View Full Version : converting amphetamine salts to freebase- how?

22-03-2002, 05:04
Is it like when you extract DMT from plant material?- after you get the salt, you add a solvent (naptha, ether...) then add basified water (lye) til you get a ph of 12, shake it up, wait til it settles, take off the top layer and let the solvent evaporate off to get freebase crystals....
or is it completly different?

22-03-2002, 05:07
That would be sort of the general idea, yeah, except I believe amphetamine freebase is a nasty oil at room temperature, so you couldn't crystallize it.
Anyways, why would you want freebase amp? The salt is far more convenient...

22-03-2002, 05:51
Um, freebase amphetamine isn't a salt, it is an oil... you're confused and think you need freebase in order to smoke it? No, thats not the case with (most) amphetamines.. you can use a lightbulb and evaporate it for a high... thats not how you would work back from an HCl or sulfate to the freebase form...

22-03-2002, 05:53
I've been takin/snortin adderal for so long, it'd be somethin different.....I think.... or would it have exactly the same effects, thereby making the whole thing pointless?
so, the street amphetamine is an oil or is it a salt thats snorted?
i have a bottle of 58 20mg amphetamine salt combo tablets (substituted for adderal)
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22-03-2002, 06:28
Yes, it would be the exact same effects... the two forms quickly become indistinduighable in the body. Street amp is amphetamine salt (or meth salt).
Has my exceedingly limited chem knowledge failed me? Why wouldn't the basic above work? (except for the crystallization which would of course not occur.) I would think you dissolve the salt with a minimal amount of solvent, basify it, boil off the solvent (if it has a lower BP than your freebase oil) and then only get rid of the NaCl or whatever salt shit you have left over if you need to.
Why wouldn't this work?

22-03-2002, 08:58
I think this should work fine. You just dissolve the amphetamine salt in water and add one equivalent of NaOH. This is a tenth grade "acid plus base equals salt plus water" reaction that any moron can execute. If amphetamine freebase separates from the water and floats, you can drain the water (with NaCl) out from the bottom of the container.

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22-03-2002, 09:24
[quote]Originally posted by kidblue:

so, the street amphetamine is an oil or is it a salt thats snorted?
i have a bottle of 58 20mg amphetamine salt combo tablets (substituted for adderal)
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Hmm...So I guess that they do make a generic adderall. Do you live in the US? Street amph is usually a salt, as far as I know. If you want to try something new, find out what solvent amph salts dissolve in (water?), do an extraction, and see if you can smoke the final product off of foil/light bulb/pipe/etc.

22-03-2002, 10:42
What you proposed in your initial post would work, but again, WHY would you do this? It doesn't matter that the amphetamine is in salt form, not for smoking or for eating....just take/use/do as is and save yourself the hassle. The high will be exactly the same...

22-03-2002, 15:29
Go to totse (http://www.totse.com) They havea drug forum that tells you how to make any drug and switch shit around you might find your answer there!! and please do a search fist!

23-03-2002, 06:52
yah im in the US.....so street amps are basically adderal- in pill or powder/crystals, or both?
okay so there is an underlying purpose for this, but it's evil and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it....the mods are real stiff with the rules, tho, so im not gonna risk gettin kicked off, but i will say, if i DID do this, it wouldnt be for me....im a good kid tho, i swear! :D
....but I DID do a search, man! I couldnt find anything of use....sorry tho, if it has been posted....
thanks for the replys....I'll check that site out...

23-03-2002, 11:05
Wait, you're talking about Adderall? Sorry man, your method wouldn't work even if you had pure amphetamine HCl, there is a little more to bassifying then just adding some solvent and flooding it with lye until you get a pH of 12, that WOULD NOT WORK ..
But still, there is WAY to much other garbage in a single pill to be successfull in trying to get some smokable form of the drug - Adderall can be snorted (not the best thing to do) or you can munch them...

25-03-2002, 08:56
amphetamine freebase is an oil.
but im pretty sure it doesnt do you any good in freebase, since your blood and belly have enough acid in them to make freebase anything into a salt once it hits your system.
also, dont cladestine chemists smoke down the oil that is held (basified in nonpolar) in your np, to make it into a salt for a reason?
think, kidders, think.