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02-03-2002, 11:25
i never sniffed crystal, always smoke it. when i first started everybody around me always told me not to hold it.
why is that? what does Meth do to your lungs if you hold it as if smoking weed?
i never hold it but some newbies that still "dont get it" hold it...
thanx for any infO

02-03-2002, 18:14
Because people are silly. Now it's not as if smoking meth is like exercising or taking vitamins, it's not exactly good for you. But on the same token, it's not as if holding in the smoke is like playing Russian Roulette either.
Now the reasoning behind why not to hold in the smoke is different for every person you hear it from, it all depends on how cracked out the meth freak is when he is babbling to you. The most commonly quoted "reason" I've heard behind not holding in the smoke is because, apparently, if you hold the smoke in, the smoke will begin to re-crystallize in your lungs and deposit itself there. Of course, eventually, this will cause all sorts of poopie down the line...
Now I can see where some observant speed freak one day might have noticed his meth re-crystalize after a few seconds, in the pipe or on the foil as he smoked it. And from there logically concluded the same must be occuring to the smoke once it's in your lungs. Well, the obvious solution is to exhale the smoke immediatly and not hold it in, thus, not giving the meth time to re-cyrstallize in your lungs and cause poopie... Which is not exactly a bad assumption, I mean, it's not as dumb as some other common drug myths out there, but it's still not correct....
Now the common reasoning behind why this logic is incorrect works on one very basic principle, see, meth is soluable in water. When we smoke the meth the smoke is being absorbed through our lungs just like normal, nothing changes at all, and the amount of time you hold it in will only change the amount absorbed. And, now that we know the key bit of information, that meth will totally dissolve into water, we can deduce that even if any meth at all were to somehow re-crystallize itself in your lungs, it would almost immediatly be absorbed into the moisture lining your lungs and then into the lungs themselves.
So, in the end, there isn't any scientific reasoning behind not holding in meth smoke specifically. Now of course, holding ANY smoke in your lungs is much worse than just exhaling right away. So even if they speed freaks don't know the reasoning behind why not to hold in the smoke, it's still decent advice...
But who cares because smoking speed sucks anyways. Now for one last lesson today, we can go back to our fact for the day: that meth is soluable in water. To avoid all of this, just dissolve the meth in water and bang into your vein. Or just eat it, both work equally well, and are much much better than smoking it.

02-03-2002, 19:12
water soluble isnt the issue. the fact is if it does crystalize in your lungs why wouldnt it still be absorbed? hold it in till you blow nothing out!

02-03-2002, 20:29
yea, i've heard that crystalizing BS before too and it pisses me right off.
but i have another theory on why it's bad for your lungs. and this one has a chemistry backing to it.
when u heat up meth, you're turning methamphetamine HCl(s) into methamphetamine HCl(g).
now, when u inhale the meth is in the gas state and by the time it gets to your lungs it turns into methamphetamine HCl(aq)
this makes the crystalizing theory bunk, BUT as most people who've taken high school chem know, when the hydrogen chloride molocule is in the aquaous state the proper name is actually hydrochloric acid.
the methamphetamine part breaks off and diffuses through the alvioli and the HCl carrier molocule is left in your lungs(or it might be absorbed too. i'm not sure on this one)
this is my theory on why your lungs hurt after holding it in. the ammount of acid dissolved in solution isn't high enough to burn through your lungs, but i'm guessing that HCl(aq) isn't something u want in your lungs.
this is just my theory, so if someone who has a backing in chemisty and biology knows better PLEASE tell me. if i'm wrong i want to be the first to know so i can stop spreading misinformation.

02-03-2002, 20:44
I cannot affirm this theory, as I have forgotten most all of my chemistry, but I sincerely doubt that your lungs are ingesting HCl acid. As anyone who's spilled it knows, it's quite unpleasant (even in extremely diluted forms), and the pain/tissue damage of having it in your lungs would no doubt quickly "kill off" (forgive the pun) the smokers.

02-03-2002, 20:54
i know that it's not the most pleasent thing to get on(or in *shudder*) yourself.
but i was thinking along that lines that since there is alot more water in your lungs than most people would think, that it would be VERY dilluted

03-03-2002, 04:16
It's one of those things you don't need a reason to confirm - it's simple, all your friends are morons that know nothing about drugs, hell, I would say that for about 98.62% of everyone that uses drugs, there is really no knowledge of WHAT they do .. of course meth doesn't crystalize in your lungs, hell, I don't know if it's because I know better but that doesnt even SOUND true..
But you shouldn't make smoking a full time deal, as it's not that great for you - not because it will "recrystalize" but because it's a harsh chemical vapor... but god damn, the high kinda makes it worth the risk, eh?

04-03-2002, 10:43
Just because its an acid doesn't mean its all that bad. Your lungs have a pH of aout 4-5 I think...the amount of HCL you get from meth is hardly significant. I mean it won't lower the ph that much and Cl- is a pretty damn common ion in your body so this shouldn't be a problem either.
I thought this was just a straight pullover of the marijuanna statment. FOr MJ maybe it is even true?

04-03-2002, 12:23
Drayen, quale --
No. Meth HCl does not contain hydrochloric acid!!! It is a salt; go review your chemistry.
What we have is methamphetamine -- which is weak base by itself -- covalently bonded to a hydrogen ion (in chem lingo the meth molecule is protenated.) In the solid phase, these ions (meth-H+) are ionically bonded to Cl- ions to form a crystal; in the aqueous phase, they are separate.
I am unsure whether the protenated molecule is active (I highly doubt it) or how it gets converted back to the freebase in vivo. Can anybody help me here?