View Full Version : Meth and Cramping/Dehydration??

23-07-2002, 20:34
I have done a few lines over the past couple of days. With the meth I drink about 6+ regular bottled waters but have some difficulty in making my pee come out kinda like my bladder is asleep. However, my hands are kind of pruned and sometimes a few of muscles feel as though they are about to cramp but don't. What is going on?

23-07-2002, 21:18
Do you feel like you havtea pee but you cant. Or are you saying you think you should be peeing but dont haveta go?
Also, what else have you been taking in sides meth and water? and have you been awake all this time?

23-07-2002, 21:36
I pee but it's difficult. Feels like the hole is too small. Haven't taken anything else and have slept some. By the way, do a few beers help you to sleep?
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23-07-2002, 22:17
Trouble urinating is common with meth use. I suggest drinking some coffee/cola/caffeinated beverage, as caffeine is a diuretic and will stimulate urination.
Muscle cramping/pain is also common...however if it is particularily uncomfortable you probably need to lie down/get some sleep/lay off the meth for a bit.
Benzos (valium, xanax, etc), GHB, ambien, or seroquel would be better for getting sleep than alcohol. However, if you have nothing else, alcohol will help to some extent.
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24-07-2002, 07:45
Like FairNymph said a lot of people have trouble taking a piss while on meth. Your drinking all that water to stay off dehydration. Drinking a lot of water and then not being able to pee will cause abdominal cramping. So if your cramps coincide with your drinking a lot of water then that is the reason...

24-07-2002, 07:54
I notice all the same effects. It seems like to me that meth constricts my whole body everywhere. I feel that my throat is small, my breathing passageways, my veins, my dick, my ass, and my skin feels and looks tighter around my body. These effects are most pronounced when I smoke the meth rather than snort. I prefer snorting due to this. I also have found a nice dosage level so that I feel the effects to the extent while minimizing physical effects. I hear oral administration is much gentler on the body than any other way, so maybe you should give it a try.

24-07-2002, 14:00
its hard for me to piss while on any type of ups...i just have to push a little harder but it comes out.