn't find anything.
Thanks for the answers...

27-07-2002, 21:57
Sorry I can't tell you how, but why would you want to do this?

27-07-2002, 22:05
I want to snort it. And I don't wanna snort fillers.

27-07-2002, 22:33
[quote]Originally posted by Thai-Fighter:
I want to snort it. And I don't wanna snort fillers.
Who gives a shit? It ain't like adderall or dexedrine create a lot of powder to snort. It's not like snorting pills with acetaminophen either. If you're snorting adderall or dexedrine you'll get pretty much all of the good stuff up your nose.

27-07-2002, 23:57
yeah who cares about so little filler, i mean if you bought some coke or something it would undoubtedly have fillers - honestly if you are gonna snort it I don't think a big worry is the little dink of filler that you get with it

28-07-2002, 00:39
There's not enough amphetamine in the tabs. An extraction wouldnt be practical.

28-07-2002, 01:26
I just looked at RxListIt tells that inactive ingrediends for adderall are sucrose, lactose, corn starch, acacia and magnesium stearate. They seem pretty harmless. You're right. I don't think I have to extract anything.
Thanx fot the info!

28-07-2002, 04:27
if you wanna goto all that trouble then why dont you just extract up some methadrine(methamphatamines)the most expencive thing you need is the red phos. and it takes a long time to get what you need off the matches..... www.erowid.com (http://www.erowid.com) click meth and then click faq scroll down and theres the recipets the inhalers shit method works but the ephed. based method is the good shit.

28-07-2002, 06:37
Extract up some meth?
You mean cook/synth?

28-07-2002, 06:40
johnypotseed the inhalers method DOES NOT work! There's no debate here.

28-07-2002, 07:53
Are you sure Snitch? He said that he got Crystalz! A nice fat line of l-methamp...

28-07-2002, 08:05

29-07-2002, 07:19
Why waste your time. Just eat them up & enjoy. Your only going to lose weight through extraction...

30-07-2002, 00:42
fairnymph had a way to extract amphetamines out of the time released dexedrine and adderall capsules. it involved crushing the little blue or orange wax covered balls and then filtering it using a window screen. I have disovered a better way to filter.
Use tea bag strainers instead of window screens. For tea bags, you can probably find in some kitchen store these little round metal spheres that hold tea bags. they work real well filtering the crushed orange and blue ball coatings from the amphetamine powder.
it will look and work something like this

30-07-2002, 02:35
[quote] It ain't like adderall or dexedrine create a lot of powder to snort.
Try snorting 60-90mg of Adderall. I crushed up three 30mg pills a few days ago. I came up with 6 1-foot long lines of powder. It IS a lot of powder.
I would seriously be interested in an Adderall extract method that works as well as the Ritalin one done by PhreeX. Some people get lots of Adderall's (60 30mg pills a month for instance). Of course some will be lost, but a simple, decent yield extraction would be nice.
It doesn't even have to be complete. Getting rid of one or two inert ingredients could greatly reduce the volume of powder you have. A 1-foot line would be better than 6 of them.