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26-01-2002, 03:52
Coke is fun if its free and good. Ya know? Well damn, afterwards what makes me not sleep is not the fact that im wired.. because the better the coke, i think the more sleep you can get.. but MY NOSE IS RUNNING/CLOGGED! Drives me nutz. My mom thought i had a cold because i keep blowin it because it runs.. my nose it still messed up from snorting last week! Ive just started and damn, ive had nites where i couldnt sleep because i couldnt breath out of my nose. Also, while doing Grams or whatnot.. i chew on Altoids and i also have my bomb inhaler if my nose gets REAL bad.. because my nose gets so clogged, i cant do anymore lines u know? ANYONE ELSE GET LIKE THIS!?

26-01-2002, 03:57
Me and my boyfriend used to do hella coke. My nose got bad but I'd just keep puttin more in it to clear it up. My boyfriend on the other hand is like you. I can't stand when he does it. If it bothers you that bad just do meth.

26-01-2002, 04:00
This can be avoided by shooting the cocaine.

26-01-2002, 04:25
General question: A cocaine high from injecting lasts like a few minutes at most right?

26-01-2002, 04:42
Usually lasts about 20 minutes, and has a smoother comedown than snorted coke!

26-01-2002, 09:13
Not really 20 minutes. Five, ten.

26-01-2002, 16:13
yes, everyone gets clogged to a point. you are damaging your nose, your body starts to make mucous to stop the powder shit coming up.
to unclog either eat some spicy food, take a decongestant (which may lead to overdrying and more damge) or use some otc spray like nasal or afrin.

AciD KaT
26-01-2002, 21:39
My nose gets FUCKED up after doing coke...cause usually when i have coke, i have a lot and i do it mostly all by the end of the night...like on wendsday, i did a mess load of coke within a few hour time frame (along with a dab of some oxy)... My left nostril fel like it was on fire, kind of like somone was sticking a needle inside on the side,,,,plus the next day i blew my nose and much blood came out (but as does always after doing coke). Coke is probably one of the most damaging powders to ur nose......
But despite the bad things cocaine may do to ur nose...i still could never pass this drug up..i could never do too much cocaine :) but i cant offord that shit all the time. I'm not a rock star and I'm not a dealer...oh well.
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Coke Head
27-01-2002, 03:11
you guys who say "do meth instead" are fucking idiots, if he wanted to do meth he would do it

27-01-2002, 06:15
[quote]Originally posted by fairnymph:
Usually lasts about 20 minutes, and has a smoother comedown than snorted coke!
What? Perhaps for the whole "process" of fixing and banging and fixing again, yeah 20 min, For me it's more like this...
Shoot cocaine
5-10 sec for onset.
Next 2 min- pure euphoria while I blast into the peak of the whole experience
5 min later- totally back down to baseline hideously CRAVING another shot.
Repeat till my arms are swollen like Popeye's and I've eaten enough benzo's to kill a horse in an effort to resist the urge to go buy more coke.
Honestly, it is true, IV is the only route to go with our street level coke. But even then, to me the whole IV coke "affair" is just tedious in comparison to the much more productive and longer lasting high offered via heroin or meth...I finally just said fuck it, I'm done with coke, a shitty drug high which in the end just fucks with my impulse control issues :) Anyways, I'm done with it...

27-01-2002, 11:30
You have a few solutions to this oh-so-complex problem... I think my powers of deduction will truely amaze you!
1) You could NOT DO SO MUCH COKE: But you're a girl, so this is most likely out of the question since if there is cocaine to be done, it will be..
2) Afrin Nasal Spray: Actually you should save yer loot and buy the generic - the chemical you're looking for is called oxymetazoline hydrochloride.. this shit is incredible - you can be plugged up to the point you can breathe through your nose - a good blast up each nostril and within minutes you will be as good as new..
3) Learn to breathe through your mouth at the same time: .. that you're "working off the cocaine".. many guys find heavy breathing on their shaft to be annoying anyway.. on the positive side for you - if you're nose decided to skip the party with Neil and Bob, you wont be able to taste the huge load of man-sauce! [EDIT - breathing is the key here, if you mess up and try to deep-throat but don't brathe, you may passout, you might wake up with more then your nose stuffed!]
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27-01-2002, 15:40
phreex, i would have said buy the generic, but if they aren't smart rnough to think of afrin on their own then they probablyy aren't smart enough to realize what a generic is.

28-01-2002, 08:48
[quote]Originally posted by michael:
phreex, i would have said buy the generic, but if they aren't smart rnough to think of afrin on their own then they probablyy aren't smart enough to realize what a generic is.
well thanks for clearing that up.

29-01-2002, 02:15
I am much the same way you are. I have bad sinus problems, and coke just makes it worse. Sometimes i'll do a few lines and be clogged to the point where I just cant do anymore, and my nose hurts like a bitch. I've found that getting better quality coke is a lot easier on the nose, however this usually isn't an option (It wasn't for me for a long time). So what you do is just dissolve a lines worth into a spoon, and suck that water into your nose. You get just as high, plus the moisture is a lot easier on your nose than the raw powder. This works great at house parties, just hangin out, etc, b/c all you need is a spoon, straw, and a faucet. Have fun!

29-01-2002, 09:52
Of course there is one way that if known to reduce all those sinus problems ... you could, well, you know what they say - "A needle, A spoon, and A trip to the moon"..