View Full Version : Injecting Ambien(zolpidem tartrate)

14-06-2002, 16:13
Just wanted to know if anyone has done this. If not does anyone have any dosage suggestions??

14-06-2002, 17:14
lol, fall asleep before the needles out! j/k, don't mean to be a dick but why are you wanting to do this?

14-06-2002, 18:29
I've shot up 2.5mgs of Ambien before. It's really weird. Your visual field gets distorted and it basically just gives you a headache and puts you to sleep.
I've changed my mind, I've decided I would consider Ambien recreational if you can manage to stay awake on a 10-20mg dose. But I don't believe shooting it is at all recreational. There's just really no point and I would assume it's probably unhealthy.

14-06-2002, 22:10
If you wanna play with ambien, snort about 20 mg. Make sure you crush it well, because it has a coating that will need to be pulled out of the pile (unless you want it up your nose).
You will get a really dizzy feeling and feel kinda like you do on K (well I do anyway). You'll soon go to sleep unless you're using some kind of stimulant. I can't see how it would be fun to inject.

15-06-2002, 01:44
Look he is curious sometimes weird shit happens. Alot of people like ritalin IV but hate other routes.
Also maybe this is a good way to help those crashes and save on benzos?

15-06-2002, 04:52
Thats right...just a little curious.
I just wanted to see if anyone had tried it

Technical User
18-06-2002, 21:22
wow - that's interesting...I don't think I'll try it any time soon, but damn I can't even imagine the rush - I've been taking ambien for about a year now, (less frequently now, due to my opiate addiction-I don't seem to need it) but when I do take it orally - usually 15-30mgs it hits hard and fast - like a freight train..... It would probably blast you off pretty good.
By the way, how good does it disolve? Also what filtering precautions would you take? Just curious