View Full Version : Meth cuts?

29-06-2002, 19:58
What is most commonly used to cut meth with?
What is the best (gives best high) to use?

29-06-2002, 20:17
I guess it doesn't take a lot to become a fucking Bluelighter anymore.
No cut is going to make the high better. A cut is used to add weight. That's it. You short your bags and substitute some powder for what you shorted so people will still pay the same amount of money.
It's ridiculous that in this day and age people are willing to pay for cut. Personally, I'd rather just pay for the raw drug even if it was short rather than pay for the same amount of drug with a lot of other bullshit powder added to it.
The best cut is anything that looks like whatever drug you're selling.
In the case of meth, however, people want shards. You can't really fake that unless you sell crushed pieces of glass that will end up killing people. And believe it or not, I've been at clubs and watched people with blood rushing out of their noses and ears because people have actually tried doing that before.
But there are people who are moronic enough to pay for powdered crystal which is cut to hell. So I guess any white powder could work.
And I'm going to say what everyone else is going to tell you. If you're asking this question so that you can sell cut drugs, you're a fucking disgrace to Bluelighters everywhere and we all hope you die if that is the case.

29-06-2002, 20:20
Lets see... how about you simply sell less and chargethe samee price? For instance, say you would cut a gram of math 50%, well, sell half a gram for the same price you would sell that full gram - when asked why you're only offering a half gram say "well, this is pure, if I gave you a full gram then half of it would only be cut" ...
Honestly, that is how you need to do shit, cutting drugs is FUCKING LAME and if you cut drugs then you're LAME TOO ... better be carefull how you reply yo this or you will be banned!

29-06-2002, 20:58
SovietContin - Relax..will ya? Isn't the point of this forum to come and get questioned answered when you don't know shit. Do you have to be a druggy extradonaire to be a bluelighter?
I was wondering if, for instance caffiene or some cheapo substance in some powdery form could be used as a cut, instead of say flour, because IMO that would produce a better high.
FYI - The majority of meth does not come in 'glass, ice' form......and the majority of meth you get on the street, bought by all those morons, is usually only 10% meth and 90% cut. That's the way it is...that's what people buy. I'm glad you guys get your shit pure, but that's not the way it usually works.
Phreex - It would be nice to be able to do it like that, but it doesn't really work for wholesale, or if you you don't really know your clients or the happen to be a little dim.
Excuse me if you don't agree here...but I think you are missing the point of selling drugs. Of course you want to have a good product, but THE reason is to make money..not to hook up your friends.
disclaimer - this talk is all hypothetical...

29-06-2002, 21:10
WRONG! I used to do this as my business, it's ALL I DID ... if you're going to cut drugs then figure it out yourself.... we are here to help make drug use good for all, and I say you sell thej UNCUT SHIT but just charge more .. tell them - be honest - say "hey, this is uncut, I could sell you the same amount for less but it would but cut" ...
Meth is also damn hard to cut because of it's consistancy...
Trust me, I even tell people when I buy meth. heroin, or coke - sell it to me UNCUT, I don't care if you sell me half a gram at a full gram price as long as it's NOT CUT!