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29-11-2001, 18:18
What is soma like when u snort it?? is it water soluble?? does it burn?? i need some info before i try this shit.

29-11-2001, 23:37
I ordered 100 of them on a whim, which I kind of regretted wasting 32 dollars on them. I got the kind 175mg carisprodol (Soma) and 350mg APAP. I took three the first time and they made me sleepy. After that I never got a good feeling from them again. The most I tried was taking 7 of them with a few beers, still nothing more than the effects of the beer.
The only thing useful thing about Soma's I've found (recreational wise) is if you mix them with benzo's such as Xanax. I took 3mg of Xanax (I've got a bit of a tolerance), and 4 of those Soma's and was knocked on my ass.
I'm waiting for some day when I have a backache so I can pop some Somas (muscle relaxers) and see if they help the pain. Right now I've given them away to friends who just wanted to give them a try, I've still got about 70 left.
Oh and don't snort Somas for crying out loud! I've never tried and never will because the APAP will burn the shit out of your nose and sinuses. Pills are meant to be swallowed.
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30-11-2001, 01:00
Some get off on it and others don't - I don't find they provide ANY real high, but they can help with pain, headaches, and hangovers...
Don't snort them. Period. Don't argue about it, just forget the idea right now...
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30-11-2001, 06:45
Along with Phreex, I find they do very little to me... make me a little light-headed. Know people who swear by the feeling of "utter peace and tranquility" they get from em, it varies.
I do advise using them in combination with either shitty opioids or liquor tho. They'll help you get drunk a lot faster, and can improve a few Vicodin's tremendously.

30-11-2001, 07:40
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