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19-01-2002, 15:20
I've noticed that the skin changes colour to blueblack while taking Meth over a period of more then 36 hours. I've friends who have that same effect too and its really quite obvious.
Whats going on actually ?

19-01-2002, 16:31
Dude I've been up on meth longer than that and I havent noticed my skin changing color. If I had to guess though I'd say its probably related to the hallucinations you get when you are up on meth for a while. Probably just your eyes playing tricks on you.

19-01-2002, 21:00
either that or you not eating/getting enough water/ not drinking redbull. alternate every 3 glasses of water slam a red bull. i dunno i think its the 250% daliy values for niacin, B, and B12.
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19-01-2002, 21:24
Ummm...redbull has stimulants.
I wouldn't wanna do that when tweaking.
Hit the water, Gatorade, multi-vitamins...maybe fruit smoothies if you can get those down.
Actually, I've found that even though Meth zaps my appetite, I can eat tortilla chips compulsively.
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19-01-2002, 23:17
no im telling you theyre great (red bulls) just dont start em till 15hrs +

20-01-2002, 00:07
Your parts aren't getting proper cirulation.... Sometimes my feet and hands would do that when I first started tweaking... It went away after the first few weeks of being a everyday tweaker....

20-01-2002, 06:38
Can't be my eyes playing tricks on me... Coz my peers too notice those colour changes on me and I notice it on them too...... Its like the whole bod changes to a blue black tint..... I suppose it may be due to poor blood circulation... Hmmm...........

20-01-2002, 08:24
You think about the fact that your peers who are also noticing the color change have also been up on meth for a while? You are all seeing shit and what you see will be similar.

20-01-2002, 09:43
Like the others said, could be a wide varity of things. My skin literally did turn blue because of poor cirulation though....Mostly hands and feet...Like I said it stopped doing that after my body got used to meth. But then I got the more noticable weight loss and sunken in eyes :-)

20-01-2002, 14:20
Thanks people. At least this post has allowed me to understand what my body is going through. I haven't touched meth for 8 days. YEsterday night I was high on alcohol and that high always makes me wanna do meth. I was struggling with the temptation and finally got enuff courage to call my supplier to tell him I'm not up to it for the night and forced myself to go to sleep after.
When I woke up, I was glad and felt good i was able to say NO to temptation. I'm not sure how long and how many times I can say NO, but I'm happy that I've succeeded after failing so many times to addiction.. :)

20-01-2002, 21:24
i have poor circulation and everytime i do meth my hands and feet become freezing cold. really my entire body becomes freezing. my whole body doesn't turn blue but my lips and hands do. i just look like i've been swimming in cold water for too long. i think this is pretty common.

20-01-2002, 21:29
meth is soooo bad for you. well unless you take the proper does but whos gonna take 10 milligrams orally? hehe more like a gram.

22-01-2002, 03:44
I call its just you turing into one of the Shadow People...tweakers you kno what im talking about!

22-01-2002, 12:30
hey antiloop.....
Im in australia and i know exactly what your talking about. Here you more get it with the ICE tho. After smoking it and on it for a few hours or in your case 36 hours you get these huge black rings under your eyes (we call em muffler eyes) no this is not from lack of sleep...... i mean your fucking eyes go black and the cheeks and your skin turns a revolting blackish/blue colour. I've had it on meth too. I figured it was jsut all the toxins that are in the drug. Also one of my mates was heavily using it at the time. God damn when he was coming down man he use to smell!!!! Its the body sweating all the toxins out of the body. I dont believe its not enought red bull or anything like that. I think its more the shit in the drug. Its well known where im from about muffler eyes and shit like that when on ice/meth. why doesnt every1 else here have these symptoms tho???????/

22-01-2002, 13:05
the "ICE" he was referring to is crystal meth, not 4-MAR.
all speed in aus is probably meth (from pink to yellow to brown to white to crystal clear).
so far, all busted labs around here have been meth labs.