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09-06-2002, 01:09
So how many days early can one get a perscription (say for a month of benzos so nothing really sucpicious) refilled without the pharmacy asking questions?
Just a rough guess from the pharmacy educated.

09-06-2002, 04:44
Well, it depends on a few things ..
1) Insurance - if you have insurance they most likely wont authorize a refill until only a few days before yer supply is supposed to be up, the Sig is what calculates how many days supply you have - for instance, if you get 60 Xanax a month with the Sig "take one tab twice a day for anxiety" then you have a 30 day supply ..
2) The controll of the substance - I can only refill my OxyContin script 2-3 days early, well, "refill" isn't the right word - I mean, if I fill a script on the 7th of March, when my doc gives me my next script (as you can't refill a C-II drug) I can't fill it until around the 4th-5th of April .. now with lower controlled substances you can usually fill it about a week early...
But it's not like the pharmacist is likely to do much if yer a few days early..

09-06-2002, 07:56
If your paying for the benzo's with cash you should have no problem filling them after about 23 days from your last refill. I pay cash & refill benzo's & new opiate scripts usually on the 23rd day. The best way is to use the automated refill over the phone. There's nothing more suspicious then some benzo head taking his empth bottle to the pharmacy a week early...

09-06-2002, 12:56
I refilled a Histussin prescription 2 days later (hey i needed it) and then got another refill the day after that when I "accidentally spilled it" ;) damn my butter fingers...
Most insurance won't cover stuff like that though, mine didn't cover my most unfortunate spill. Histussin isn't all that expensive though.

09-06-2002, 23:32
Here are my random thoughts:
I get my "refill" prescriptions for Adderall in the mail each month from my doctor. The thing is, I can get them way in advance of when I run out, assuming you don't get two in the same month. So I went to the pharmacy (CVS) one time (like March 11th) when I had just gotten the script in the mail. I dropped it off and came back only to be told that it wasn't filled. The pharmacist said it was filled on the 17th of February (I had filled it at Eckerds!) so it was too early. I asked why and they said for one, insurance would only pay for it a day or two early (three days is ok too, I have done this). The other reason he said was that its a CII drug.
But you asked about a CIV drug. What are the written instructions for how to take it? If it says take one pill 1-4 times daily as needed, the time to refill should be different from take one pill everyday. It also depends on if you were given more than a one-month supply. I would say the earliest you could refill is one week earlier than you are supposed to. When I came in that week early with the AD script, the head pharmacist gave me strange looks (I almost felt guilty or something).
You can get around the insurance thing if you go to a new pharmacy and report having no insurance and just pay cash (it could be expensive though). The thing about insurance is that regardless of the pharmacy you go to, they will know when you filled it last (even if it was at a different chain) because it shows up when they contact the insurance company (over the computer).
It seems like a good idea to call in the refill over the phone if possible. That way, if it doesn't go through, the pharmacists won't have your face connected to that script. So you can come in a day or two later and try again. If you keep showing up in person, they will likely be suspicious (for whatever its worth).

09-06-2002, 23:35
I kinda figured that what I primarily had to worry about for something like benzos would be them calling up my doctor and asking if it is okay to refill early.

11-06-2002, 02:50
heh. I got 1 script for lorazepam by going to the doctor and doing the anxiety thing. Last week I called the office for a refill. They gave me double the last script with 2 more refils!
Then I got to get my dads halcion and they accidentally got another 60 with 2 more refills!!!!!!!!!
I know ativan isn't the best i've been offered 20$ for 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tristan K
11-06-2002, 04:59
some pharmacies these days have "drive through windows", they are usually manned by 16 year olds who dont look for the last date it wa refilled and probably wouldnt know where to look in the first place......although the only time i encountered a problem with filling something early was at a large supermarket pharmacy, you should always have a back up plan in the first place regardless...no excuse for that

Technical User
11-06-2002, 23:56
Yeah! Phreex is right about the insurance thing, they usually have a set day or whatever, but you can always just pay cash for the shit.... most Benzos are really cheap anyway,
and them son of bitch mother fuckin insurance bitches don't even cover good syrups like tusionex sr (my personal fav). I got to fork over like $32 bucks or something like that for 2 oz....Its worth it though - I thnk its like 15mg/5ml - Nothing like staying high on syrup and some decent smack and playing sick for the last week!!!

12-06-2002, 01:53
It really doesn't matter WHO is 'working the window' because it's all in the computer.. if yer to early then the computer wont allow it, and as others have said, insurance will follow you to ANY PHARMACY YOU GO TO! Usually the insurance companies are tighter with their dates then the pharmacies (for instance, I can refill my Klonopin a full 7 days early if I pay cash, but if I go with insurance I can only fill it 3 days early) .. C-II drugs are usually rather restricted and you can't get an early fill by more then a few days, no matter how you pay - of course the solution is to simply go to another pharmacy (but you'd have to pay cash) ... there is a cruel little trick called 'accumulated early time' .. for instance, say you only go with one pharmacy and have a script every month for OxyContin - a 30 day supply... you pay cash so insurance isn't a concern .. well, Month 1 you fill it, return 26 days later and they fill Month 2's script, return another 26 days later and they fill Month 3's script, but on Month 4 you have to wait a FULL 30 DAYS - why? Simple, because they go from the ORIGINAL SCRIPT, and going by that date you're actually 12 days early instead of 4... it's a real bitch but if you're paying cash you can just go next door to the other pharmacy and fill it there - whats a real twist to the nuts is when yer filling an expensive sript (ie OxyContin) and the INSURANCE COMPANIES pull that shit.. of course you're a junky so you kill yer 30-day supply in about a week, then when you think it's payday you find out you have to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS unless you want to pay cash ...
Just another reason to SUPPORT YER MOM-N-POP PHARMACIES! (if you can even find one) .. often they only have BASIC software that doesn't have functions like the no-early-refill system ... we used to have a pharmacy in our area like that.. it was truely a mom-n-pop place.. Mr. Swift was the pharmacist and Mrs. Swift worked the register along with some other teenagers .. they had a 1970's cash register and all their filing was done by hand/paper ... we all loved Swift Drug because they were a true gem.. early fills? No problem! And because all filing wasdone by hand you can bet all those teenagers that worked there were packing their pockets with shit... then a Walgreens opened across the street and within 2 months Swift drug was closed... rumor has it that when they announced they were goin out of business someone came in and paid cash for most of their stock - no script, just cleaned them out and the 80-year-old pharmacist sure didn't care..
Anyone remember? It was in Cocoa, Florida.. closed back in 1998..